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"Price Reporter team has been efficient at managing our GSA contract catalogs for the past 5 years. They keep our catalogs well maintained and compliant, saving our resources and letting us focusing on making sales."

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"We have used Price Reporter for various services over the past 5 years and have been very happy with the services they have provided and continue to provide for us. They work hard to help you get the most from your GSA Schedule and are able to adapt and customize to what your particular needs are. I highly recommend their services to others with GSA Schedules as they help you maximize your sales"

Jaime Mautz - PacificInk

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"For the past 10 years, Price Reporter has been providing us with exceptional service for the maintaining of our GSA office supplies contract. They have updated our files on a very timely basis. They have provided modifications when required. For a number of years, they had been giving us a price algorithm where each of our items were priced more than our cost and a penny below the next competitor. A very unique position that gave us thousands of government orders - that was prior to the GSA FSSI BPA.
And for all the service given, their cost was far less than any other consulting firm that we had contacted or worked with over the years.
I would highly recommend their service to any small business that is either interested in getting into the federal government arena or who wants to have their contract maintained at a most highly professional level.
Thank you for supporting a VETERAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESS."

Bill Finch
Northeast Office Supply

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"My company STEC-STEADFAST TECHNICS have worked with 2 IT companies before we linked up with PRICE REPORTER ,INC over 5 years ago. Ever since our relationship with the company, there is no reason to stop working with them.
The company is staffed with experienced and high Tech professionals who meet our needs adequately."

Olufadeji Amele

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"Since 2009, Price Reporter has provided Fisher Scientific timely competitive item level GSA pricing data allowing us to identify opportunities and threats. Their customer service focus is solid."

Tim Evans
Government Segment Marketing Manager, NA
Fisher Scientific

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"I just wanted to express my gratitude and sincere thanks to the Price Reporter team that helped us all the way in the FSS renewal process and the different MODs, also the competition reports are coming in very handy, Thank You Jerry, Thank You Igor and thank you Sergei"

Izzy Friedlander
FCI Tech

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"The B. David Company enlisted the services of Price Reporter, Inc. to setup our DOD EMALL account. We are a second generation family owned company and were uncertain what would be required to complete this task. I fully recommend Price Reporter, Inc. to any company that is looking for assistance with their Government business endeavors. They were and have continued to be extremely helpful. We will continue to rely on Price Reporter, Inc. for future projects."

Steven Ribnick
Sales & Operations Analyst
B. David Company, Inc.

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"Without Price Reporter contacting me at the right time, GSA would probably cancel my contract already. The CO said that she contacted us back in November of 2016, but got no response. Then Price Reporter called me and helped me with all the things needed and I followed his advise. That's how we found out that our contract will be terminated soon, but had enough time to take the corrective action. The CO called us recently and it looks like they will extend our contract life. Thanks so much for your timely follow up - Price Reporter gave our Government sales a new hope!"

Jennifer Truong
SF Cable, Inc.

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"Price Reporter recently helped us with our 3rd GSA contract, the 2nd they did with us. It was the fastest we've ever been through the process with GSA. Each step was easy because the ground work was done before we were asked to do anything. Our pricing verification phase went smooth and quickly and both our contracts were accepted without rejection, with minimal negotiations with contracting."

George McCullough
Director of Sales and Business Development
Defense Division

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"Price Reporter are helping make my life much easier and helping me feel so much better about our GSA contract. Thanks!!!"

Kristen Briggs
General Mailing & Shipping Systems, Inc.

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"We first learned about the DOD EMALL a couple years ago from Price Reporter. We decided to move forward on it in 2016. I would recommend them based on the following items:

  • They split the payment. Half upfront and the other half is only charged should DOD EMALL contract be awarded to you.
  • Adding Price Reporter, specifically Andrey Karpov and Igor London, as agents on our GSA schedule streamlined the process. They were able to communicate with our GSA Contracting Officer to ensure that we received what we needed for DOD EMALL from GSA. This saved time on my end and sped up the process.
  • They provide a list of everything you need. Andrey and the rest of his team are meticulous and understand the process on how to get a DOD EMALL contract and thus we benefited from their expertise.
These are a few of the reasons why I would recommend Price Reporter, Inc. Thank you!"

Karl Prince
Finance Director
AES Systems, Inc.

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"We are extremely grateful for all your help in guiding us through the whole process, as this was all new to us. Without the help of you and the rest of the team at Price Reporter, it would have been impossible to achieve our approval – or at the very least – it would have taken a very long time. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Price Reporter, Inc. to anyone needing assistance in government contracts. Your knowledge and assistance was invaluable and very much appreciated, and we look forward to a continued excellent relationship."

