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Understanding Your GSA Contract Number – What is it?

What is a GSA number?

Doing anything in today’s world requires an identification number. Any time you travel abroad, you must know your passport number. When paying your tax returns, you’ll need your social security number. And insuring your vehicle is impossible without a driver’s license number.

TAA Designated Countries List 2022

TAA non-compliance is one of the most common reasons for GSA contract cancellation or at least putting it on hold. Every product you sell to the federal agencies must be manufactured or substantially transformed in either the U.S. or in one of the designated countries. Since the list of designated countries changes over time, it is vital to know what  TAA compliant countries are in 2022, in order to act accordingly and to remain compliant. 

Who is a GSA Consultant?

Penetrating the federal market is a risky affair, especially if you are all new to government contracting. Surely, you can assign one of your employees to do all the federal contracting work in your firm, or even do it yourself, but we recommend considering hiring an expert in GSA contracting. Here is why.

How To Get On GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS)

GSA MAS Schedules are a $45 billion government contract issued to thousands of approved vendors that enables them to supply products and services to the U.S. Government. The GSA Professional Services Schedule (formerly GSA 00CORP) is one of the twelve Large Categories under the GSA Multiple Award Schedule Program, covering every kind of service the government could possibly need. In this article, we will explore what opportunities are available under the GSA PSS category, why you should consider getting a GSA PSS Contract, and how you can successfully apply for one.

GSA for Small Businesses: IT Contract

Small IT companies:  do they even have a chance of acquiring a GSA IT 70 Schedule? The answer is yes. With GSA’s support for small business winning a government contract in IT segment, such as GSA IT 70, this is absolutely realistic.

Who Can Help Get GSA Certified

Ok, getting on a GSA Schedule is a non-trivial business. Let’s face it: if you have little or no experience in cooperating with government agencies and working under terms of GSA contract compliance, you will have hard times getting on a GSA Schedule. There are available resources you can leverage to help yourself secure that lucrative GSA contract. 

How to Write a Federal Proposal

Many companies seek to get a GSA contract, but only a tiny fraction of them will eventually be able to obtain it. Why? Because writing a federal proposal is a real stumbling stone for many newcomers, and the majority of business owners fail to do this properly. In this article you’ll learn how to write a federal proposal, and skyrocket your chances of approval by the GSA.

How do I prepare for a Contractor Assessment Visit?

GSA Schedule holders must pass a Contractor Assessment Visit, or CAV, conducted by an Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA). Any sort of assessment or inspection may seem like a cause for stress, but actually a CAV can increase your chances of success in the government marketplace. It highlights the high expectations that GSA contract holders are expected to meet, and encourages you to implement the best internal systems for identifying any issues. What’s more, your continued compliance could allow you to extend your GSA contract for another five years. We’ll explain what the Contractor Assessment Visit entails and how you can prepare.

How to Bid on Government Military Contracts

The U.S. military spending has been growing since 2015. The requested military budget for FY 2022 exceeded $715 billion (compared to $705 billion of FY 2021), and for FY 2023 an even higher budget has been requested; up to $773 billion. Surely, this opens up a lot of opportunities for small businesses that are in pursuit of government manufacturing contracts. In this guide, we will explain how government contracts work, where to look for military tenders, and how to bid on the Department of Defense and U.S. Army contracts.