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Price Reporter OMS is an advanced and easy-to-use cloud based platform, designed for GSA contractors to streamline the Order Management process.

Price Reporter OMS is integrated with GSA to import and process all types of GSA orders including:

  • GSA Advantage PO Portal Orders
  • GSA EDI Orders
  • Government Requisition and Global Supply EDI Orders

The system processes orders in full compliance with GSA. The complete order cycle includes:

  • Level 3 Credit Card Processing
  • Order fulfillment including EDI
  • Order status update and client notification
  • GSA 72A IFF Report, OS3 Usage Report, TDR
  • AbilityOne ETS Blocking and Substituting
  • Accounting data synchronization with QuickBooks
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    Unified GSA Order Management System

    Easily manage, process and track all types of GSA orders

    Enjoy effortless GSA orders processing and management, fully compliant with GSA requirements. Negate all downsides of the standard government acquisition tools. Integrate the straightforward and intuitive cloud based platform to every single unit of your business including marketing and accounting.

    What is Price Reporter OMS

    Price Reporter OMS is an advanced and easy-to-use cloud based platform designed for GSA contractors to streamline the order management process.

    Specifically, the system seamlessly integrates with GSA platform tools and offers:

    • GSA Advantage PO Portal Orders processing
    • GSA EDI Orders processing
    • Government Requisition and Global Supply EDI Orders processing
    • Level 3 credit card processing for minimum processing fees and strictly compliant reporting
    • Order fulfillment including EDI
    • Order status update and client notification
    • Thorough and streamlined reporting including GSA 72A IFF Report, OS3 Usage Report, TDR
    • AbilityOne ETS Blocking and Substituting
    • Accounting data synchronization with QuickBooks

    Here is what Price Reporter GSA OMS can do for you

    Manage GSA Advantage Orders

    Price Reporter OMS is one system to manage all your orders placed through GSA Advantage or eBuy. In addition to governmental acquisition platforms, the system can also handle Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping and more. It’s one simple system for multiple channels.

    Conveniently, Price Reporter GSA OMS is precisely tailored for your GSA contracting needs. It supports GSA Global Supply orders, provides EDI for simplified order fulfillment, and works with all required order types like GSA EDI order, Purchase Order or Level 3 credit card.

    Automate routine ordering tasks

    With Price Reporter your everyday order fulfillment becomes a breeze. The system automatically assesses each order and finds the best vendor, the nearest dealer, and the optimal delivery channel. With less time spent on routine order processing, you have more time to spend on what’s really important.

    The system makes it simpler to manage your inventory, prepare necessary documents for orders, fulfilling specific requirements to packaging or delivery which is typical for orders from federal agencies, and many more.

    Easily meet stringent requirements of GSA

    Even though GSA eBuy and GSA Advantage may not seem the most user-friendly tools in the world, you are required to use them to make sure your order processing meets the GSA requirements.

    With Price Reporter GSA order management system, you work with GSA orders just like with any commercial orders like Amazon, but still preserve all the standards and regulations of GSA. The system is simple, intuitive yet 100% GSA order compliant including compliance with government EDI.

    Easy accounting thanks to background synchronization

    Accounting data synchronization makes it easy to manage your financial and sales data in any third-party accounting software including the most popular ones like Quickbooks. Forget importing/exporting back and forth and painful synchronization of order data and sales figures between GSA Advantage and the accounting software.

    Price Reporter OMS blends with accounting to ensure reliable and accurate information without doubling or missing data, and hence saves you lots of time finding and fixing issues. (Which can be costly after all, when it comes to government contracts).

    Thorough reporting

    Our GSA order management system delivers simple yet efficient reporting and analysis stems already available as standard. All reporting you need – GSA 72A IFF Report, OS3 Usage Report, TDR – is already integrated into the system and is available in a click.

    Powerful analytics Price Reporter OMS provides as standard allows you to optimize your inventory, discover new opportunities, and plan future development of your business.

    Automate your GSA ordering procedures

    Whether you are new to GSA contracting or already hold a number of government contracts, Price Reporter GSA order management system can deliver a great deal of simplicity, transparency and straightforwardness to your business with federal agencies.

    Request the quote now or watch the video to learn the basics of the QuickSales system.

    Streamlines order management for GSA contractors.

    Price Reporter OMS makes it easy to participate in multiple sales channels including GSA Advantage, FedMall, Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping, etc. The integration enables seamless catalog and order management for the channels directly from the system.


    Price Reporter OMS is electronically integrated with a number of major distributors across industries to streamline the order fulfillment process. Batch mode of purchase order processing allows fulfilling any number of orders by only one click. The system will make an instant decision on the best source for each product based on cost, availability and shipping fees. The OMS supports various methods of integration including EDI, XML web-services, and others that allow expanding the system with new features.


    Price Reporter OMS is integrated with major shipping companies such as UPS and FedEx. You can obtain shipping prices, schedule shipments, print labels, obtain tracking information and notify your client with status of the shipments.


    Price Reporter OMS provides data synchronization and integration with variety of 3rd party systems including QuickBooks. It means that you will not have to duplicate data entry. All the orders, invoices, payments and other information that was entered into the OMS will be automatically transferred into the 3rd party system.


