About GSA Contracts

How do I prepare for a Contractor Assessment Visit?

GSA Schedule holders must pass a Contractor Assessment Visit, or CAV, conducted by an Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA). Any sort of assessment or inspection may seem like a cause for stress, but actually a CAV can increase your chances of success in the government marketplace. It highlights the high expectations that GSA contract holders are expected to meet, and encourages you to implement the best internal systems for identifying any issues. What’s more, your continued compliance could allow you to extend your GSA contract for another five years. We’ll explain what the Contractor Assessment Visit entails and how you can prepare.

How to Market to the Federal Government in 2022

When you’re starting any business venture, the two vital initial steps are finding buyers and devising an effective marketing strategy. But when it comes to selling to the government, it’s not as simple as researching local competitors and cold-emailing customers.

All About the GSA Information Technology Category going into FY 2022

About the IT Category of MAS

Our world cannot function without IT, which facilitates everything from education and healthcare to  business and infrastructure. The U.S. Government procures the best IT products and services on the market through the GSA MAS Program IT Schedule. Formerly known as IT Schedule 70 (or just Schedule 70), this is one of the 12 Large Categories under the GSA Schedules Program.

All About the Verified Products Portal (VPP)

What the VPP Means for GSA Manufacturers and Resellers:In recent months most GSA contractors received a notice or a mention of the lunch of the new Verified Products Portal (VPP), (GSA verified list) and it is not yet clear how exactly GSA contractors are going to be affected by the new system, so let’s talk about the VPP…

All About the GSA Security & Protection Category

What is GSA Schedule 84 | Security & Protection Schedule?

Keeping the country safe involves a whole network of organizations and supplies; from law enforcement and the military, to firefighting equipment and flood control. All kinds of security-related products and services are available under the Security & Protection Schedule GSA contract. This is one of the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Large Categories and was previously known as the GSA Schedule 84 contract. By becoming one of the GSA Security & Protection contractors, you are helping to supply our country’s first line of defense.

All about the GSA IT Schedule

What is the GSA IT Schedule?

As we all became acutely aware over the past two years, IT rules our world. Without it, our children cannot learn, businesses cannot operate, and governments cannot function. To procure optimum Information Technology products and services for the U.S. Government, from the best vendors and at most optimal prices, the GSA developed category F Information Technology Schedule. It is one of the twelve GSA MAS Large Categories of products and services and was known as IT Schedule 70 or IT70, prior to GSA consolidation. IT Schedule is the contact point between government agencies and commercial IT businesses, and the channel through which billions of dollars in federal spending flow.

How Government Contractors Can Stand Out From Their Competition

Winning a GSA Schedule promises businesses like yours a world of opportunities: decades-long relationships with federal agencies, high-volume contracts, access to exclusive government marketing tools, and much more. The GSA only awards Schedules to those businesses that it believes will excel in supplying the U.S. Government, and so the competition is fierce. What are the 5 ways to stand out from your competitors in the government marketplace?


How do you qualify for GSA and how hard is it to get a GSA contract? 
In general, most vendors that have been fairly stable and successful within their niche in the open market, have got the necessary criteria that it takes to be an effective partaker on the federal arena.

All About the GSA Office Management Schedule

Where would the U.S. Government be without its offices? Behind the scenes of every branch of the government is an endless supply chain of office products and services, without which, the bureaucracy of the country could not function. From books, pens and toner cartridges to administrative support, legal services and document production, everything related to the government office is provided through the Office Management Large Category – one of the GSA Schedule’s 12 Large Categories. 

How to bid on contracts for minority and women-owned businesses

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s the importance of supporting disadvantaged groups in our society. It has been well documented that small businesses owned by women or minorities were disproportionately affected during COVID-19, despite being at the heart of our communities, essential to job creation and economic vitality. Ensuring that these businesses survive involves fundamental support at government level.