About GSA Contracts

I see that I need a CAGE code. What is a CAGE code?

CAGE stands for “Commercial And Government Entity.” The CAGE code is used to uniquely identify suppliers to federal agencies and various governmental agencies themselves. The CAGE code is assigned by the Department of Defense’s Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). With a CAGE code, one can identify any facility at a specific location.

Open Market Items under a GSA Contract order

Can You Sell Open Market Items under a GSA Schedule Contract?

Sometimes, when the government orders through your GSA Schedule, it requests items that your GSA Schedule contract does not encompass, i.e. Open Market Items. The common question is: can you sell to federal agencies products and services that are not in your pricelist? Is there a chance to provide the complete solution to a government customer, even if that would mean selling Open Market Items? Let’s see.

Refresh, Revise, Reinforce Your GSA Contract

Do You Need to Update Your GSA Contract After Award?

So, after tremendous efforts and months of hard work either all by yourself or with an agent, you have secured your GSA Schedule contract. Now you can heave a sigh of relief for the entire 5-year period of the contract. Or can you? In fact, you still need to keep your GSA contract fresh and up to date even post award. Read the article to learn what exactly you need to do and when.

What is a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)

The GSA Schedule BPA is a powerful way to thin out competition on the federal market. The BPA is a simplified way for agencies to fulfill the recurring needs for products. What are benefits of establishing Schedule BPAs? Is the BPA worth going for? Who are ideal BPA suppliers, and what are common BPA examples – this article answers these questions.

Getting the Most from the GSA Schedule

You’ve done a good job, and a GSA Schedule is yours now. End of story. Or is it? Well, in truth the mere fact that you are now a GSA vendor means very little. The quest is not over yet. It is time to get the most from your GSA Schedule.

Want to Utilize GSA Sales for Your Business?

Here is the Process

The overall federal GSA sales volume exceeded $40 billion in 2019. Time to let federal GSA buyers enter your business too!  In many aspects the process is not intuitive, and requires a lot of input, but the final prize is well-worth the effort. In this post we’ll try to summarize everything you need to know about the process of getting a GSA contract.

What You Can Do to Grow Revenue

Through GSA Advantage & eBuy Contracts

While GSA contracts could be a constant flow of revenue, surprisingly many vendors never sell enough through GSA to barely compensate time and effort it had taken them to win the contract. What should you do to avoid the same outcome for your own GSA Advantage and eBuy contracts? Read along to learn how to increase your revenues through these government platforms.

GSA Government Contracts: A $40+ Billion Pie You Can Opt In

For small businesses, a GSA contract is often a synonym to El Dorado, a mythical opportunity to become rich. Is becoming a GSA government contractor really so profitable? And does it really require so much effort that only a small share of companies succeed at this venture? Let’s find out.

How to Convince Your Boss to Pursue a GSA Contract

So, you are ready to conquer the government market. You’ve read hundreds of guides and manuals. You’ve successfully passed GSA training, and even your sales team is ready for action. But your Big Boss may not be so sure. How to convince your boss (or bosses) that getting a GSA contract is a brilliant idea and it can easily turn to be very profitable for the business?