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NAICS Codes – What Do They Mean for Your Business?

With such a vast array of businesses operating in the U.S., the government needs a way to classify them, analyze how each industry is performing, and collect data related to the U.S. economy. To this effect, the U.S. Office of Management and Budget developed the North American Industry Classification System of codes, known as NAICS (and pronounced ‘nakes’). So, what are NAICS codes and what do they mean to your business?

Place your Product Photos onto GSA Advantage!

Recently most of GSA contractors received an email titled “Place your Product Photos onto GSA Advantage!”, which meant to bring light to the issue GSA is having with vendors that are not listing products photos, in particular.

Is GSA Schedule Consulting Expensive? Not So Fast.

How much does GSA Schedule consulting cost (Spoiler: less than you think)

If you are still in doubt, whether to do the entire GSA Schedule preparation and proposal submission in-house or hire a third-party GSA Schedule consulting agency, this article is for you. We have compiled all the information you need to make a decision. A popular misbelief says that GSA Consulting is way too expensive for a small business. We are going to disprove this. Read along!

How to upload your GSA Catalog to GSA Advantage

GSA Advantage Requirements

Once your company secures either a GSA Schedule or a VA Contract, you are required to upload your approved GSA price list or catalog onto a government e-commerce website called “GSA Advantage”, so that your products and services are made available to federal buyers. As a GSA / VA Contract holder, you are responsible for keeping your GSA Advantage catalog and pricing up to date. Any GSA contract modification such as product or labor category additions, deletions, or price changes, should be uploaded to GSA Advantage in a timely manner. If you are also registered on the DOD FedMall, your catalog will need to be updated on that platform to reflect any changes that have been made on GSA Advantage.

How to Price Your GSA Services

Is there the best way to price your GSA Schedule?  How to price your products and services so that your Schedule brings you the most profit and allows you to outrun competitors? In this article we will review the main principles of the GSA Schedule pricing, and explain how you can utilize the GSA CALC tool and the GSA pricing tool to define the optimal pricing strategy.

Questions about Price Reporter

How does Price Reporter collect the information required for a GSA proposal?

Typically, we hold one or two meetings in person to understand your goals, needs, and to present you with options. The rest of communication can be virtual, in the form of conference calls or e-mail messages. Once we prepare an offer for submission, we hold another meeting with you, so you can acknowledge the final document package, and make some last minute changes, if necessary. Then we submit your proposal to the GSA.

What are the steps in submitting a GSA proposal?

Submitting a GSA proposal is a complex process that requires multiple steps. Surely, pursuing a GSA Schedule may not be your only or even your primary priority at the time, so Price Reporter did everything possible to simplify the submission process, to make sure the client is only involved when it is really necessary.

Why should my company get a Schedule?

A GSA Schedule is one of contracting vehicles the government uses for federal acquisitions. The goal of GSA Schedules is to simplify the procurement process by allowing federal, state, and local agencies to purchase goods and services they need directly, via GSA contracts the government signs with vendors.

How to Get On A GSA Schedule

If you own a business, it is important to maximize your access to as many market sectors as possible. One huge market sector is United State is the Federal Government. This is a 1.1 trillion dollar sector of the U.S. economy that offers lucrative potential for companies that can provide goods and services to the government. Whether it is the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Homeland Defense or the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, opportunities await vendors who can assist the United States government in its service to its citizens.