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GSA Schedule Assistance: A Guide for Small and Medium Businesses

Obtaining a GSA Schedule is a highly sought after goal for both large and small businesses, as it grants access to Federal Government sales, reduced competition, and a reputation as a company that the government buys from. However, becoming a GSA contractor is not an easy process. But with the right assistance, it is not only achievable, it can be extremely beneficial!

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    Help with the GSA Schedule Program Application

    GSA Schedules were created to provide a simple way for government agencies to purchase products and services from businesses. However, the process of obtaining a GSA Schedule can be complex for the uninitiated. To obtain a GSA Schedule, a company must meet specific requirements, gather all documents requested by the GSA, have a proven track record, have the ability to complete the required job, demonstrate compliance with regulations and provide proof of financial stability.

    GSA application assistance aims to help businesses get a GSA Schedule more easily. Government sales consultants can assist with the documentary work, explain the application process for a Schedule, and help communicate with contracting officers. An experienced GSA consultant can also identify potential issues in pricing strategies or issues with compliance in general. However, GSA contracting assistance goes beyond just the initial application for a GSA Schedule.

    GSA Schedule Program Assistance After Obtaining a Contract

    Government contract assistance includes legal support not only during the application process, but also throughout the entire period of your GSA contract.

    Examples of the legal and technical support that an experienced GSA consultants like Price Reporter can provide include:
    • Assessing a company’s capabilities and chances of accessing the federal market
    • Identifying and resolving issues that may hinder success as a GSA contractor
    • Assisting with preparing the required documents for a schedule application
    • Overall government contracting support
    • Communicating with GSA contracting officers
    • Helping with price, terms, and conditions negotiation
    • Maintaining TAA compliance
    • Managing the GSA contract to ensure compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations and GSA rules
    • Resolving conflicts, disputes, and legal issues on behalf of the business

    This is not an exhaustive list, but rather the routine assistance we offer to 100’s of companies that use Price Reporters Contract Management service.

    GSA Schedule Assistance Services

    Given the many intricate details and nuances involved in acquiring a GSA Schedule, it is not surprising that potential contractors may make mistakes that can jeopardize their chances of being awarded a contract. GSA Schedule assistance services help businesses overcome these difficulties and effectively manage their Schedule once attained.

    For years, Price Reporter has assisted businesses in obtaining a GSA Schedule and has helped clients secure millions of dollars in sales to the GSA. If you want to become a part of the federal market, reach out to us. We are happy to assist you in achieving the best possible results with your GSA Schedule.

    How to Build Success with GSA

    Learn how our services and expertise will help you to achieve success with GSA

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