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How to Conduct Effective Government Market Analysis?

Let’s talk about government market trends and analysis. The importance of government market research is hard to underestimate. Indeed, it is hard to succeed in conducting business with the government when there is a lack of understanding of the current needs of the federal agencies and the existing offers of other vendors on the market.

What Are National Stock Numbers (NSN)?

With abundance of various items, products, parts, elements, and details to procure, federal agencies need a simple and unified way to unambiguously identify a particular item. This task is resolved via National Stock Numbers / NSN, a numbering system that aims to simplify federal and military procurement and avoid purchasing duplicate items.

From this article you will learn what is NSN, how it is assigned, and how do you read the National Stock Number.

Cybersecurity Requirements for Government Contractors

As a government contractor you are a subject to a number of compliance requirements that are necessary to become a holder of either a  GSA Schedule or another federal acquisition vehicle, and to continue being one during the entire term of contract duration.

Where to Find Government Contracting Opportunities

Finding a good opportunity to sell is vital on both the commercial and federal marketplaces.  Possessing a GSA Schedule by itself doesn’t yet mean much. Yes, you are a GSA Schedule holder now, but this alone by itself is not enough. Now, if you want to become a successful GSA Schedule holder, you need to start looking for opportunities and market your products to government buyers.

How to Avoid Contract Suspension – GSA ORDER STATUS INITIATIVE

The GSA Advantage Online marketplace was designed to facilitate government purchasing activity and provide a service that is aimed at improving the acquisition while minimizing waste of resources. In 2021, Robin Carnahan was appointed by Joe Biden to GSA Administrator position replacing Emily Murphy, and with that GSA started implementing some major system improvement projects. 

How to Find Your Cognizant DCAA and DCMA Offices

If you sell to the Department Of Defense or are just planning to do it, you will inevitably face two agencies that are crucial for your success as a GSA contractor. These two agencies are the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA).

Pitfalls of GSA contracting in 2023

Winning a GSA contract is a desirable goal for many businesses. However, there is a potentially misleading school of thought that holding a GSA Schedule contract is all roses. Many business owners think of a GSA Schedule as if it were just another sales channel; very profitable, yes, but still very much the same as other ways of doing business. The truth is: GSA contracting has its pitfalls and drawbacks too. And some of them can literally ruin your profits.

How can I bill the government on GSA contracts?

GSA Schedule contracts are one of the most popular contracting vehicles small and medium businesses can use to get access to clients in the federal market. With government spending growing each year, securing a GSA contract still looks to be a lucky ticket for almost any company, regardless of what products or services it sells.

But how exactly can you bill the government? What are the required documents? How long does it take to receive payments from federal buyers? Let’s find answers in this article.

Is Your Company Set Up for GSA Schedule Success

You may have heard it hundreds of times already: winning a GSA Schedule contract is great success for a business. But is your company ready and set up to achieve this success? In fact, more than 80% of GSA Schedule contract holders do not make a single sale on the federal marketplace. Ever. Apparently, they were not ready. And are you? You better learn this before applying for a Schedule.