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State and Local Government Program Opportunities for GSA Contractors

The GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) creates wide-ranging and lucrative opportunities between businesses and the U.S. Government. Yet GSA sales are not restricted to a customer base of federal and executive agencies only. Through certain purchasing programs, state and local governments and educational institutions can take advantage of the federal government’s purchasing power and access the GSA marketplace. For GSA MAS contractors, selling to state and local governments greatly expands the range of business opportunities available to them.

An Insight of GSA Compliance

Ideally, if you are running a business in the US, with the main intention of selling your products or services to the Federal employees, you need the a GSA Schedules Contract. Obtaining this will require you to follow a straightforward and yet vital plan. However, once you acquire the a GSA Schedules Contract, and get the a number, you can also look forward to a host of benefits.

Why are GSA Schedules in Place

Some of you might be wondering about how the various Federal agency purchase and the procedures that must be followed.. While obtaining a GSA contract involves a lot of time and effort, once it is established, the procurement process is relatively simple. This is because contracts such as the General Service Administration’s (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) program are in place.