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Case Study: Resolving Discrepancies in Package List Tracking with QuickSales EDI Issue

Client A and Client B, both using the QuickSales EDI system created by Price Reporter, faced significant issues with tracking their orders.

Here’s what was wrong:

  • Missing Tracking Numbers: Package lists (PLs) and orders were being saved without tracking numbers and updated later, causing confusion.
  • Partial Shipping Issues: When only part of an order was shipped, it led to more problems and delays.

Top 7 tip on choosing your GSA Order Management System

If you are serious about succeeding with your GSA contract you must embrace efficiency from the start, if you don’t you may run the risk at best of eventually playing catchup with no serious consequences  or at worse missing GSA orders, angering customers due to delays or inefficiencies and slowly destroying your reputation or brand.

If you’re thinking of acquiring a GSA contract then please also read The GSA Ordering Guide, this will give you extra insight into what the GSA expect from their contractors and if you want to know where government employees buy their products from click on this link:“Simply search GSA Global Supply® online ordering”.

Sip vs EDI Catalog Upload: Guide 2022

Uploading your Catalog to GSA Advantage

Whether looking to upload a TXT file or a full catalog with sale prices and images, using SIP can be tedious.

Lets look at Price Reporter’s EDI GSA Catalog Upload Portal and how it can benefit you.

The EDI Series Chap 2

Specific EDI capabilities

In my previous blog we found out about what the electronic data interchange is and how surrounds us like a mycelium network that connects all of our lives. Some of the advantages of electronic data interchanges (EDI) has over the traditional methods of an order life cycle are obvious, but others not so much, we’re going to delve into the how we can help you leverage an EDI solution.