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What is the GSA?

The GSA, or the General Services administration, serves the purpose of facilitating supply of products and services to US government offices, provides federal employees with transportation and office space, and implements government-wide cost-cutting programs and other administrative activities.

How to Market to the Federal Government in 2022

When you’re starting any business venture, the two vital initial steps are finding buyers and devising an effective marketing strategy. But when it comes to selling to the government, it’s not as simple as researching local competitors and cold-emailing customers.

Top 7 tip on choosing your GSA Order Management System

If you are serious about succeeding with your GSA contract you must embrace efficiency from the start, if you don’t you may run the risk at best of eventually playing catchup with no serious consequences  or at worse missing GSA orders, angering customers due to delays or inefficiencies and slowly destroying your reputation or brand.

If you’re thinking of acquiring a GSA contract then please also read The GSA Ordering Guide, this will give you extra insight into what the GSA expect from their contractors and if you want to know where government employees buy their products from click on this link:“Simply search GSA Global Supply® online ordering”.

What Is the Difference between GSA Advantage and eBuy

In this article we examine differences between GSA eBuy and GSA Advantage federal acquisition platforms. While both are designed to assist vendors in delivering their products and services to federal, municipal and local institutions, there are important differences between GSA eBuy and Advantage services that you should know about.

Sip vs EDI Catalog Upload: Guide 2022

Uploading your Catalog to GSA Advantage

Whether looking to upload a TXT file or a full catalog with sale prices and images, using SIP can be tedious.

Lets look at Price Reporter’s EDI GSA Catalog Upload Portal and how it can benefit you.

GSA’s Open Government Initiatives

What is the GSA Advantage program?

We can imagine GSA Advantage! as the Amazon shopping service of the U.S. Government. It is an online platform run by the General Services Administration, which government agencies use to find and buy millions of commercial products and services, at great prices. Only approved vendors who have been awarded a GSA Schedule can list their catalogs on GSA Advantage!, so that buyers can be sure of their fair prices and impeccable quality. 

How to Prepare Your GSA Schedule Proposal: The Pricing Section

Becoming a General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule holder can offer incredible opportunities for your business, such as  long-term government customers, access to exclusive marketplaces, unique marketing solutions and more. The U.S. Government only wants to work with the best qualified businesses, so winning a GSA Schedule contract is no easy task; you must write a competitive GSA Schedule Proposal and stand out from the crowd. 

All About the GSA Information Technology Category going into FY 2022

About the IT Category of MAS

Our world cannot function without IT, which facilitates everything from education and healthcare to  business and infrastructure. The U.S. Government procures the best IT products and services on the market through the GSA MAS Program IT Schedule. Formerly known as IT Schedule 70 (or just Schedule 70), this is one of the 12 Large Categories under the GSA Schedules Program.

The EDI Series Chap 2

Specific EDI capabilities

In my previous blog we found out about what the electronic data interchange is and how surrounds us like a mycelium network that connects all of our lives. Some of the advantages of electronic data interchanges (EDI) has over the traditional methods of an order life cycle are obvious, but others not so much, we’re going to delve into the how we can help you leverage an EDI solution.

How to Submit a Modification through GSA eMod

What is the purpose of a modification GSA?

A GSA Schedule is initially awarded for 5 years and can be extended for another 15 years. Naturally, your business and the market will evolve with the times. The Large Category that your Schedule is awarded under will remain fixed, but successfully managing your GSA Schedule involves modifying the products and services you offer, your pricing, and your administrative details.