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Price Reporter’s Order Management System (OMS) is designed to enhance order fulfillment, whether it’s for products stored in your company’s warehouses or drop-shipments from your suppliers through Price Reporter. Our OMS seamlessly integrates with numerous leading distributors spanning various industries, making the order management process smoother and more efficient.

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    Order fulfillment software is a type of software application designed to manage and streamline the process of fulfilling customer orders. It encompasses various functionalities, including order processing, inventory management, warehouse management, and shipping logistics. The software automates and integrates these tasks, allowing businesses to efficiently handle incoming orders, track inventory levels, optimize warehouse operations, and ensure timely delivery to customers.

    Using order fulfillment software offers several benefits for businesses:

    Improved order accuracy: Order fulfillment software minimizes manual errors by automating order processing. It ensures that the right products are picked, packed, and shipped to customers, reducing the likelihood of shipping mistakes or incorrect inventory counts.

    Efficient inventory management: The software provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, allowing businesses to optimize their stock and avoid stockouts or overstock situations. It enables inventory tracking, forecasting, and replenishment, leading to better inventory control and reduced carrying costs.

    Streamlined warehouse operations: Order fulfillment software optimizes warehouse processes by organizing product locations, suggesting picking routes, and automating inventory replenishment. This results in increased efficiency reduced labor costs, and faster order fulfillment cycles.

    Order fulfillment software integrates with various systems to ensure a smooth flow of information and streamline operations. Common integrations include:

    E-commerce platforms: The software integrates with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento to automatically import orders, update order statuses, and synchronize inventory levels.

    Inventory management systems: Integration with inventory management systems allows real-time tracking of inventory levels, ensuring accurate stock availability for order fulfillment.

    Shipping carriers: Order fulfillment software integrates with shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS, or DHL to generate shipping labels, track shipments, and provide real-time shipping rates.

    Order fulfillment software caters to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. The software can be scaled to accommodate the specific needs and growth trajectory of each business. Some solutions offer different pricing tiers or modules, allowing businesses to choose the functionalities that align with their  budgets and operational requirements.

    When selecting order fulfillment software, consider the following factors:

    Features and functionalities: Assess your business requirements and choose a software solution that offers the necessary features for order processing, inventory management, warehouse optimization, and shipping logistics.

    Scalability: Ensure that the software can accommodate your business’s future growth and handle increased order volumes without significant disruptions.

    Integration capabilities: Determine if the software integrates smoothly with your existing systems, such as e-commerce platforms and inventory management software.

    User-friendly interface: Look for software that is intuitive and easy to navigate, as it will facilitate faster adoption and reduce training time for your team.

    Customer support: Evaluate the level of customer support provided by the software vendor, including technical assistance, training resources, and ongoing updates and maintenance.

    Here are some common features to consider:

    Inventory Management: Effective inventory management is crucial for order fulfillment. Look for software that offers real-time inventory tracking, automated stock updates, and the ability to set reorder points to avoid stockouts.

    Order Processing Automation: Efficient order processing is essential to streamline fulfillment operations. Look for software that automates order processing tasks, such as order routing, picking, packing, and shipping label generation.

    Warehouse Management: A robust warehouse management system can optimize fulfillment processes. Look for features like bin location tracking, warehouse layout visualization, and integration with barcode scanning devices for accurate inventory management.

    Integration Capabilities: Seamless integration with other systems, such as e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, shipping carriers, and accounting software, is crucial for efficient order fulfillment. Ensure that the software is capable of supporting  the integrations you need.

    Reporting and Analytics: Comprehensive reporting and analytics enable you to gain insights into your order fulfillment operations. Look for software that provides customizable reports, real-time dashboards, and performance metrics to track key performance indicators (KPIs).

    Multi-channel Support: If you sell on multiple channels (e.g., online store, marketplace), choose software that can handle orders from various sources, consolidate them, and synchronize inventory across channels.

    Returns Management: An efficient returns management system can simplify the process of handling returns, refunds, and exchanges. Look for software that automates return authorization, tracks return status and generates return labels.

    Scalability: Ensure the software can accommodate your business growth. It should be capable of handling increasing order volumes and expanding inventory without compromising performance.

    User-Friendly Interface: A user-friendly interface makes it easier for your team to navigate and use the software effectively. Look for intuitive dashboards, easy-to-use workflows, and customization options to suit your specific needs.

    Customer Support: Reliable customer support can be crucial when issues arise and assistance is needed. Choose a software provider that offers responsive customer support and ongoing software updates.

