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Yes, the market for the United States Government is vast. But it is also fluid, with changing priorities, compliances and, new legislation, affecting the spending of each agency. Our approach to GSA Contract Management will help you manage it efficiently and profitably.

We will identify your growth and profit potential with GSA

Knowing what to sell, where to source and how to buy, is often the key to success. Most successful companies invest in marketing intelligence which drives their success. Hundreds of our clients currently use our marketing intelligence services and thrive as a result.

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    What’s more, we know how to open doors for you within the major US Government marketplaces because we have years of experience helping others to succeed.

    Some of the opportunities for GSA Contractors include:

    • FedMall — shopping website of Department of Defense;
    • BPA Contracts — grant priority designation to vendors with some government agencies;
    • FSSI Contracts — earn Priority Vendor status for all United States Government Agencies.
    • Ability One Program – Become an Authorized AbilityOne Distributor
    • GSA Global Supply – participate in federal requisition program

    Keeping your contract up to date, compliant, and optimized with an active marketing intelligence effort, will help you reach your business goals, and not lose out on opportunities.

    Our GSA Contract Management specialists will manage your GSA catalog and its modifications.

    So, let our professionals do it for you and we will save you time and money!

    Find out more about securing business with the United States Government.
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    Maintaining your catalog with the latest up to date items from your suppliers, published on GSA Advantage and FedMall, is necessary for successful operation of your Government business. Price Reporter offers complete A to Z Government contract management services. Whether you’re a manufacturer, reseller, or a professional services provider, we can help you with all aspects of catalog preparation, modification, and submission.

    Our GSA Contract Management Services Include:

    • Catalog Data management to identify new and discontinued products along with those that need price adjustment;
    • Calculation of reasonable GSA price to avoid rejection due to noncompetitive pricing. The calculation is based on your cost, GSA prices from other vendors and commercial prices;
    • Document and File preparation for eMod submission;
    • Compliance Checks (TAA, ETS, CPG, BOA, SAM.Gov, MIA, and other compliances);
    • Reasonable price justification and other supporting documentation;
    • Negotiation with contracting officers, and help with signing electronically approved mods;
    • Uploading your updated catalog to GSA Advantage, FedMall and other marketplaces;
    • Help resolve issues with GSA throughout the life of the contract.

    How to Build Success with GSA

    Learn how our services and expertise will help you to achieve success with GSA

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      Price Reporter team has been efficient is managing our GSA contract catalogs for the past 5 years. They keep our catalogs well maintained and compliant, saving our resources and letting us focusing on making sales.

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