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GSA Contract modification is a process of changing pricing, extending your product list, changing administrative information, like the name of the company or website address, or adjusting business size if it has changed since the beginning of the contract. Adding new SINs to your contract or maintaining compliance of products and services also requires following the GSA contract modification procedure.

GSA Contract Modification Process & Support

Price Reporter offers GSA Contract Modification support to help you make the necessary updates to your existing GSA Schedule contract with virtually no effort, and in the shortest possible time spans. With minimum involvement from you, we will streamline the entire contract modification process and make sure the GSA approves your modification request. Here is how we do this:

Initial assessment and goal setting

Our cooperation starts with reviewing your company, your GSA contract, and modifications you would like to make to it. We would discuss what exact changes you need to make and why, examine the necessary documents and requirements, and explain every single detail of the process to you and your staff.

Development of modification

At Price Reporter, we have a team of experts who will thoroughly analyze your solicitation documents and develop the most optimal way to make modifications to your GSA contract. We also help you prepare the necessary documentation for modifications, making sure everything the GSA requires is included in the mod. Whether you need to extend your SIN range, merge two contracts together, submit a new pricelist, or simply arrange an Economic Price Adjustment, Price Reporter is here at your disposal.

Post eMod submission support

After you prepare and submit the mod via the eMod system, we continue tracking your GSA contract modification and assist you in your cooperation with the assigned GSA Contracting Officer, for faster and effortless approval. You’ll learn exactly what every official request from the CO means, and how to correctly respond to it, in order to expedite approval. With Price Reporter you can rest assured that your modification procedure will run as you expect and without issues.

Frequently Asked Questions
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    GSA Contract Modification Types

    There are a number of typical situations when you are required to submit a modification to your GSA contract. The main contract modifications are:

    1. Administrative revisions

    Whenever your company goes through some kind of organizational changes, you are required to submit an administrative modification. Common causes are:
    • Changes in postal address or email address
    • Company name change
    • Industrial Funding Fee change
    • Fax change
    • Points of Contact for dealers, manufacturers, agents change

    2. New product or services addition

    A real-world company rarely sticks to the same products and/or services for years. If you need to add a new commercially available model of your product, or include a new SIN to your contract,  this type of GSA contract modification would be warranted.

    3. Deletion of products

    Products eventually get outdated, discontinued or simply give way for newer products. To remove outdated products that you do not offer on the commercial market anymore from your GSA Schedule contract, you need to submit a deletion modification.

    4. Price reductions

    You are required to submit a price reduction modification if your commercial prices have decreased. Therefore, your GSA prices must also be reduced accordingly. The Economic Price Adjustment Clause I-FSS-969 requires GSA contractors to offer their best possible prices to the GSA.

    5. Economic Price Adjustment

    Contractors can legitimately increase prices at which they sell their products and services to the GSA. This is called Economic Price Adjustment. The common reason for this modification is when GSA prices no longer adequately reflect your prices on the commercial market. Surely, the modification submission must include enough evidence for such an adjustment.

    6. Technical changes

    This type of modification governs changes in a product’s part number, description, and changes in description of services. Note that submitting a technical change mod is required even if you just need to fix a typo in the description of a product.

    7. Terms and conditions modification

    This is to reflect changes in ways your business interacts with the GSA, within scope of the GSA contract. For instance, you may decide to participate in Cooperative Purchasing or Disaster Purchasing, or be compelled to adjust your subcontracting conditions.

    8. Company name change

    If your company changes its name, or structure, for instance, by merging with another company, you should submit a Contract Novation modification. Our lawyers will guide you through all the obstacles and pitfalls of novation while keeping your GSA Schedule contract active.

    9. Mass modification

    MassMod is a government-initiated mass modification of Schedule to reflect some global changes in the way the government deals with GSA contracts. One of the latest examples of Mass Modification is the recent GSA MAS Consolidation in 2020.

    10. Cancellation

    Premature cancellation of a GSA contract also requires submitting a corresponding GSA Contract Modification, called Cancellation Mod.

