Founded in 2006, Price Reporter is comprised of a team of experts with many years of experience, doing business with GSA.

Price Reporter's mission is to serve client's unique needs to effectively establish, grow and maximize their GSA business.

Price Reporter's experts utilize a full-range of custom marketing intelligence solutions, providing the insight needed to navigate today's complex Government marketplace.


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Our Services
GSA Contract Acquisition
Price Reporter has opened door to Government business by obtaining GSA contracts for hundreds of businesses.
GSA Contract Management
Price Reporter will keep you catalog updated and compliant. Using our proprietary market intelligence tools, we will ensure success, by keeping your GSA prices competitive and adding demanded by Government products.
GSA Order Management
Price Reporter Order Management System will automate Order Management process.
GSA Advantage Catalog Upload
Price Reporter’s GSA Catalog Upload Portal is an advanced and effective solution for uploading Government catalogs to GSA Advantage, using EDI technology.

What is a GSA contract?

The General Services Administration works behind the scenes of the U.S. Government, streamlining the administrative work that keeps the country running. One way they do this is through the GSA Multiple Award Schedule Program, which enables government agencies to procure top-quality products and services, at reasonable prices, from commercial businesses.

If your company is looking for a new venture and has prior experience selling to the U.S. Government, a GSA-related business could be the ideal path for you. 

Why get a GSA contract? 

A GSA MAS contract is the gateway into the federal market, and offers far-reaching benefits and opportunities for Schedule holders:
  • Exclusivity: The GSA MAS Program is a $45 billion government contract. Only a GSA Schedule contract provides you with access to this, and the average GSA Schedule holder wins around $2.3 million worth of business each year, through the program.
  • Longevity: GSA MAS contracts last for five years and can be extended thereafter for up to 20 years in total, guaranteeing you long-term, stable connection to federal buyers.
  • Variety: There is a government opportunity for every type of business; from IT and security to transportation and engineering. Check the GSA website to see the broad range of products and services that qualify.
  • Outreach: Contract holders can make use of GSA’s fantastic marketing opportunities; for example publishing their catalogue at online government marketplaces.
  • Streamlining: Prices, delivery, and other contract T&Cs are pre-negotiated. GSA manages contract administration, leaving you to focus on what’s important.
  • Advantage: You can enjoy a smaller pool of competition vs. the commercial market, maximizing your sales volume; the average small business earned $1m worth of GSA contract sales in the 2020 fiscal year!

How do I get a GSA contract?

Accessing these lucrative business opportunities is not without its challenges. Getting on the GSA ladder involves:
  • Checking if your company, products and services are GSA eligible and TAA compliant.
  • Preparing your proposal, product catalogue, company financials, marketing materials, and submitting the completed package for government review.
  • Negotiating your proposal with the GSA, which includes clarifications, resubmissions, price agreement, and final revisions. Marketing your company, managing pricing, and ensuring that you remain compliant post-award.
  • Marketing your company, managing pricing and ensuring that you remain compliant post-award.

Help getting a GSA contract with Price Reporter

Winning a lucrative GSA MAS contract is a complex and time-consuming process which does not end when your contract is awarded. However, you don’t have to traverse this territory on your own. You can save yourself the stress, time, and money, by seeking help from a GSA contract specialist like Price Reporter.

During our 15 years’ experience providing GSA contract help, we have successfully secured hundreds of Schedule contracts and processed over 1 million orders. We work with businesses every step of the way, from assessing whether you are the right fit for GSA, to crafting and negotiating a competitive proposal, to keeping you compliant, so that you can reap the benefits of government business for years to come.

Our comprehensive services include everything you need to win and maintain a GSA contract:
  • Evaluation of company credentials
  • Competitor assessment
  • Federal market intelligence
  • GSA negotiation
  • Contract management services
  • Pricing optimization
  • Catalogue support
  • Compliance services
  • Contract extensions

Contact us for a free consultation and get on the path to a GSA contract today!


Price Reporter recently helped us with our 3rd GSA contract, the 2nd they did with us. It was the fastest we've ever been through the process with GSA. Each step was easy because the ground work was done before we were asked to do anything. Our pricing verification phase went smooth and quickly and both our contracts were accepted without rejection, with minimal negotiations with contracting.

