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Amazon Order Management System by Price Reporter

The first GSA-compatible Amazon inventory management software

Whether you sell on the commercial or federal market, Price Reporter OMS delivers effortless inventory management, smart aggregation of orders from multiple channels, one-click fulfillment, in-depth analytics, and precise accounting.

What is Price Reporter OMS

Price Reporter Order Management Software (OMS) is an advanced and easy-to-use, cloud based platform, designed to fully automate all stages of order management:

  • Amazon catalog management
  • Product availability automatic updates
  • Order importing and processing
  • Order fulfillment including EDI
  • Order status update and client notification
  • Fulfill by Amazon (FBA) support
  • Sales Reporting
  • Export of sales transactions and accounting information into QuickBooks.
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    Here is what Amazon Order Management Software can do for you

    Easily sell on commercial and federal market

    One platform, multiple channels. Price Reporter OMS consolidates orders from dozens of channels, be that Amazon and Walmart, or eBuy and GSA Advantage, and offers simple and convenient order management and processing from one place.

    Conveniently, Price Reporter OMS takes into account the specifics of each sales channel and adapts accordingly providing a smooth and uniform order processing experience. You simply log in to the centralized order management system and see all orders, manage inventory and review your product catalog across all selling platforms in the most intuitive and straightforward way.

    Automated order fulfillment

    We developed an Amazon order management system that greatly simplifies and automates order fulfillment at every stage. For every order the system selects the optimal vendor, the nearest dealer, and the most cost-efficient delivery method.

    Thanks to integrated EDI support and automated rules/presets, you can finally rule out tons of paper documents whilst enjoying the best prices, delivery fees, and prompt workflow. There are no such things as overstocks or stock-outs in the OMS: Amazon inventory management tool calculates precise estimations ensuring both your minimum storage expenses and maximum customer satisfaction.

    Prompt delivery. Always.

    Crucial on the commercial market and an absolute “must” on the federal market, on-time delivery is much easier for you to guarantee with Price Reporter OMS. Our Amazon order management system seamlessly integrates with major shipping companies such as UPS, USPS and FedEx.

    Deep integration means the system automatically fetches shipping prices and tracking information from logistic operators, and hence allows you to precisely schedule shipments to your federal, B2B or B2C clients, notify them about delivery terms and status of the shipments. Plus, Price Reporter OMS makes custom branding very easy. Printing labels and stickers with your brand is a matter of a few clicks now.

    Painless accounting

    Thanks to Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) our system can instantly synchronize data with third-party accounting systems including the most popular ones, such as Quickbooks. No need to double-type data into the accounting software if you already have them somewhere else.

    Price Reporter OMS makes it easy to avoid human mistakes and missing data. Whenever you enter an order, an invoice, a customer, a payment, a tax or any other information to our Amazon seller accounting software, it gets automatically in sync with your third-party accounting software in real-time.

    Optimize your business strategy thanks to analytics

    Analyze and filter sales channels to find the best ones. Run ABC-tests to discover the best-selling products and to optimize your inventory by getting rid of underperforming items. A vast number of metrics available in the Price Reporter OMS allow you to see both the global picture and its specific angles to come up with the best strategy to follow based on facts, not guesses.

    With our Amazon FBA inventory management software you can understand your overall performance and reveal bottlenecks. Find who your most devoted customers are, what products do they need, and how should you manage your inventory to ensure every client gets what it needs, even during seasonal rushes.

    Automate your business with Amazon, GSA Advantage and Walmart

    Perfectly integrated to multiple selling platforms, the cloud-based Amazon Order Management System by Price Reporter replaces your everyday manual operations with smart automation saving you hours and days while preparing the ground for future growth of sales and expanding your business.

    Request the quote now or watch the video to learn the basics of the QuickSales system.

    Streamlines order management for GSA contractors.

    Price Reporter OMS makes it easy to participate in multiple sales channels including GSA Advantage, FedMall, Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping, etc. The integration enables seamless catalog and order management for the channels directly from the system.


    Price Reporter OMS is electronically integrated with a number of major distributors across industries to streamline the order fulfillment process. Batch mode of purchase order processing allows fulfilling any number of orders by only one click. The system will make an instant decision on the best source for each product based on cost, availability and shipping fees. The OMS supports various methods of integration including EDI, XML web-services, and others that allow expanding the system with new features.


    Price Reporter OMS is integrated with major shipping companies such as UPS and FedEx. You can obtain shipping prices, schedule shipments, print labels, obtain tracking information and notify your client with status of the shipments.


    Price Reporter OMS provides data synchronization and integration with variety of 3rd party systems including QuickBooks. It means that you will not have to duplicate data entry. All the orders, invoices, payments and other information that was entered into the OMS will be automatically transferred into the 3rd party system.


    Price Reporter OMS provides reporting and business analysis to increase the efficiency of your business. The analytical module generates multiple reports to demonstrate the most successful sources of your business - trends, bestselling products, and most active clients, performance of your sales people and efficiency of your channels.

    Automate your Business with Amazon

    Learn how to streamline and automate all the phases of Amazon order management in your organization.

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      We have been using Price Reporter Order Management System for more almost 2 years now. It has served all order and customer data management needs. The support team is responsive and excellent about taking in feedback that will help improve the functioning of the tool. We highly recommend the system to anyone looking for a customer database.

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