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On this page you can quickly see if your company qualifies for a GSA contract, or in other words if it “GSA eligible”. We’ll talk about GSA qualifications below, and now the tool. It is pretty easy: follow the steps and provide us with the basic information about your company, your industry and your products. Then, we will tell if you can qualify to GSA purchasing requirements.

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If you merely need to know you have chances with GSA, and your business is eligible for selling to GSA, please contact us using the form below. We will be happy to help.

This tool allows you to evaluate your readiness for obtaining a GSA contract and to estimate your potential with GSA. Please answer the questions about your company to see if you qualify for a GSA contract.

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What are GSA eligible organizations?

Organizations that qualify to GSA requirements are sometimes called GSA eligible. And it really pays off to be one of those GSA eligible organizations. Here is why:

Only qualifying businesses can sell to the government

The government is quite picky when it comes to selection of vendors the government wants to purchase products from. This is for a reason: GSA wants the best for federal agencies, so the typical qualification routine is very scrutinous and time-consuming. To be found eligible to sell to GSA, a company needs to meet certain requirements, some of them are easy to match, and others are quite complicated.

Why cannot everyone sell to the government?

First, as said above, the government wants the best: the best products, the best services, and, of course, the best prices. GSA simply cannot and does not want to deal with minor firms, untrustworthy companies and so on. Second, strict regulations and qualification rules help preventing machinations and fraud on both sides.

Who qualifies to sell to GSA?

GSA wants to have business with solid, trusted companies that already have a name on the open market, and do not have debts or other financial burdens. Only companies that offer competitive prices can qualify to federal grants and schedules. Also, there are several specific requirements a business must also meet in order to be eligible for a GSA Schedule.

A checklist to know if you qualify to sell to GSA

1. Your company is properly registered

GSA only works with officially registered organizations. This means your company must be registered, have a DUNS number, NAICS codes, and registered at the System for Award Management (SAM).

2. Your company is at least 24 months on the market

GSA does not work with startups or newbie firms. Not only your company must be registered no sooner than two years ago, but it also must show profits in the last two years as well. Unlike a common misbelief says the size of your business does not matter that much. In fact, GSA even sets aside a number of government contracts specifically for small businesses.

3. You have a minimum revenue of $100,000/year

For every of two past years your company must demonstrate at least $100K in sales. Some specific schedules may require higher revenues.

4. Your company stands firmly on the ground

Financial stability is a key factor in the assessment of your company for possible GSA cooperation. Not only your business must display positive figures, you also must not be in debt, have too much business loans or have your assets frozen.

5. Your company is not affiliated with GSA or federal agencies

It is illegal for procurement officers to award a Schedule to a company that is somehow related to the officer himself, GSA or a federal agency that issued the solicitation.

6. Your products are TAA compliant

Every part, detail or unit of your products must be in compliance with the Trade Agreements Act. A product is TAA compliant if a half or more of its manufacture cost comes from the US or designated countries, or if the product has undergone substantial transformation in the US or designated countries. TAA compliance is discussed here.

7. You have good references from past clients

One part of determination of eligibility is the Past Performance Evaluation report produced by Open Ratings. The report involves gathering of references and testimonials from clients of the company submitting a GSA application. The Open Ratings agency sends to your previous clients a standard questionnaire and then analyzes the references it received. The main point of this research is to make sure the company that would be offering its services to the government has positive reputation on the market and fulfills its obligations.

A quick way to see, if your Past Performance score would be good is to ask your existing customers to answer the questionnaire beforehand, and then see if you can improve anything negative that your client might mention. Price Reporter will be glad to assist you with PPE references among other things.

And if you merely need to know you have chances with GSA, and your business is eligible for selling to GSA, please contact us using the form below. We will be happy to help.

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Price Reporter recently helped us with our 3rd GSA contract, the 2nd they did with us. It was the fastest we've ever been through the process with GSA. Each step was easy because the ground work was done before we were asked to do anything. Our pricing verification phase went smooth and quickly and both our contracts were accepted without rejection, with minimal negotiations with contracting.

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