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Is Your Company Set Up for GSA Schedule Success

You may have heard it hundreds of times already: winning a GSA Schedule contract is great success for a business. But is your company ready and set up to achieve this success? In fact, more than 80% of GSA Schedule contract holders do not make a single sale on the federal marketplace. Ever. Apparently, they were not ready. And are you? You better learn this before applying for a Schedule.

How to Add a Product to your GSA Schedule

Whenever you need to add a new product or service to your existing GSA Schedule, or even if you want to add a new SIN to your GSA contract, the GSA provides a way to do this – the eOffer/eMod system. Here is how you can use eMod to submit a modification to your Schedule.

GSA Revises & Extends Moratorium on EPA Restrictions

In March 2022, the GSA introduced Economic Price Adjustment (EPA) exemptions to compensate for possible losses that GSA Schedule contract holders may face due to changes in the worldwide economic situation. Recently, the GSA revised and extended the Moratorium on EPA restrictions. Here is what you need to know about this.

What is TAA Compliant? Understanding GSA Policies

Let’s talk about TAA compliance once again. This regulation raises a lot of questions over and over, and we still receive requests from potential MAS contract holders to hear more about TAA compliance and how to maintain it. So, here we are.

GSA Auctions. Complete Guide 2022

When the government no longer needs some equipment, vehicles or other goods anymore, it sells such items. And so GSA Auctions is exactly the way you can purchase such vehicles at a surprisingly affordable price. Well, as long as you know how to do this. In this guide we explain how to benefit from auctions on GSA and get what you need cheaper.

What is TAA Compliance and How Does Price Reporter Achieve It

We already talked a lot about TAA compliance in our blog, but the topic becomes even more important these days. Political landscapes are changing, the world is shaking, and new clauses and regulations are being introduced almost weekly. Remaining TAA compliant today is more vital than ever.

Understanding Your GSA Contract Number – What is it?

What is a GSA number?

Doing anything in today’s world requires an identification number. Any time you travel abroad, you must know your passport number. When paying your tax returns, you’ll need your social security number. And insuring your vehicle is impossible without a driver’s license number.

TAA Designated Countries List 2022

TAA non-compliance is one of the most common reasons for GSA contract cancellation or at least putting it on hold. Every product you sell to the federal agencies must be manufactured or substantially transformed in either the U.S. or in one of the designated countries. Since the list of designated countries changes over time, it is vital to know what  TAA compliant countries are in 2022, in order to act accordingly and to remain compliant.