GSA Order Management System

Price Reporter’s Order Management System (OMS/ERP) is an advanced, cloud-based, platform, designed to GSA contractor requirements and streamline the order management process. Price Reporter OMS is one system to manage all your orders placed through GSA Advantage, DOD FedMall, eBuy, Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg and more.

Have all your clients and contacts stored in one place. Price Reporter’s Order Management System (OMS) will automatically add any new clients when an order comes in or import using CSV!
No matter where the order comes from, they will all automatically land on one list. We connect with: GSA Advantage, DOD FedMall, Amazon, TrueCommerce, Walmart, OverStock, and more.
Take payments in bulk, or individually with connections to multiple payment gateways, we have you covered. We also support Level 3 transactions that could reduce your wholesale transaction rate.
Get your tracking numbers directly into Price Reporter’s OMS without having to perform manual updates and have our OMS automatically send a status update to your customer.
Send PO’s through to your vendors in bulk, or individually. Need to split an order into 2 or more vendors? No problem we have that covered. We even tell you what vendor give you the highest margins.
Update catalogs quickly, and automatically receive latest pricing and availability by connecting to your suppliers. Price Reporters OMS supports multiple pricing for all your different marketplaces, and channels.
Automate inventory updates based on your warehouse or suppliers' data. We integrate with marketplaces including Amazon, Overstock, Walmart, eBay, etc. Have accurate stock levels to avoid disappointing your customers.
With a wide variety of reports including P&L, IFF, TDR, Sales, Purchasing, Margin, and FSSI at a click of a button, there will be no more trawling through countless spreadsheets!
We communicate with virtually any protocol to name a few EDI, XML, CSV, and to all different types of platforms: GSA Advantage, Fedmall, QuickBooks, Amazon, Newegg, Magento. We are always adding new integrations.
Have all your order status updates send an email to your clients, from “Your order has been accepted” to “Thank you for your business”. Avoid the GSA sending you weekly/monthly messages about not updating customers!
We can have your GSA contract run on full auto and have our system only notify you when there is an issue or if you prefer, we can tailor the level of automation to where you feel comfortable. Fulfil those orders efficiently!
Automate your Business with PriceReporter OMS
Learn how to streamline and automate all the phases of order management in your organization.
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    Manage all GSA Advantage! orders, including those from eBuy, Global Supply, and well-known merchants like Amazon and Walmart, as well as any GSA EDI orders, Purchase Orders, or Level 3 credit card orders.

    Automate the usual ordering process: Our technology evaluates each order automatically and identifies the best vendor, the closest distributor, and the most practical delivery method.

    Follow GSA compliance guidelines: GSA vendors are required to use eBuy and GSA Advantage! Our OMS makes the procedure simpler so you can easily maintain compliance.

    Background synchronization: Our OMS synchronizes your financial information from external applications like QuickBooks. Stop wasting time importing and exporting!

    Effective reports and analysis are provided by Price Reporter OMS to help you make the best of your inventory and find new opportunities.

    Price Reporter GSA OMS is a cutting-edge, approachable cloud-based platform built on EDI technology used by the government. It is appropriate for bigger GSA contractors who process 100 or more POs each month. Our OMS combines all of the aforementioned services and supports GSA Advantage!, GSA eBuy, and GSA Global Supply orders on a single platform, in contrast to GSA’s OMS VP and PO Portal.

    Smaller contractors with fewer than 100 monthly Global Supply Purchase Orders use the GSA OMS Vendor Portal. You can see and manage GSA Global Supply POs here, as well as enter shipment details, request backorders and substitute items, and cancel orders. OMS VP is inexpensive and simple to set up, however it only has a few features. Every order must be manually entered. Furthermore, it does not enable direct connection between GSA providers and government purchasers.

    GSA’s proprietary PO Portal is used to manage GSA Advantage! and GSA eBuy orders. Contractors can browse and download orders, directly inform federal clients of the status of their GSA orders, and set up daily email summaries of the previous day’s orders, as well as notices for specific orders.

    The Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) or Vendor ID-related Purchase Orders (PO) associated with GSA vendors can be viewed and managed using the GSA OMS Vendor Portal.


    Price Reporter team has been efficient at managing our GSA contract catalogs for the past 5 years. They keep our catalogs well maintained and compliant, saving our resources and letting us focusing on making sales.


    The B. David Company enlisted the services of Price Reporter, Inc. to setup our DOD EMALL account. We are a second generation family owned company and were uncertain what would be required to complete this task. I fully recommend Price Reporter, Inc. to any company that is looking for assistance with their Government business endeavors. They were and have continued to be extremely helpful. We will continue to rely on Price Reporter, Inc. for future projects.

