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  • Recipe for Success: Competitive prices drive success;
  • Challenge: Maintaining a competitive edge with a large number of products is challenging;
  • Solution: Price Reporter has the solution.

See how your prices rank against other vendors on GSA Advantage in just a few clicks.

Find out if your prices compete well on the federal market

Your pricing strategy is one of the crucial factors determining if you’ll succeed or fail doing business with the government. Your prices must be competitive in comparison to other contract holders, while still being advantageous to your company. And if your GSA price list contains thousands of items, maintaining a competitive edge with all of the products quickly becomes challenging, to say the least.

Price Reporter offers a simple GSA pricing tool to quickly estimate how well you are doing against your competitors. Surely, GSA Advantage allows viewing GSA prices online, but when it comes to comparing a lot of contracts and SINs, you need a much more effective option.

How to build your GSA pricing strategies

The GSA pricing policy implies that a vendor must offer its best price to the government. Specifically, you should offer to GSA at least the same or better prices that you do to your Most Favored Customer (MFC). Unfortunately, this clause is often interpreted as “the lowest possible price.” Wrong.

The problem with just providing a bigger discount to GSA is that you can easily render your entire business with the government non-profitable. Hundreds of companies have fallen victims to this Catch-22: you must offer low prices to win the bid, but by offering low prices you undermine your own business, thereby making the whole bid-and-win process pointless. Surley, lower prices for federal agencies mean savings for the American taxpayer, but chasing the lowest bid only for the sake of staying the lowest, is not efficient.

In fact, the proper approach to setting your GSA contract rates is… to not look at the others’ prices! Well, not from the beginning. The fact is: you don’t know the structure of your competitor’s prices. You do not know their direct and indirect costs, including labour, materials, transport, and other expenditures. Hence, trying to beat their bids straight forward has no chance to succeed.

GSA pricing schedule

The better option to complete your GSA price list is to evaluate your own rates , costs, and surplus your desirable profits. Then, you can research for current or past bids, using GSA Advantage, or tools, see if you can compete without going broke, and meet the requirements of GSA at the same time. You can also use the GSA Integrated Competition Tool for that.

Also, remember that bidding the lowest is only half-way to securing a contract. Whenever you respond to an RFQ, you will eventually have to provide evidence in the form of Price Narrative and Price Proposal documents.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is GSA pricing mean?

    The GSA pricing policy requires businesses to offer the best price, often meaning the lowest price, possible for federal agencies to receive a deal. The government refers to this as “volume discount pricing” because many federal agencies will make large orders from a vendor rather than just one product or service.

    Who qualifies for GSA pricing?

    GSA will only award contracts to companies they deem as suitable industry partners, and there are specific requirements for eligibility. In order to qualify to apply for a GSA Schedule contract, companies are required to be in business for at least two (2) years and show revenue of at least $25,000 per year.

    Is a GSA contract worth it?

    Although applying for a GSA Schedule can be challenging, these contracts can be fiscally rewarding and offer several benefits that make it worthwhile. If you’re a small business, another point to consider is that 80% of GSA MAS contracts go to small businesses.

    Who can buy from GSA Advantage?

    Anyone may browse on GSA Advantage! ® to view and compare the variety of products and services offered. A Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DoDAAC) (limited to purchases of GSA Global Supply items).

    How many GSA schedules are there?

    The GSA list has 31 GSA Schedules (or main product / service categories), and 9 Schedules under the VA/FSS program. As of October 1, 2019, there will only be one GSA Schedule.