    GSA Modification Services

    With over 12 years of experience in GSA Schedule contracts, Price Reporter can deal with any kind of task related to GSA Contracting, including GSA contract modification. Our experience goes beyond theoretical comprehension of Federal Acquisition Regulations and GSA terms and conditions. We know the ins and outs of the GSA contracting in practice. Hence, we have a vast experience in communicating with GSA specialists, that we would be glad to share with you. And our practical skills and knowledge ensure quick and effortless accomplishment of the GSA contract modification process, with regard to your specific geography, socio-economic status, budget, as well as conditions and limitations.

    GSA Modification Particular Challenges

    While submitting GSA contract modifications can in theory be done without third-party assistance, practice shows that businesses struggle to do this on their own, due to a number of challenges, such as:
    • Each type of modification has its own schedule you should take into account when submitting the mod. Also, individual contracting officers often have varying approaches to how vendors should work with modifications.
    • Submitting GSA contract modification requires a digital certificate. Also, all submissions must be made through the eMod system which has its own peculiarities.
    • Modifying a contract is different from submitting your proposal for the first time. Even if you had experience in obtaining a GSA Schedule in the past, modifying your contract is another story.
    • Without deep understanding of the GSA inner processes, modifications can take a lot longer than they should vs. when done with assistance of Price Reporter specialists. Our experience will save you a lot of hours and save you the frustration.

    GSA Modifications Methodology

    100% of modifications submitted by Price Reporter were accepted with or without further clarifications by a Contracting Officer. Such results wouldn’t be possible without our thorough insight into ways the GSA reviews and accepts modifications.

    The methodology we use to deliver GSA Contract modifications are as follows:
    • We isolate requirements the GSA has for the specific type of modification you have, and give a well-thought-out expertise on how to prepare the necessary documents.
    • We make sure the modification complies with the GSA rules regulations and, and submit the modification through the eMod system.
    • Thanks to our regular work with many Contracting Officers, we can deliver a friendly and non-intrusive follow-up during the processing of your modification.
    • We also help you negotiate prices in case of new products or services, or when a Price Reduction is submitted.

    Founded in 2006, Price Reporter is comprised of a team of experts with many years of experience, doing business with GSA.

    Price Reporter's mission is to serve client's unique needs to effectively establish, grow and maximize their GSA business.

    Price Reporter's experts utilize a full-range of custom marketing intelligence solutions, providing the insight needed to navigate today's complex Government marketplace.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
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      Price Reporter recently helped us with our 3rd GSA contract, the 2nd they did with us. It was the fastest we've ever been through the process with GSA. Each step was easy because the ground work was done before we were asked to do anything. Our pricing verification phase went smooth and quickly and both our contracts were accepted without rejection, with minimal negotiations with contracting.

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      Frequently Asked Questions
      How Do I Renegotiate Prices on My Contract?

      You do this by composing and submitting an Economic Price Adjustment modification. You can only do this if you previously increased your commercial prices. If your commercial pricelist has changed and prices increased, you may submit an EPA request. However, you must still keep the increased prices fair and reasonable, and if the GSA decides that they are not, they may negotiate for better prices or deny your EPA request as a whole.

      How Do I Add or Delete Items on My Contract?

      A mod request allows you to add or delete items to your GSA contract as well as to add new models, products, services or SINs to your contract. New products and services must be within the scope of your current SIN, and prices for new products must be fair and reasonable. Every new product is put under scrutiny just like during the initial GSA Schedule application process. This includes but is not limited to checking for TAA compliance, requesting a Letter of Supply, product technical information, Commercial Sales Practices, commercial price list and a number of obligatory statements.

      How to Keep My GSA Contract Up-to-date?

      Updating a GSA Contract is a vital part of your cooperation with the government. Failure to update your GSA contract in time may lead to penalties, or even cancellation of your contract. At the same time, adding or deleting products or services, managing pricelists, updating your GSA Advantage catalog and submitting other modifications requires sheer understanding of Federal Acquisition Regulations, and accurate interpretation of GSA requirements.

      Price Reporter lends a hand to you when you need to submit modifications to your GSA contract. We help you prepare all necessary documents, submit the mod within the eMod system, assist you in communicating with the assigned Contracting Officer, and make sure the modification is successful. Overall, this allows you to keep your GSA contract up-to-date while saving time for your primary business needs.