    To become a GSA (General Services Administration) contractor involved in product order fulfillment, there are several eligibility requirements you need to meet. The GSA is a federal agency that manages federal contracting and procurement. Here are some key requirements:

    Obtain a DUNS Number: A Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number is a unique nine-digit identifier for your business. You must obtain a DUNS number from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) before applying for GSA contracts.

    Register in SAM: The System for Award Management (SAM) is the primary database for businesses seeking federal contracts. Register your business in SAM, providing accurate and up-to-date information about your company.

    Financial Stability: You should have a satisfactory financial record to demonstrate your company’s stability. This may include providing audited financial statements or other financial documents as requested during the application process.

    Past Performance: GSA considers your past performance on previous contracts or orders. If applicable, be prepared to provide references, testimonials, or other evidence of your ability to fulfill orders successfully.

    Compliance with Laws and Regulations: You must comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including but not limited to labor laws, environmental regulations, and anti-discrimination laws.

    Competitive Pricing: GSA requires contractors to offer fair and reasonable pricing. Your pricing should be competitive in the marketplace and align with the terms of the GSA Schedule contract you are applying for.

    Authorized Distributorship: If you plan to distribute products manufactured by others, you may need to provide evidence of your authorization to act as a distributor of those products.

    GSA Schedule Contract: GSA contractors often hold a GSA Schedule contract, which is a pre-approved contract vehicle that allows government agencies to purchase goods and services. To participate, you must apply for and be awarded a GSA Schedule contract for the relevant product category.

    It’s important to note that the specific requirements and application process may vary depending on the GSA Schedule contract you are pursuing and the products you intend to offer. Therefore, it is advisable to thoroughly review the requirements outlined in the solicitation documents and either consult the GSA website or contact the GSA directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

    The GSA (General Services Administration) evaluates and selects contractors for product order fulfillment services through a structured process. Here are the key steps involved in the evaluation and selection process:

    Market Research: GSA conducts market research to identify potential contractors capable of providing the required product order fulfillment services. This may involve reviewing existing GSA Schedule contracts, conducting market surveys, and seeking input from industry stakeholders.

    Solicitation: GSA issues a solicitation known as a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a Request for Quote (RFQ) to solicit offers from interested contractors. The solicitation outlines the requirements, evaluation criteria, contract terms, and instructions for submitting proposals or quotes.

    Proposal/Quote Submission: Contractors interested in providing product order fulfillment services submit their proposals or quotes in response to the solicitation. The proposals typically include information on the contractor’s capabilities, experience, past performance, pricing, and other relevant details.

    Evaluation Criteria: The GSA establishes evaluation criteria based on solicitation requirements. These criteria may include factors such as past performance, technical capabilities, price reasonableness, compliance with terms and conditions, and any additional specific evaluation factors outlined in the solicitation.

    Evaluation Process: GSA evaluates the submitted proposals or quotes based on the established criteria. This evaluation process may involve a review by a team of experts who assess each proposal’s merits and compliance with the solicitation requirements.

    Competitive Range Determination: GSA determines the competitive range, which consists of the most highly-rated proposals that have a reasonable chance of being selected for contract award. Proposals outside the competitive range are typically eliminated from further consideration.

    Negotiation (if applicable): the GSA may enter into negotiations with the contractors within the competitive range to refine the terms, pricing, or other aspects of their proposals. The negotiation process aims to achieve the best value for the government and the American taxpayer.

    Contract Award: After completing the evaluation and negotiation process, the GSA selects contractors for product order fulfillment. Contract awards are made to the contractors that offer the best value to the government, considering factors such as technical capabilities, past performance, and pricing.

    Contract Performance: Once the contracts are awarded, contractors are expected to fulfill their obligations according to the terms and conditions of the awarded contracts. GSA monitors contract performance and may conduct periodic reviews or audits to ensure compliance.

    It’s important to note that the evaluation and selection process may vary depending on the specific acquisition method used by GSA (such as GSA Schedule contracts or other procurement vehicles) and the nature of the products being sought. Contractors interested in participating in GSA opportunities should carefully review the solicitation documents and follow the instructions provided by GSA.

    The process for issuing contracts for product order fulfillment through the GSA (General Services Administration) typically involves the following steps:

    Market Research: the GSA conducts market research to identify the need for type and quantity of products being sought, and to assess the availability of qualified contractors in the marketplace.

    Acquisition Planning: Based on the market research findings, the GSA develops an acquisition plan that outlines the procurement strategy, contract requirements, evaluation criteria, and other relevant details.

    Solicitation: the GSA issues a solicitation to invite interested contractors to submit their quotes and proposals. The solicitation may take the form of a Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Quote (RFQ), or other procurement vehicles, depending on the specific acquisition method at hand.

