About GSA Contracts

How to bid on contracts for minority and women-owned businesses

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s the importance of supporting disadvantaged groups in our society. It has been well documented that small businesses owned by women or minorities were disproportionately affected during COVID-19, despite being at the heart of our communities, essential to job creation and economic vitality. Ensuring that these businesses survive involves fundamental support at government level.

What is CPARS?

Winning a 5-year GSA contract as a supplier to the U.S. Government is a big responsibility. The GSA Schedule acquisition process involves a stringent application, but the evaluation of your company doesn’t end once your contract has been awarded. To ensure that contractors are fulfilling their obligations year after year, the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) was established.

High Value Asset (HVA) Assessment Requirement for the HACS SIN

The pandemic has fast-tracked our world’s transition into the digital space. Although greater connectivity has solved many problems, it opens up others – primarily cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is of paramount importance for the U.S. Government and to help protect its information network GSA created the Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services Special Item Number (HACS SIN).

TAA (Trade Agreements Act) Compliance Explained

This article explains what is Trade Agreements Act, what it means for a product to be TAA compliant, and why TAA compliance is important for any company seeking cooperation with the government via GSA Schedules.

How to fully automate business with GSA

You’re finally a GSA Schedule holder, orders are flourishing, and business is booming. However, hand in hand with these opportunities comes the downside of administration. Countless hours of manpower are expended on printing, calling, emailing, billing, accounting… The slightest disruption in your order processing can mean delays and unhappy clients.

Letter of Supply for Business with the Government

A GSA Schedule Letter of Supply is a required document for resellers looking to do business with the government. In this article we explain in detail what a Letter of Supply is, whether it is  mandatory for a GSA contract holder, how to determine if your business needs it, and what the requirements are for obtaining one.

Looking Ahead – GSA Initiatives to Watch in 2021-2022

Year 2021 is going to bring up a range of changes for GSA MAS Contractors. Ongoing GSA Schedule modernization continues and requires you, being a GSA Schedule holder, to take some actions. In this article we cover important GSA initiatives you should definitely pay attention to in 2021-2022.

How to Grow a Small Business Through a GSA Schedule

Growing a small business is never an easy task, let alone in the uncharted territory of the post-pandemic market. If you’re a business owner looking to maximise your opportunities, and have some experience of selling to the U.S. Government, your company could then be eligible for a GSA Schedule and the fantastic benefits that come alongside it.

Should you Hire a Consultant for GSA Schedule Maintenance?

Like a real vehicle, a GSA Schedule requires maintenance or else, it could break down. While you can certainly maintain your GSA contract in-house, there is another option to consider; hire a GSA Schedule consultant. In this article we will review pros and cons of hiring a consultant for your GSA Schedule maintenance.