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What is a government BPA?

Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) is a supplemental contract to an existing GSA contract, designed to simplify the method of filling anticipated repetitive government procurement of supplies or services. Having a BPA contract helps contractors increase their revenue stream and become preferred vendors, with one or more government agencies.

What is BPA contract?

BPA contract is a GSA Schedule contract that implies simplified BPA procurement.

Specifically, several BPA advantages are:

  • Faster procurement with quicker turnaround thanks to streamlined purchase mechanisms
  • Low or no minimum orders with the minimum threshold of $25 and no processing fee
  • Federal buyers can use the GSA SmartPay card to purchase items quickly

For a vendor, though, the main advantage of Blanket Purchase Agreements is that the holder of GSA FSSI BPA contract goes straight to the “shortlist” of federal agencies. This means that you (if you are a BPA contractor) will be a preferred source of purchase. And there are other benefits too.

BPA contractors benefits:

  • Last year, BPA contracts produced a total of $400 million ~ in sales
  • BPA contract can either be for one or for many products, that are usually discounted from regular contract price
  • The product proposed for BPA must be on bidding vendor’s GSA contract
  • Government promises to buy large quantities, at locked prices, for a number of years (1, 4 or 5), with options to renew
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BPA price

BPA contracts are hard to find and even harder to win for many reasons. For example, an item may not be on contract, no one is watching eBuy or FBO, the price is not competitive, etc. That is why being a BPA contractor can be extremely profitable for business; of course, as long as you can secure a BPA Contract.

Knowing about the BPA opportunity is only the beginning, and once you decide to bid, you will need to prepare a complete offer proposal. The ability to prepare a complete, clean and competitive offer will put you at an advantage of getting an award. Price Reporter’s expertise and knowledge will help you increase your chances of getting BPA contracts and end up with your brand new GSA Blanket Purchase Agreement established.

What is FSSI by GSA

Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) is a special type of BPA contract which offers an extraordinary opportunity for GSA Contract suppliers.

FSSI is a massive opportunity for GSA suppliers in specific industries to become “Priority Vendors” for all Government Agencies.

Governmentwide schedule BPAs

Currently, GSA offers FSSI governmentwide BPA for companies in the following industries:

  • Office supplies (OS4)
  • Janitorial and Sanitation supplies (JanSan)
  • Building Maintenance and Operations (BMO)
  • Wireless
  • Domestic Delivery Service
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO)


What does FSSI do for your company? Essentially, it makes suppliers in specific schedules “first call” mandatory vendors for the top buying agencies of the United States Government. For example, in 2018, 15 FSSI OS3 contractors sold over $70 million combined. Imagine how being a preferred FSSI BPA vendor would change your business?

As rewarding as the FSSI can be, navigating the process that is necessary to become an FSSI Contract holder is daunting. First there is the pre-qualification, then offer preparation, submission negotiation and award. Vendors must also make sure that the offer is complete, and compliant. Price Reporter has been successful with FSSI awards and management over the years, and we can help your company as well.

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