Lee Middleton
Point Two Air Vests USA, LLC

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"We looked around for a reputable company to help us acquire a GSA contract for Muzeek World Intl., Inc. After looking around we were unsuccessful in finding a good company. By chance, one of our colleagues recommended Price Reporter, Inc., so we called them up. I highly recommend Price Reporter to anyone looking for help in acquiring a GSA contract or any Government business dealings. They have the expertise and the know-how to get the work completed."

Arash Sardarizadeh
Chief Operating Officer
Muzeek World Intl., Inc.


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  • The level of service and professionalism at Price Reporters is excellent. The Price Reporters team helped me successfully navigate the application process for a GSA Multiple Award – Schedule 70 contract. Kudos to Kate Orlova for her knowledge, patience, and dedication to the task. Kate was very accessible and always quick to return a phone call and to explain the process. This is important to anyone working through the GSA application process. I give them a 5-star rating because there is no provision for six stars and I highly recommend Price Reporters.

  • Price reporter was excellent, always kept me informed of their progress,
    and I would use them again and again .
    Highly recommended
    American speed reading corporation

  • Price Reporter has helped our company with GSA Advantage and FedMall, which has been convenient and good for business. They have helped make part of the process easy for us.

  • great customer service with Lara! She is so quick to take care of things for us and I am so happy to work with her.

  • Great Company Able to Assist Very Good and Very Professional

  • Sergey and his team are wonderful to work with.

  • We are using Price Reporter for quite some time, they are always on to help, and very helpful, and knowledgeable, offering good and personal service, and help whenever needed.

  • Helped us get a GSA contract in less time and for less money than their competitors.

  • To the point and very informative meeting. Lets go Sergey!

  • Terrific knowledge and experience. We really enjoyed working with Alexander and Sergey!

  • Quick and high level service. Very knowledgable with many years of experience.
    Thank you for all the great work!

  • Excellent company, good communication and they get results!

  • I wish I contacted them a long time ago. They are experts in their fields.

  • Thank you for helping us grow our Federal Business !

  • Great company, very helpful and very knowledgeable.

  • Great company and people!

  • very attending, great service, recommended.

  • Price Reporter’s EDI upload system offers a great alternative to the cumbersome SIP process for updating GSA price catalogs. Their staff are well versed in the GSA catalog update process. They helped me navigate several iterations of uploads in order to address and get approval on GSA review comments. Special kudos to Gerard and Max R for their expertise in getting the job done! All at a very reasonable price!

  • I just spent an hour with Price Reporter this morning to prepare for an upcoming GSA assessment and have learned more about my GSA contract than I have since I’ve had it for 3 years. Price Reporter personnel are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and professional. They provide timely responses and updates on the status of all projects they are working on for you. I highly recommend them if you are interested in working with the GSA.

  • Price Reporter provides excellent service and is very good at taking the complex GSA process and breaking it down into an understandable manner. I have used him in the past and recommend him without.

  • Knowledge of the ins and outs of the GSA and managing GSA schedules have been very helpful to us. We highly recommend Price Reporter!

  • Our company held a government contract, and we needed to renew it. There were specific circumstances that posed very strict time limitations on the renewal, so we asked Price Reporter GSA Schedule experts to help. Despite the deadline, Price Reporter did the job flawlessly. 100% in-time delivery, impressive expertise, and an absolutely dedicated approach. We would have failed to renew our contract without Price Reporter, for sure. Thank you!

  • First of all, we would like to thank all Price Reporter experts who were working with us. That was diligent and professional work! It was not about just helping us to get our GSA Contract, which they surely did; Price Reporter specialists never stopped answering our questions and clarifying all the terms and clauses of GSA contracting. This certainly played a major role in better understanding of the federal market, which is very different from what we got at other agencies.

  • Price Reporter stands in stark difference to some other GSA specialists I attempted to work with earlier. Superior customer service I received allowed me to effortlessly register and get my first contract, even though I was completely unfamiliar with all the underlying processes of MAS contracting. They kept patiently explaining me the same things over and over, answering my calls and emails, while remaining polite, 100% supportive, and absolutely professional. I can’t help recommending these guys to everyone looking for GSA contracts.

