General questions about GSA Schedules

Do you have any tips for effortless TAA compliance?

A good or service is TAA-compliant if manufactured or substantially transformed in the United States or manufactured in a TAA-designated country. A TAA-designated country is a nation with which the U.S. maintains a trade agreement and regards as a reliable or acceptable procurement source.

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Why should my company get a Schedule?

A GSA Schedule is one of contracting vehicles the government uses for federal acquisitions. The goal of GSA Schedules is to simplify the procurement process by allowing federal, state, and local agencies to purchase goods and services they need directly, via GSA contracts the government signs with vendors.

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What are the steps in submitting a GSA proposal?

Submitting a GSA proposal is a complex process that requires multiple steps. Surely, pursuing a GSA Schedule may not be your only or even your primary priority at the time, so Price Reporter did everything possible to simplify the submission process, to make sure the client is only involved when it is really necessary.

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What should my company do before pursuing a GSA Schedule?

This is a complex question. Overall, you need to prepare for this process beforehand. Based on our experience and the best practices, we suggest the following preliminary steps to be taken, in order to achieve the desired result:

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Questions about Price Reporter

How does Price Reporter collect the information required for a GSA proposal?

Typically, we hold one or two meetings in person to understand your goals, needs, and to present you with options. The rest of communication can be virtual, in the form of conference calls or e-mail messages.

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What is the GSA Vendor Support Center (VSC)?

GSA Vendor Support Center

The GSA Vendor Support Center (VSC) is a primary source of first-hand information about GSA contracting for GSA vendors. The resource provides a plethora of Schedule-related information including:

  • Basic information about GSA Schedules
  • Links to all major GSA resources such as GSA eBuy, GSA Advantage!, GSA eLibrary
  • FAS sales reporting
  • Updates and news
  • Technical documentation
  • Training

Even though the Vendor Support Center is in the middle of the update process right now, the content on the website is still rather outdated and sometimes lacks organization and structure, while the information provided is often a way too general and simplistic. However, neglecting GSA VSC would be a big mistake, as it still holds a number of very useful resources and documents.  

GSA News and Events

GSA publicizes recent news and events to help vendors keep in touch with goings on at the GSA and throughout the government.

GSA Vendor Support

GSA Vendor Support Center provides the following resources to help vendors:

  • GSA Sales reporting.
  • The list of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC)
  • The list of upcoming events and training
  • Obligatory training (“Pathways to Success”)
  • Vendor toolbox
  • EDI documentation
  • FAQs

How to Become a GSA Schedule Contractor.

Being a GSA Schedule contractor is a special and potentially very lucrative opportunity. But where to start from? What if you have but commercial market experience and the government market sounds to you all Greek? Don’t worry! In this FAQ we will shed some light onto the whole government contracting matter.

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How does GSA Function During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has redefined the way people live, work, attend classes, and communicate. In a very short period of time such previously … measures as social distancing and mask regimes have become accustomed and, in a sense, have reshaped the very essence of our everyday lives. It is hard to tell whether the ongoing Coronavirus crisis will end soon, but it is certain that the government now needs the best solutions more than ever to effectively set off against the pandemic and retain our social, economical, industrial, and commercial capabilities. The GSA typically relies on GSA Schedule contractors in times of crises, delivering ways to boost efficiency of procurement processes when such force majeure circumstances as COVID-19 occur.

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How to Use Contractor Team Arrangements

What is a Contractor Team Arrangement?

GSA allows several GSA contractors to team together in order to develop a total solution together. Such opportunity is called Contractor Team Arrangement or CTA. This allows contractors that solely cannot meet the customer requirements to team with other vendors to fulfill the terms and conditions of a contract. Contractors can combine their products or services and hereby satisfy the RFQ and reduce individual risks for themselves.

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How do I Get Access to eBuy?

  1. Government contracts acquired through the GSA schedule generate roughly $45 billion, annually.

The GSA eBuy is intended for GSA contractors to bid on government contracts. These contracts are available to all types of vendors; non-profits, educational institutions, as well as regular businesses across the board.

You may use the following guide to get detailed instructions on getting the most out of your eBuy.

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