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The Government spends billions of dollars on products you sell. We strongly believe that empowered by our marketing analysis you will get a bigger piece of that pie. Our unique tools will increase your visibility in the Government market place and help you focus on its most demanded products.


GSA Competition Report – Stay ahead of your rivals

Price is the main deciding factor for a Government buyer. The company with the most competitive prices has the best chance to earn the most business. Price Reporter offers a unique service that will compare your prices to the best prices listed on GSA Advantage. This service will help you optimize your prices and stay ahead of your rivals.


GSA Market Analysis – Discover What Government Buys

The Government buys only a small percent of the products offered on GSA Advantage. Our service will access the products that are currently in demand by GSA to help contractors concentrate on marketing only those products that have a good chance to be acquired by the Government

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Since 2009, Price Reporter has provided Fisher Scientific timely competitive item level GSA pricing data allowing us to identify opportunities and threats. Their customer service focus is solid.

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