Can You Lose a GSA Contract?

Your GSA contract will normally last for 5 years at minimum. Nevertheless you can lose your so hard achieved GSA Schedule if the government decides to terminate your contract. You must be well prepared to prevent GSA contract termination. In this article, we’ll explain what possible reasons for termination are, and how you can avoid it.

What GSA Schedule is Best for Your Company?

How to Determine What GSA Schedule is Best for Your Company?

So, you’ve read tons of articles, blogs and forums on GSA, and finally decided to give it a try and pursue a GSA Schedule contract. Now, the question is: what GSA Schedule you should choose? Which one is the best for your business? Let’s see.

GSA Schedule program – The Buyer’s Perspective

Thinking Like GSA Contracting Specialists

GSA Schedule program – the buyer’s perspective

The success of a company on the market is a sum of multiple factors. One of the most important factors among them is how well you know and understand your customers. This is equally true for the federal market. Knowing how federal buyers think can decently help you getting GSA Schedules awards, negotiating better prices, and overall simplify your life as a government contractor.

Questions Before Pursuing a GSA Contract

Honestly Answer These Questions Before Pursuing a GSA Contract

While attempting to penetrate the federal market may look absolutely “a must”, you should think about your strategy BEFORE you start doing anything in that regard. And the very first questions any prospective contractor must need to ask himself are:

Raising Your GSA Contract Pricing

Ways to Increase GSA Contract Pricing

Ok, your GSA Schedule was finally secured and you were happily doing business with the government. But the market is a market. It’s dynamic. It constantly changes, and at some point continuing to fulfill your obligations for the government may turn out to be less profitable than it was before.

So the question is: can you raise your GSA contract pricing before your currently signed contract expires? And if yes, how to do this? This article answers the question.

The Definitive Guide to GSA Contract Market Research

What you need to know to effectively scan the government market

This article reviews available ways and tools you can use to research the GSA market and eventually end up with a profitable government contract. With such tools as GSA Schedule eLibrary, CALC, FPDS you can gather a plethora of useful data. Ideally, you should always do your home work and research competition, demand and prices before you jump into these dark waters. Read along to learn how.

5 Things About GSA Contracts The Majority of Vendors Don’t Know

GSA Contracts are very different from your typical commercial contracts where a deal is a deal. The Government is absolutely different in this way, so knowing how it interprets GSA Contracts is crucial for long-term success with GSA. In this article we present some GSA facts you hardly knew.

Common GSA Proposal Mistakes

A GSA Schedule contract is a big game for many companies. “How do I get a GSA Contract?” is the very first question leaders of those businesses typically ask. And 80% of them eventually start asking another one: “What have I done wrong?”

In this article, we cover the most common GSA proposal mistakes that prevent vendors from getting a GSA schedule and result in their GSA proposal rejected.

Rejection of the GSA proposal: what to do?

Bad things happen: your long-fostered GSA proposal has been rejected. Time and efforts you’ve put into it seem wasted. Now what? Well, don’t panic, here is a recipe to get yourself back into action and to overcome GSA rejection.