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GSA means General Services Administration. It is a federal organization that manages all and every need of any federal, state or local organization. When entering the procurement process, government employees must use GSA services (direct purchases from a vendor is prohibited). So, they head over to a government acquisition portal,, where all vendors publish their GSA contracts, with products and prices.


GSA Contract, sometimes called GSA Schedule, is a long-term contract with the General Services Administration.

The contract is signed for 5 years and can be extended 3 times, for up to 20 years, in total.

This allows commercial companies to sell on the portal and respond to bids on eBuy.Gov. A GSA contract works like a license that allows you to sell to the government; having obtained a contract opens your business up to all federal purchasing.

If you want to expand your business, the United States government is a great opportunity for growth. GSA contract terms are strict, and there is a lot of preliminary work to be done, before you can apply for a Schedule. However once a GSA contract is in place, you can sell products and services to government agencies. And that market is big.

About GSA Schedule

The GSA Schedule is a preferred government contracting vehicle for multiple federal, state and municipal agencies and organizations. This long-term (typically, 5 years) contract is also called Multiple Award Schedule, because winning a Schedule allows the contractor to provide its services and sell products to the government multiple times within the period of validity of the contract, without signing a new agreement every time.

The main purpose of the Schedules is to allow the government to get access to many products and services at fair and reasonable prices, as well as reliable quality. Moreover, it allows small, medium and large businesses to get additional profits by cooperating with the biggest buyer in the United States.

Are You Ready For A GSA Contract?

Before you sign anything, it’s always a good idea to screen possibilities, risks and obligations, and then assess your readiness to handle them. Here is what you should consider before pursuing a GSA Contract:

  • Marketing Plan. The government needs virtually everything. But your goal is to assess what exactly the government needs among those products and services that you offer. What federal agencies buy what? Where will you have to ship the product once you are awarded? What are the average prices and can you compete with them? Can you offer some additional value to make your proposal look more competitive? You need to build a thorough marketing plan with literally every step described. Yes, this is also true for the commercial market , but with the government you typically cannot afford mistakes and wild guesses.
  • Time and Resources. One more thing to consider is whether you have time and resources to fulfill the terms of the GSA contract. It is not an easy ride, you have to be prepared. Do you have enough personnel to manage and handle the entire GSA contracting process? Who in your company will look for new opportunities, manage compliance, communicate with GSA contracting officers? Will you create a department for that or delegate this work to existing personnel? Do you have technical possibilities to track sales and create reports for the GSA? After all, will your personnel still be able to perform their main responsibilities with due diligence?
  • Funding & Financial Strength. While government contracting itself can be a great financial boost, there are certain financial requirements that your business must comply with in order to become (or continue to be) a GSA contractor. First of all, there is the Minimum Sales Requirement which is $25,000 within the first 24 months, and the same amount for each year thereafter. Plus, your company must display financial stability. Also, consider this: does your company have enough financial strength to put a lot of resources into fulfilling terms of a government contract months before it eventually pays off? Sometimes, you will have to put in hundreds of thousands dollars long before your invoices are paid. Are you ready for that?
  • Experience. Your experience and past performance are of great importance when it comes to the GSA Schedule award. If you can reliably prove your expertise in the field of a specific GSA Schedule category and pertinent SINs, you will have a serious advantage over your competition. Note that past experience on the federal market is not required, but a good past performance record (from at least 6 clients) is a must. GSA contracting officers will conduct the market research to identify your reputation on the commercial market, and your actual experience, so providing as much evidence as you can is a huge plus.

GSA Schedule List

  • 00CORP The Professional Services Schedule (Pss)
  • 03FAC Facilities Maintenance And Management
  • 23 V Automotive Superstore
  • 36 The Office, Imaging And Document Solution
  • 48 Transportation, Delivery And Relocation Solutions
  • 51 V Hardware Superstore
  • 56 Buildings And Building Materials/industrial Services And Supplies
  • 58 I Professional Audio/video Telemetry/tracking, Recording/reproducing And Signal Data Solutions
  • 599 Travel Services Solutions
  • 621 I Professional And Allied Healthcare Staffing Services
  • 621 II Medical Laboratory Testing And Analysis Services
  • 65 I B Pharmaceuticals And Drugs
  • 65 II A Medical Equipment And Supplies
  • 65 II C Dental Equipment And Supplies
  • 65 II F Patient Mobility Devices
  • 65 V A X-Ray Equipment And Supplies
  • 65 VII Invitro Diagnostics, Reagents, Test Kits And Test Sets
  • 66 Scientific Equipment And Services
  • 66 III Clinical Analyzers, Laboratory, Cost-Per-Test
  • 67 Photographic Equipment – Cameras, Photographic Printers And Related Supplies & Services
  • 70 General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software, And Services
  • 71 Furniture
  • 71 II K Comprehensive Furniture Management Services (Cfms)
  • 72 Furnishing And Floor Coverings
  • 73 Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning Equipment And Supplies, Chemicals And Services
  • 736 Temporary Administrative And Professional Staffing (Taps)
  • 738 X Human Capital Management And Administrative Support Services
  • 75 Office Products/supplies And Services And New Products/technology
  • 751 Leasing Of Automobiles And Light Trucks
  • 76 Publication Media
  • 78 Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreation, Trophies And Signs (Sports)
  • 81 I B Shipping, Packaging And Packing Supplies
  • 84 Total Solutions For Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft And Emergency/disaster Response
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    Last year, the United States Government budget for discretionary spending was over $1.1 trillion. That’s a marketplace you want to be a part of! It’s all encompassing, and it covers all kinds of categories:
    • IT products and services
    • Office and industrial supplies
    • Industrial supplies
    • Environmental products
    • Business management and engineering
    • Engineering services, and more.