    Price Reporter OMS provides reporting and business analysis to increase the efficiency of your business. The analytical module generates multiple reports to demonstrate the most successful sources of your business - trends, bestselling products, and most active clients, performance of your sales people and efficiency of your channels.

    Automate your GSA Orders

    Learn how to streamline and automate all the phases of GSA order management in your organization.

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      We have been using Price Reporter Order Management System for more almost 2 years now. It has served all order and customer data management needs. The support team is responsive and excellent about taking in feedback that will help improve the functioning of the tool. We highly recommend the system to anyone looking for a customer database.

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      Frequently Asked Questions
      What is GSA Global Supply?

      The GSA Global Supply is a federal program administered by the GSA that allows federal agencies worldwide to replenish supplies quickly and easily. In essence, the GSA Global Supply is an online catalog of over 800,000 various items, including tools, office supplies, computer peripherals, furniture, cleaning products and so on. Among services offered via the GSA Global Supply are janitorial services, maintenance and repair services, and so on.

      Here are main advantages of the GSA Global Supply program.

      • A variety of purchase methods and ordering mechanisms allowing military and civilian customers to effortlessly order what they need.
      • Convenient online and printed catalogs for easy selection of supplies.
      • Guaranteed compliance with FAR
      • 24-hour website ordering

      Importantly, unlike GSA Schedules where federal agencies purchase directly from commercial suppliers, the GSA Global Supply is a government-to-government acquisition program. This means government customers always purchase from the GSA, not from the vendors directly. That is why GSA Global Supply is a primary acquisition source of supplies and repair services for federal agencies including DoD.

      How is GSA Global Supply referenced in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)?

      Federal Acquisition Regulation, specifically FAR 8.002 refers to the GSA Global Supply as “wholesale supply source”, and as one of mandatory government sources. The other ones being inventories of the agency, excess supplies from other agencies, Federal Prison Industries, supplies made by blind or severely disabled people.

      How do customers purchase from GSA Global Supply?

      In order to purchase goods, products, supplies or services within the GSA Global Supply catalog, federal agencies can use one of the following ordering methods:

      1. Phone or Fax orders.
      2. Order online via the GSA Global Supply online catalog or GSA Advantage catalog. Importantly, both websites are available for ordering 24/7.
      3. Use automated FEDSTRIP and MILSTRIP requisitioning systems. Both systems allow you to submit a requisition for supplies, check the status of orders, manage and cancel orders. All FEDSTRIP/MILSTRIP orders are directed to the GSA electronically via the Defense Automatic Addressing System (DAAS).

      Purchasing from GSA Global Supply does not require an agency to compare prices offered by various vendors, nor are agencies required to check offers for compliance. The acquisition via Global Supply is of government-to-government type, so compliance and best prices are already guaranteed.

      Does GSA Global Supply confirm customer orders?

      Sure, every order via GSA Global Supply is confirmed regardless of the ordering option chosen. For instance, if an agency ordered by fax, there will be a confirmation with a fax reply. Online orders via GSA Global Supply or GSA Advantage are confirmed with an “Order Confirmation” screen shown at the end of the ordering procedure.

      How do I resolve a problem with a GSA Global Supply order?

      If a government customer experiences a problem with GSA Global Supply, such as delayed shipping or problem with a product, he or she can use a specialized GSA resource, AskGSA, where users can report problems, ask questions, track delivery of the order, and so on.

      How are prices set for GSA Global Supply? Do they change?

      Prices are competitive and are subject to change. Nevertheless, GSA Global Supply synchronizes both online catalogs and printed catalogs to the maximum extent possible, trying its best to keep prices up to date. Online prices are updated every night. Customers pay the price that was in effect on the day they ordered a product. Unless explicitly stated, all prices include shipping costs.

      What is the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) and how does it relate to GSA Global Supply?

      The goal of the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) is to optimize spending of federal agencies by analyzing organization’s spending patterns, establishing ways to increase savings and reduce costs, and strategically sourcing across multiple agencies for additional savings.

      GSA Global Supply operation also incorporates strategic sourcing. Specifically, items in the catalog that are available through FSSI are marked with an “FSSI” icon. Since for many agencies purchasing FSSI supplies is mandatory, GSA Global Supply makes it easier to find such products.

      Why are some GSA Global Supply items identified with NSNs and others with part numbers?

      The National Stock Number (NSN) or the NATO Stock Number is a 13-digit alphanumeric code that identifies standard items and supplies recognized by federal agencies and all NATO countries. The first four digits of the code is the Federal Supply Class of the item. Then, there is a two-digit NCB that identifies the country of origin, and the remaining digits codify the item number.

      Overall, there are over 50,000 items identified with the NSN. However, the total amount of supplies and products in the GSA Global Supply catalog is much bigger, and many of these items are too impractical to standardize: some of them are short-lived, others simply have no good reason for standardizing. That is why the GSA uses commercial part numbers for the majority of items in the Global Supply catalog.

      The way an item is codified has no effect on the ordering process. Federal customers can either order NSNs or part-numbered items online, or by phone or fax. Also, there is a special identifier for MILSTRIP/FEDSRIP users, which pertains to domestic (AOB) or overseas (AO2) shipments.