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FedMall is a web-based online marketplace used primarily by the Department of Defense to analyze and procure products and services.

Obviously, the potential for sales is massive. The United States Government designates the largest amount of its budget to supporting the men and women who serve in the military. The volume of many of these purchases is extraordinary because of the size and scope of the United States armed forces.

In the last year FedMall processed over $700 Million in Online orders only for almost 500,000 unique items plus $2.6 Billion in bids and RFQs.

While it may be called FedMall, this is no casual shopping trip. Registration process is complicated and requires time and experience. Vendors must be able to receive PGP encrypted orders and maintain a digital certificate that works with the FedMall website.

Also vendors must be able to update their catalogs after the registration, follow all formatting requirements, perform modifications as needed, and their contracts synchronized and compliant. Another thing to keep in mind is that the procurement agents who make these purchases for the military demand very competitive prices and the ability to deliver consistent fulfillment. For any company to succeed on FedMall it is critical that they establish the kind of presence that will put their product at or near the top of the list for consideration.

At Price Reporter, we’ve done this for hundreds of clients. We know how to ensure that you are priced right and remain competitive in your category. The GSA Contractors who work with us and sell products that the Department of Defense is seeking enjoy consistent success. Want to join them? Connect with us and we’ll talk about how we make it happen.


The DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) provides logistics combat support to American troops at home and abroad. A part of the Department of Defense, this agency can take your sales to a new level with even one purchase.

The opportunities are vast but learning how to navigate the DLA is complex. We know how to help you establish a DLA contract and successfully bid for DLA business. As you might imagine, there are numerous requirements. DLA contracts are hosted on FedMall.

FedMall is the primary shopping website used by the Department of Defense and the rest of the armed forces to buy from private contractors. However, a lot of doors open beyond the FedMall orders with a DLA contract, such as bid opportunities and considerations.

With a partner like Price Reporter on your side, you gain the expertise that is necessary for success. Reach out to us, and let us help make it happen.

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