    Proposal/Quote Submission: Contractors interested in providing product order fulfillment services submit their quotes and proposals in response to the solicitation. The proposals typically include information about the contractor’s qualifications, experience, technical approach, pricing, and other relevant details.

    Evaluation: GSA evaluates the submitted proposals or quotes based on the evaluation criteria specified in the solicitation. The evaluation may involve assessing such factors as technical capabilities, past performance, price reasonableness, compliance with terms and conditions, and any additional evaluation factors outlined in the solicitation.

    Competitive Range Determination: the GSA determines the competitive range, which consists of the most highly-rated proposals that have a reasonable chance of being selected for contract award. Proposals outside the competitive range are typically eliminated from further consideration.

    Negotiation (if applicable): the GSA may enter into negotiations with the contractors within the competitive range to refine the terms, pricing, or other aspects of their proposals. The negotiation process aims to achieve the best value for the government.

    Contract Award: After completing the evaluation and negotiation process, the GSA selects contractors for contract award based on results of their evaluation. The selected contractors are notified, and contracts are issued accordingly.

    Contract Performance: Contractors are expected to perform the contract requirements as specified in the awarded contracts. The GSA monitors contract performance and may conduct periodic reviews and audits to ensure compliance.

    Contract Administration: the GSA manages administration of contracts, which may involve tasks such as contract modifications, monitoring contractor performance, processing invoices, and resolving any issues or disputes that may arise over the life of the contract.

    It’s important to note that the specific steps and terminology may vary depending on the acquisition method used by the GSA (such as GSA Schedule contracts, Multiple Award Schedules, or other procurement vehicles) and the specific requirements of a given procurement. Contractors interested in participating in GSA opportunities should carefully review the solicitation documents and follow the instructions provided by the GSA throughout the contracting process.


    Price Reporter team has been efficient at managing our GSA contract catalogs for the past 5 years. They keep our catalogs well maintained and compliant, saving our resources and letting us focusing on making sales.


    The B. David Company enlisted the services of Price Reporter, Inc. to setup our DOD EMALL account. We are a second generation family owned company and were uncertain what would be required to complete this task. I fully recommend Price Reporter, Inc. to any company that is looking for assistance with their Government business endeavors. They were and have continued to be extremely helpful. We will continue to rely on Price Reporter, Inc. for future projects.

    Steven Ribnick, Sales & Operations Analyst, B. David Company, Inc.

    Price Reporter recently helped us with our 3rd GSA contract, the 2nd they did with us. It was the fastest we’ve ever been through the process with GSA. Each step was easy because the ground work was done before we were asked to do anything. Our pricing verification phase went smooth and quickly and both our contracts were accepted without rejection, with minimal negotiations with contracting.

    George McCullough, Director of Sales and Business Development, Darley

    We first learned about the DOD EMALL a couple years ago from Price Reporter. We decided to move forward on it in 2016. I would recommend them based on the following items:

    • They split the payment. Half upfront and the other half is only charged should DOD EMALL contract be awarded to you.
    • Adding Price Reporter, specifically Andrey Karpov and Igor London, as agents on our GSA schedule streamlined the process. They were able to communicate with our GSA Contracting Officer to ensure that we received what we needed for DOD EMALL from GSA. This saved time on my end and sped up the process.
    • They provide a list of everything you need. Andrey and the rest of his team are meticulous and understand the process on how to get a DOD EMALL contract and thus we benefited from their expertise.

    These are a few of the reasons why I would recommend Price Reporter, Inc. Thank you!

    Karl Prince, Finance Director, AES Systems, Inc.

    Since 2009, Price Reporter has provided Fisher Scientific timely competitive item level GSA pricing data allowing us to identify opportunities and threats. Their customer service focus is solid.

    Tim Evans, Government Segment Marketing Manager, NA, Fisher Scientific

    Price Reporter are helping make my life much easier and helping me feel so much better about our GSA contract. Thanks!!!

    Kristen Briggs, President, General Mailing & Shipping Systems, Inc.

    For the past 10 years, Price Reporter has been providing us with exceptional service for the maintaining of our GSA office supplies contract. They have updated our files on a very timely basis. They have provided modifications when required. For a number of years, they had been giving us a price algorithm where each of our items were priced more than our cost and a penny below the next competitor. A very unique position that gave us thousands of government orders – that was prior to the GSA FSSI BPA.
    And for all the service given, their cost was far less than any other consulting firm that we had contacted or worked with over the years.
    I would highly recommend their service to any small business that is either interested in getting into the federal government arena or who wants to have their contract maintained at a most highly professional level.
    Thank you for supporting a VETERAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESS.

