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Streamlining Contract Management: A Look at GSA’s Recent Changes

In a world where efficiency is king, the General Services Administration (GSA) has taken a significant step forward. On June 29th, 2023, Erv Koehler, the Assistant Commissioner of the GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service, announced a series of changes aimed at making the process of contract management more efficient and more aligned with real-world situations.

How to Bid on Government Military Contracts

The U.S. military spending has been growing since 2015. The requested military budget for FY 2022 exceeded $715 billion (compared to $705 billion of FY 2021), and for FY 2023 an even higher budget has been requested; up to $773 billion. Surely, this opens up a lot of opportunities for small businesses that are in pursuit of government manufacturing contracts. In this guide, we will explain how government contracts work, where to look for military tenders, and how to bid on the Department of Defense and U.S. Army contracts.

How to Prepare Your GSA Schedule Proposal: The Pricing Section

Becoming a General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule holder can offer incredible opportunities for your business, such as  long-term government customers, access to exclusive marketplaces, unique marketing solutions and more. The U.S. Government only wants to work with the best qualified businesses, so winning a GSA Schedule contract is no easy task; you must write a competitive GSA Schedule Proposal and stand out from the crowd. 

What is GSA Market Intelligence and How to Benefit From It

GSA Market Research; what the government buys and how to aim for success

The federal buyers are out to procure a huge variety of products and services. The government ‘s needs are basically the same as those of the buyers in the commercial sector; in other words, anything that is purchased by companies or individuals for their abundant needs, gets offered and sold through the GSA marketplace, as well. Be it food catering, personal fitness training, logistics and trucking, IT and finance, construction and engineering, restaurant or office supply, furniture and building maintenance, and endless other fields; the federal agencies need it all…

Integrating Price Reporter with Intuit’s QuickBooks Online

Price Reporter is proud to announce that we have successfully completed integration with Intuit’s QuickBooks Online. This integration connects QuickBooks users to GSA Advantage and to DOD FedMall while automating the order management process for GSA and VA contract holders.

How Can a Small Business Benefit from a GSA Schedule

Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) are a working way to turn your now small business to something bigger. By carefully considering and using GSA Schedule opportunities, you as a business owner can greatly increase your profits, outcome competition, and create a stable foundation for further growth of your business. In this article we discuss how a small business can become a GSA Schedule contractor and get the most from it.

How is selling to the government different from selling commercially?

2020 proved to be a difficult, disruptive, and unstable year for business. But selling to the U.S. Government via the GSA Multiple Award Schedule, one of the largest purchasing programs in the world, provides a reliable source of business for GSA Schedule contractors as well as a great number of other advantages which we have outlined in this article.