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How does Price Reporter collect the information required for a GSA proposal?

Typically, we hold one or two meetings in person to understand your goals, needs, and to present you with options. The rest of communication can be virtual, in the form of conference calls or e-mail messages. Once we prepare an offer for submission, we hold another meeting with you, so you can acknowledge the final document package, and make some last minute changes, if necessary. Then we submit your proposal to the GSA.

Myriad Greeyn Obtains a GSA 75 OS4 Office Products Schedule

Myriad Greeyn, LLC starts the new year as a legitimate GSA contractor. The company announces its recent award in GSA Schedule 75 (Office Products, Supplies and Services). The acquired contract goes under the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative for Office Supplies Fourth Generation (OS4) initiative and will allow Myriad Greeyn to offer its products and services to federal, state and local governments under SIN 75-220.

Jensen Audio Visual Secured a Multiple Award Schedule 58 I Contract

Jensen Audio Visual announces it obtained GSA Schedule 58 I. The new government contract starting at December 12, 2019 and lasting for five years will allow JAV to offer its audio-video engineering services and supply products to federal, state and local governments and organizations within Schedule 58 I.

GSA Awards Northeast Office Supply GSA Schedule 75 OS4

Northeast Office Supply Company is proud to announce the company has been awarded a GSA Schedule 75 OS4, Office Supplies Fourth Generation. The 5-years contract will open the road for Northeast Office Supply to government contracts for products covered by SIN 75-220.