    The list of purchases made by the Government is vast.

    With a GSA contract, you can begin publishing your catalog in government marketplaces and begin selling to all government agencies, including major buyers such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture and all the branches of the U.S. Military.

    By posting items on, vendors receive regular orders without needing to renegotiate every order, and the number of deliveries, as well as quantities per delivery are not determined in the contract, but by each order. Having a well published online catalog will also improve vendor’s exposure to potential buyers who send RFQs, and help create additional opportunities.


    The GSA list of eligible vendors is a list of companies that currently hold GSA contracts. There’s a frequently occurring ambiguity, though, that needs to be clarified; sometimes when GSA list is mentioned,  the entire list of available GSA Schedules is implied. However, since 2020 MAS Consolidation, there is just one consolidated MAS Schedule.


    Price Reporter is a multiple GSA contract holder, and has successfully secured hundreds of GSA schedules contracts to its clients and we can help you get yours.

    Of course, selling to the United States government isn’t without its challenges. It can be complicated and not as straightforward as in the commercial market. Some of the dilemmas that pop up are: How to get a contract, do you qualify to get a GSA contract, what’s the market potential, and can you become profitable by becoming a GSA contractor?

    The main challenge is the amount of paperwork, and being able to follow complicated procedures, required to submit an application for a GSA contract. Even an expert with many years of experience takes up to three months to prepare, and submit an offer. Then, there is the process of the Government’s review, possible rejections, clarifications, resubmissions, negotiations, price agreement, final proposal revisions, and finally award and publishing


    Price Reporter is a multiple GSA contract holder, has successfully secured hundreds of GSA schedules contracts to its clients, and can help you get yours, as well.

    There are more than 4000 vendors on GSA Advantage, generating sales of more than $7 billion, annually.

    Our numbers tell the story; of those, over 600 companies are managed by Price Reporter, generating more than $1 billion in sales.

    Price Reporter knows how to do it right; ask our happy customers of over 14 years.

    If you are interested in becoming a GSA contractor, we will perform all the necessary tasks, with the final goal of getting you a General Services Administration Schedule contract award, and getting you published on GSA Advantage.


    Getting a GSA Schedule is only the beginning of a potentially very lucrative business, if done right.

    After acquiring a contract, Price Reporter GSA experts will ensure that your catalog stays updated and compliant, prices are competitive, and you have the greatest chance to maximize your Government sales.

    GSA services – Price Reporter knows how to do it right, ask our happy customers of over 14 years.

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    Founded in 2006, Price Reporter is comprised of a team of experts with many years of experience, doing business with GSA.

    Price Reporter’s target is to serve client’s unique needs, effectively establish, grow and maximize their GSA business.

    Price Reporter’s experts utilize a full-range of custom marketing intelligence solutions, providing the insight needed to navigate today’s complex Government marketplace.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What are GSA schedules?

    GSA Schedules are Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity contracts, that are awarded to qualified companies, enabling them to conduct business with the federal government.

    What Is a GSA Contract?

    GSA contracts are pre-negotiated agreements between authorized vendors and the General Services Administration, entitling the vendors to offer the federal government the various products and services that they are authorized to sell by a GSA Contracting Officer.

    How Can Your Company Get a GSA Schedule?

    A company would have to compile what is called an “offer”, consisting of a couple of hundred pages of various details related to that company’s financial, operational, and organizational aspects. A GSA Contracting Officer is assigned to review, and eventually accept the offer, thereby granting the Schedule.

    Does My Company Need a GSA Schedule Contract to Sell to the Government?

    Yes, in most cases, that is the only way a company can get on the radar with the Federal Government, by going through a meticulous authorization process, whereby the government ensures that they’re dealing with a legitimate, reputable, and experienced vendor, and that the products and services that are being offered are in line with what the government expects. 

    What are the Benefits of Having a GSA Schedule?

    By getting on a schedule, a business gains a wide array of opportunities to become vendors to dozens of federal agencies, as well as many state and municipal entities. 

    Should My Company Get a GSA Schedule?

    Yes, absolutely, if the company’s business model includes entering the government marketplace.

    I Have a New Business. Can I Still Get a GSA

    No, typically the business would have to have been in operations for over two years, as the government will look for a somewhat substantial track record from their new partners. However, in some narrow circumstances, newly formed businesses are allowed to apply.

    How Can My Company Get a GSA Schedule Contract?

    Company must go through a thorough authorization process, where a government contracting officer analyzes the various information that the company must provide in a hefty document package, called “an offer”.

    How Long Does it Take to Get a GSA Schedule Contract?

    It could take on average of six to nine months. However, in some instances, it is done much sooner, and there are on the other hand, certain cases where the review and approval can go on for over a year.

    Who Can I Sell to if My Company Gets a GSA Schedule?

    A GSA-authorized vendor may sell their products or services to any government entity that is allowed to procure via the GSA. That includes all federal agencies, as well as some states and municipalities.

    What Can I Sell Through a GSA Schedule?

    Basically, anything that is offered in the commercial market can be sold via the GSA. However, all products and services that are sold, must be approved by a GSA contracting officer, beforehand.

    What Cannot Be Sold on the GSA Schedule?

    Products that are either generally illegal, or incompliant with the Trade Agreement Act (TAA) can not be sold via the GSA.

    What is a Streamlined GSA Schedule Contract?

     It is a GSA application process, utilized by existing GSA vendors, whose current GSA Schedule is in its twentieth year and is about to expire, whereby a simplified procedure is in place, to get such vendors approved for a new schedule period of a twenty-year duration.