    Steven Ribnick, Sales & Operations Analyst, B. David Company, Inc.

    Price Reporter recently helped us with our 3rd GSA contract, the 2nd they did with us. It was the fastest we’ve ever been through the process with GSA. Each step was easy because the ground work was done before we were asked to do anything. Our pricing verification phase went smooth and quickly and both our contracts were accepted without rejection, with minimal negotiations with contracting.

    George McCullough, Director of Sales and Business Development, Darley

    We first learned about the DOD EMALL a couple years ago from Price Reporter. We decided to move forward on it in 2016. I would recommend them based on the following items:

    • They split the payment. Half upfront and the other half is only charged should DOD EMALL contract be awarded to you.
    • Adding Price Reporter, specifically Andrey Karpov and Igor London, as agents on our GSA schedule streamlined the process. They were able to communicate with our GSA Contracting Officer to ensure that we received what we needed for DOD EMALL from GSA. This saved time on my end and sped up the process.
    • They provide a list of everything you need. Andrey and the rest of his team are meticulous and understand the process on how to get a DOD EMALL contract and thus we benefited from their expertise.

    These are a few of the reasons why I would recommend Price Reporter, Inc. Thank you!

    Karl Prince, Finance Director, AES Systems, Inc.

    Since 2009, Price Reporter has provided Fisher Scientific timely competitive item level GSA pricing data allowing us to identify opportunities and threats. Their customer service focus is solid.

    Tim Evans, Government Segment Marketing Manager, NA, Fisher Scientific

    Price Reporter are helping make my life much easier and helping me feel so much better about our GSA contract. Thanks!!!

    Kristen Briggs, President, General Mailing & Shipping Systems, Inc.

    For the past 10 years, Price Reporter has been providing us with exceptional service for the maintaining of our GSA office supplies contract. They have updated our files on a very timely basis. They have provided modifications when required. For a number of years, they had been giving us a price algorithm where each of our items were priced more than our cost and a penny below the next competitor. A very unique position that gave us thousands of government orders – that was prior to the GSA FSSI BPA.
    And for all the service given, their cost was far less than any other consulting firm that we had contacted or worked with over the years.
    I would highly recommend their service to any small business that is either interested in getting into the federal government arena or who wants to have their contract maintained at a most highly professional level.
    Thank you for supporting a VETERAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESS.

    Bill Finch, Northeast Office Supply

    We looked around for a reputable company to help us acquire a GSA contract for Muzeek World Intl., Inc. After looking around we were unsuccessful in finding a good company. By chance, one of our colleagues recommended Price Reporter, Inc., so we called them up. I highly recommend Price Reporter to anyone looking for help in acquiring a GSA contract or any Government business dealings. They have the expertise and the know-how to get the work completed.

    Arash Sardarizadeh, Chief Operating Officer, Muzeek World Intl., Inc.

    We have used Price Reporter for various services over the past 5 years and have been very happy with the services they have provided and continue to provide for us. They work hard to help you get the most from your GSA Schedule and are able to adapt and customize to what your particular needs are. I highly recommend their services to others with GSA Schedules as they help you maximize your sales

    Jaime Mautz, PacificInk

    We are extremely grateful for all your help in guiding us through the whole process, as this was all new to us. Without the help of you and the rest of the team at Price Reporter, it would have been impossible to achieve our approval – or at the very least – it would have taken a very long time. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Price Reporter, Inc. to anyone needing assistance in government contracts. Your knowledge and assistance was invaluable and very much appreciated, and we look forward to a continued excellent relationship.

    Lee Middleton, CEO, Point Two Air Vests USA, LLC

    Without Price Reporter contacting me at the right time, GSA would probably cancel my contract already. The CO said that she contacted us back in November of 2016, but got no response. Then Price Reporter called me and helped me with all the things needed and I followed his advise. That’s how we found out that our contract will be terminated soon, but had enough time to take the corrective action. The CO called us recently and it looks like they will extend our contract life. Thanks so much for your timely follow up – Price Reporter gave our Government sales a new hope!

    Jennifer Truong, President, SF Cable, Inc.

    My company STEC-STEADFAST TECHNICS have worked with 2 IT companies before we linked up with PRICE REPORTER ,INC over 5 years ago. Ever since our relationship with the company, there is no reason to stop working with them.
    The company is staffed with experienced and high Tech professionals who meet our needs adequately.

    Olufadeji Amele, Owner


    Price Reporter OMS is one system to manage all your orders placed through GSA Advantage or eBuy.