  • Thank you very much for your prompt assistance in registering my business and helping me to process orders from agencies. Your system is truly a breeze – friendly, intuitive and efficient. It took very little time to process my first orders, and the registration too took much less time than if I did it myself. Can’t imagine me reading through all the fine prints of federal acquisition regulations and figuring them out. Thank you, Price Reporter, you saved me months of life.

  • When I first saw Price Reporter’s list of clients, I certainly was impressed, but wasn’t convinced. Now, as Price Report has finished registering our business in the System for Award Management, I can say I am glad to be one of their clients. Registration has gone smoothly and effortlessly, and now I cannot wait for my SAM registration to finish. I definitely recommend their services and will undoubtedly use their services further. Price Reporter makes everything the government designed to be hard very simple and straightforward. That’s a relief that I was able to find them. Two thumbs up!

  • Great company, very helpful and very knowledgeable.

  • Great customer service with Lara! She is so quick to take care of things for us and I am so happy to work with her.

  • We are using Price Reporter for quite some time, they are always on to help, and very helpful, and knowledgeable, offering good and personal service, and help whenever needed.

  • I just want to share my experience with the company Price Reporter. They are very professional and experienced in meeting government requirements in modifications, contracting , consulting , communication skill, SIP files and other services. They will design to your specific needs and do a good job. I would recommend this company. We have been working with them for over 6 years.

  • I used Price Reporter, Inc. to renew my GSA Contract within a very strict timeframe! They were excellent in their aid with producing, reviewing, and uploading all documents to make the contract renewal happen! I would recommend them, and plan on using them with any modifications to my contract. J. Smith – Dan Kain trophies, Inc.

  • I’d like to commend Igor and his team for quickly engineering a fix to comply with unforeseen GSA portal security changes. PriceReporters’ prompt attention and hard work over the weekend helped mitigate what would have been a big delay this week in order processing for us. As it turned out, there was barely a hiccup. Thanks!

  • Price Reporter has been an invaluable tool for our company. Sergey and Alex are amazing! They are professional, accurate and extremely responsive to their customers’ needs. I highly recommend utilizing their services and tools to maximize company sales potential. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to do business with an incredible team

  • Glad to finally meet you all in person, thank you for all your work with my GSA contact.

  • Sergey and the rest of the Price Reporter team are excellent and extremely knowledgeable. They were able to get us on a GSA contract and currently in working with them to grow our sales within the Federal government space. Thank you guys for all that you do and we look forward to growing together. Highly recommend them!

  • Professional, skilled, honorable and extremely knowledgeable in federal contracting. We have spent thousands on other companies and consultants that just could not deliver. Price Reporter currently manages our MAS75 and our past OS3 and just recently submitting our OS4 contract application SEAMLESSLY. If you are a federal contractor, Price Reporter is your Solution. Price Reporter is the key to confidently procuring and managing your federal contracts. HIGLY RECOMMEND.

  • We were just awarded a GSA OS4 contract completely due to the work of Price Reporter. It took over a year. During this time, Price Reporter methodically guided us through the huge amount of questions that the GSA required of us. And during the final offer phase, it was Sergey who did the negotiations with the GSA. To understand the magnitude of this award, you have to understand it is for a 5 year term, with 3 additional extensions of 5 years each- for a total of 20 years. To say this is an exceptional opportunity for Northeast Office Supply, a company located in the Allegany mountains of New York, a Veteran Owned Small Business, in a town of 600 people, is an understatement. We have worked with Price Reporter for over 15 years. Hopefully they will be with us for the next 20 years.

  • Awesome software and people to work with. Would highly recommend!

  • Terrific knowledge and experience. We really enjoyed working with Alexander and Sergey!

  • I have been working with Sergey and for many many years now, a true gentleman, hard to find someone these days who takes pride in his/her work. I also have worked with couple of other people in this organization as well and looks like good managagent always filters down, they are just as knowledgeable and courtious as he is Working with Gov. can be very frustrating but they take care of things with you and bail you out when you really need them I highly recommend this company

  • Top notch company, excellent service!

  • 5 Stars !!

  • Our company have been working with members of the Price Reporter team to maintain and update our GSA schedule for many years. We are very satisfied with the services, help, and support we receive from them. Their responses are very timely, prompt, and accurate. We highly recommend Price Reporter to other companies that may need help on their GSA Contract.

  • Quick and high level service. Very knowledgable with many years of experience. Thank you for all the great work!

  • Sergey and Alexander from Price Reporter have not only helped me get my GSA contract but have been very supportive mentors. They both have been there when I needed them which I appreciate very much.
    Sincerely Dr. LeRoy Perry

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