    Bill Finch, Northeast Office Supply

    We looked around for a reputable company to help us acquire a GSA contract for Muzeek World Intl., Inc. After looking around we were unsuccessful in finding a good company. By chance, one of our colleagues recommended Price Reporter, Inc., so we called them up. I highly recommend Price Reporter to anyone looking for help in acquiring a GSA contract or any Government business dealings. They have the expertise and the know-how to get the work completed.

    Arash Sardarizadeh, Chief Operating Officer, Muzeek World Intl., Inc.

    We have used Price Reporter for various services over the past 5 years and have been very happy with the services they have provided and continue to provide for us. They work hard to help you get the most from your GSA Schedule and are able to adapt and customize to what your particular needs are. I highly recommend their services to others with GSA Schedules as they help you maximize your sales

    Jaime Mautz, PacificInk

    We are extremely grateful for all your help in guiding us through the whole process, as this was all new to us. Without the help of you and the rest of the team at Price Reporter, it would have been impossible to achieve our approval – or at the very least – it would have taken a very long time. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Price Reporter, Inc. to anyone needing assistance in government contracts. Your knowledge and assistance was invaluable and very much appreciated, and we look forward to a continued excellent relationship.

    Lee Middleton, CEO, Point Two Air Vests USA, LLC

    Without Price Reporter contacting me at the right time, GSA would probably cancel my contract already. The CO said that she contacted us back in November of 2016, but got no response. Then Price Reporter called me and helped me with all the things needed and I followed his advise. That’s how we found out that our contract will be terminated soon, but had enough time to take the corrective action. The CO called us recently and it looks like they will extend our contract life. Thanks so much for your timely follow up – Price Reporter gave our Government sales a new hope!

    Jennifer Truong, President, SF Cable, Inc.

    My company STEC-STEADFAST TECHNICS have worked with 2 IT companies before we linked up with PRICE REPORTER ,INC over 5 years ago. Ever since our relationship with the company, there is no reason to stop working with them.
    The company is staffed with experienced and high Tech professionals who meet our needs adequately.

    Olufadeji Amele, Owner


    Simplify product order fulfillment in GSA and Amazon sales

    Perfectly matching the needs of retailers, e-tailers and dropshippers, Price Reporter OMS delivers the most straightforward order fulfillment for streamlined B2B and B2C sales processes.


    The complete process of a product inquiry, order processing, packing, and delivery of the shipment from the point of sale to a customer is called order fulfillment.

    Order fulfillment is a key process, hence automating it is crucial if you want to maintain high performance, customer satisfaction, and precisely forecast future demand.


    While specialized order fulfillment software is not necessary, it can tremendously simplify the entire fulfillment process in your business.

    At every stage, the system provides a high level of automation, so in the end you have a faster, more transparent order fulfillment process that is perfectly blended into other business processes in your company.

    For instance, Price Reporter order fulfillment software automates order processing, selecting the nearest dealer or warehouse, and can even integrate with FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) services. The support for EDI eliminates the need to work with paper documents and greatly speeds up the communication with federal and commercial clients. This means higher customer satisfaction, which is especially important if you cooperate with GSA.

    Also, automatic order fulfillment means lower costs for fulfillment of orders and simplifies inventory management as well. So if your typical product catalog includes hundreds of thousands positions, your overall savings thanks to Price Reporter order fulfillment system can be quite significant.


    Easily manage multiple sales channels

    With Price Reporter OMS you can work with Amazon, GSA Advantage, Newegg, Walmart from one convenient online cloud-based platform. All your orders from multiple sales channels are in one place, ready for fulfillment.

    Integration with distributors and suppliers

    Streamline your order management while making it even more efficient. Price Reporter OMS automatically receives cost and availability updates from suppliers on a regular basis and simplifies order fulfillment decisions.

    Easy inventory management

    Price Reporter OMS also simplifies inventory management. The order fulfillment software computes precise estimations of future demand and thus prevents stock-outs and overstocks completely.

    Customer satisfaction

    Making your clients happy is a matter of a few clicks now. Price Reporter OMS notifies in real-time the status of orders in the process of being fulfilled for the same-minute processing, while end-user notification ensures customers are always informed.


    Price Reporter OMS is the first order management system that supports not only commercial platforms like Amazon or Newegg, but also government platforms like GSA Advantage.

    Maintain your good score at GSA by using our order fulfillment software.

    Request the quote now or watch the video to learn the basics of the QuickSales system.