    In addition to governmental acquisition platforms, the system can also handle Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping and more. It’s one simple system for multiple channels.

    Price Reporter GSA OMS is precisely tailored for your GSA contracting needs. It supports GSA Global Supply orders, provides EDI for simplified order fulfilment, and works with all required order types like GSA EDI order, Purchase Order or Level 3 credit card.


    Easily manage, process and track all types of GSA orders
    • Enjoy effortless GSA order processing and management, fully compliant with GSA requirements, and abolish all downsides of the standard government acquisition tools.
    • Integrate this straightforward and intuitive cloud-based platform into every part of your business: quotes, order processing, fulfilment, credit card payments, customer status updates, marketing, and accounting.


    Our GSA order management system delivers a simple yet efficient reporting and analysis systems as standard.

    All the reporting you need is already integrated into the system and available at a click of a button:

    Price Reporter’s powerful analytics backend processes allow you, as standard, to optimize your inventory, discover new opportunities, and plan the future development of your business.


    With Price Reporter, your everyday order fulfilment becomes a breeze.

    The system automatically assesses each order and finds the best vendor, the nearest dealer, and the optimal delivery channel. With less time spent on routine order processing, you have more time to spend on what’s important.

    The system makes it simple to manage your inventory, prepare necessary documents for orders, fulfilling specific requirements for packaging or delivery for typical orders from federal agencies.


    Even though GSA eBuy and GSA Advantage may not seem the most user-friendly tools in the world, you are required to use them to make sure your order processing meets the GSA requirements.

    With Price Reporter’s GSA order management system, GSA orders are processed similarly to any commercial order like in Amazon, but still preserve all the standards and regulations of the GSA. The system is simple, intuitive yet 100% GSA compliant including meeting government EDI requirements.


    Accounting data synchronization makes it easy to manage your financial and sales data in any third-party accounting software this includes Quickbooks.

    Forget importing/exporting back and forth and painful synchronization of order data and sales figures between GSA Advantage and the accounting software.

    Price Reporters OMS blends with accounting to ensure reliable and accurate information without duplicating or missing data saving you from having to spend time finding and fixing errors.


    Having the ability to automate your order life cycle is not only time and resource efficient but also a vital tool to keep costs down. Price Reporter OMS lets you set the level of automation you are comfortable with; want to go full auto? No problem give us a call or ping us an email and we’ll demo all this and more!

    Whether you are new to GSA contracting or already hold several government contracts, Price Reporter GSA order management system can deliver a great deal of simplicity, transparency and efficiency to your business with federal agencies. 

    Request your demo now and start working smart!


    Price Reporters Order Management System (OMS) is an all encompassing tool set for any serious Federal Government contractor.

    Why settle for a generic OMS and mould it to your needs when you can have a GSA ready OMS that also integrates with almost any other sales/order platform you can think of!

    Gaining access to this platform is inexpensive, easy and always being innovated on. Here’s what you need to do:
    • Have a demo by clicking here for Gerard or clicking here for Sergey
    • Before the demo have a few details to hand:
      • How many order do you have per year?
      • How many products does your contract have?
      • How many users are expected to use the platform?
      • Do you want access to the Market Intelligence Dashboard?
      • Do you want Price Reporter to manage your catalog items in your OMS?
      • What vendors do you want to integrate with? (i.e. your suppliers price and availability list).
      • What portals do you want orders to come from?
      • What email system do you use? (Microsoft Exchange Online, Google, on-premises MS Exchange … we integrate with any mail exchange and we are 2-factor authentication ready)
    • When you have these details, join Sergey or Gerard in a demo an be ready to be wowed.

    Once you sign up, you will be assigned a Project Manager who will guide you and set up your account, your PM will work with you to have things exactly as you want them to be.

    Our OMS will allow you to do the following:
    • Collect Orders from GSA PO Portal, FedMall, and Global Supply.
    • Batch create Purchase Order to be sent to Suppliers by Email, EDI or XML).
    • Create Bill for shipping from inventory.
    • Storage of Customers’ information and credit card details in a database for future use.
    • Update orders with shipping information once available from Suppliers
    • Match up “Catalogs” (GSA) with costs to identify outliers by margins for every group.
    • Keep order status updates including shipping information (either being fed back you your dropship supplier or manually inputted).
    • Allow future automation of inventory availability, costs, orders submission, and shipping information communications with Suppliers.

    We provide full training, guidance, updates, support as standard.

    It’s affordable, scalable, predictable pricing and designed to drive your success by maximizing your customer satisfaction and efficiency.

    Book your demo by clicking here for Gerard or clicking here for Sergey and start being proactive about your order life cycle!