2George McCullough, Director of Sales and Business Development
darley logo

Price Reporter team has been efficient is managing our GSA contract catalogs for the past 5 years. They keep our catalogs well maintained and compliant, saving our resources and letting us focusing on making sales.

adorama logo

For the past 10 years, Price Reporter has been providing us with exceptional service for the maintaining of our GSA office supplies contract. They have updated our files on a very timely basis. They have provided modifications when required. For a number of years, they had been giving us a price algorithm where each of our items were priced more than our cost and a penny below the next competitor. A very unique position that gave us thousands of government orders - that was prior to the GSA FSSI BPA.

And for all the service given, their cost was far less than any other consulting firm that we had contacted or worked with over the years.

I would highly recommend their service to any small business that is either interested in getting into the federal government arena or who wants to have their contract maintained at a most highly professional level.

Thank you for supporting a VETERAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESS.

Bill Finch, Northeast Office Supply
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My company STEC-STEADFAST TECHNICS have worked with 2 IT companies before we linked up with PRICE REPORTER ,INC over 5 years ago. Ever since our relationship with the company, there is no reason to stop working with them.

The company is staffed with experienced and high Tech professionals who meet our needs adequately.

Olufadeji Amele (Owner)
stec logo

Since 2009, Price Reporter has provided Fisher Scientific timely competitive item level GSA pricing data allowing us to identify opportunities and threats. Their customer service focus is solid.

Tim Evans, Government Segment Marketing Manager
Fisher Scientific
Frequently Asked Questions
Should You Use a GSA Contract Specialist, Or Do It Yourself?

Here are additional considerations to review when deciding whether to go “In-House” or use a GSA Contract Specialist:

Time – Consider the revenue your company is missing out on by not using a GSA Contract expert and acquiring your contract as soon as possible. The sooner you acquire a GSA Contract, the sooner you are able to tap into the federal revenue stream.

The Delicate Nature of Pricelists – you or your “in-house employee” will not know how to properly analyze the multifaceted pricepoint strategy involved in acquiring your GSA Contract. Hitting the pricepoints that make you money, but keep you competitive in the federal market is a vital part of the process. Without the necessary experience and strategy applied in your price list preparation, you may lose thousands of dollars over the first few years of federal contracting. We make sure your GSA Contract pricing benefits your company, and will equip you for negotiations.

Liability – Attempting to submit your GSA Contract to the Federal Government while not understanding all of the legal aspects involved can be quite irresponsible and dangerous. Without consulting an experienced Contract Specialist, you effectively leave your company susceptible to some scary consequences. With the amount of legislation in place, and it’s constantly changing nature, you limit your risk and liability by hiring a GSA Contract specialist.

Contract Upkeep and Employee Turnover- Once your contract is acquired, it must be maintained. GSA Contract upkeep is best handled by an expert, as it is usually extremely frustrating and troublesome for a greenhorn. If your “in-house” contract is delegated to an employee, you must consider the employee’s normal job duties and the fact that the employee will most likely leave your company eventually.

Price Reporter  specializes in GSA Consulting Services ONLY. Whether you are looking to get a GSA Schedule Contract, or modify your existing one, we can help.


The GSA Schedule Program is a gateway into the federal market. The average GSA Contract holder wins around $2.3 million each year through the program. Here some are other advantages:

(1) Gain access to exclusive opportunities

(2) Market to Agency Buyers through the GSA

(3) Streamline the Acquisition process

(4) Enjoy a smaller pool of competition

(5) Validate your Company to Fed buyers

Why We help getting GSA contract?

Price Reporter is the full-service GSA Contract solution for small businesses. Our comprehensive, full-service approach is paired with an affordable price to offer the very best option to get your GSA Schedule.

Need help with a GSA Schedule?

Price Reporter has more than 12 years of experience empowering contractors with over 2,500 awards and over $20 billion in contract value. We help contractors by developing winning proposals and training their teams by fitting our processes to the needs of their contracts, their businesses, and their people.

How long do GSA contracts last?

The answer depends on who creates the proposal. Most businesses do not have personnel with the experience to successfully perform this process without significant error and delay. If you submit a proposal that does not meet the formatting or information requirements of the GSA, the GSA will ask that you rebuild the proposal and resubmit it. Under these circumstances, the process could take a year or more and cost a small business tens of thousands of dollars. If you hire a company such as Price Reporter to work this process, plan on about two months for proposal creation followed by around three months of GSA review, negotiation and other steps.