How to Read the Government Solicitation Number

The entire federal procurement system encompasses hundreds of thousands of products and services various government agencies constantly need. To fulfill the need, contracting officers open federal government contract solicitations for bids. Here, we explain solicitation number meaning, and how to decipher each part of it.

4 Ways for State and Local Government Purchasing

GSA Schedules for non-Federal Acquisitions

While the federal acquisition market is already large enough, GSA Schedules are also available for local, tribal and state government purchases. Which means additional opportunities for your business as soon as you win the GSA Schedule award. This article explains four ways for local and state governments to purchase goods and services via GSA Schedules.

GSA Contract Requirements

Selling to Government can yield substantial return if your business is well-prepared for that. Becoming a GSA vendor requires compliance of your company to a number of GSA rules and qualifications. This article explains what are GSA entry requirements that a business should meet in order to certify as a GSA contractor. You can quickly check if your business qualifies for GSA contracts here.

OASIS GSA Contract Ordering Guide

Here we explain what is a GSA OASIS contract vehicle, how it differs from other typical government Schedules, what are specifics in acquiring an OASIS GSA contract, and what you should do to successfully end up as a GSA OASIS contractor provided the whole matter is not as easy as it looks.

GSA Consolidated Schedule

What is GSA Multiple Award Schedule consolidation, and how should businesses act in that respect? This article explains the new GSA consolidated schedule and tips what you should do if you are a current GSA contractor or if you merely ready to become one.

What is happening, exactly?

What is GSA eBuy System and How It Works

GSA eBuy is a simple yet extremely efficient federal procurement tool that literally thousands of federal agencies across the USA and worldwide use to buy various goods and order services for best prices.

This article explains how the GSA eBuy system works. Reading this helps you better plan your federal contracting efforts, better understand how the system looks from inside and hence have a chance to secure the best governmental contracts in your niche.

Women-Owned Business Certification

This article explains what women-owned small business certification is and how can a business run by a woman benefit from this federal program. Also, we provide an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to apply for WOSB/EDWOSB certification.

Open Ratings Past Performance Evaluation (PPE)

The Past Performance Evaluation report is done for Open Ratings, Inc. The purpose of the report is to measure overall performance of companies pursuing GSA Schedule contracts, in comparison to other organizations in that industry.