About GSA Contracts

How does being a GSA Approved Vendor help your business?

Aside from paving your way towards government contracts, the status of a GSA Approved Vendor brings some other important advantages too. This article highlights these advantages and gives a short overview of how to become a GSA Approved Vendor in the first hand.

Small Business and the GSA: 5 Things You Should Know

If you still think GSA schedules are for larger enterprises, and becoming a GSA contractor is literally impossible for a small entrepreneurship – it is time to reconsider. In fact, getting a GSA MAS contract for a small business is a viable option to get steady income and to secure the position on the market. Here are 5 things you should know about GSA.

They work! 12 Tips and Tricks for How to Get on a GSA Schedule

GSA. Getting on a Schedule here can be really tough, especially for the first time. This article gives a number of practical tips and tricks to simplify GSA Schedule application process significantly.

Each advice is only helpful at certain stage of obtaining a schedule. However, overall, these tips are a great helper towards successful GSA certification.

Who Can Order from GSA Advantage?

GSA Advantage! is a prime GSA online shopping platform for government agencies. This article explains how GSA Advantage! works, how to find GSA contracts there, and also lists government agencies that are eligible to buy from GSA Advantage!

How to Read the Government Solicitation Number

The entire federal procurement system encompasses hundreds of thousands of products and services various government agencies constantly need. To fulfill the need, contracting officers open federal government contract solicitations for bids. Here, we explain solicitation number meaning, and how to decipher each part of it.