Sip vs EDI Catalog Upload: Guide 2022

Uploading your Catalog to GSA Advantage

Uploading your Catalog to GSA Advantage

Whether looking to upload a TXT file or a full catalog with sale prices and images, using SIP can be tedious.

Lets look at Price Reporter’s EDI GSA Catalog Upload Portal and how it can benefit you.

Check if you Qualify to be a GSA Contractor

We all start from your catalog. The data there needs to be up-to-date and accurate as well as following the guidelines set out by the GSA like TAA, using the correct “Units of Measurement” or making sure that the manufacturers part number is less than 40 characters, etc. 

It soon starts to become a bit of a mountain to climb when you also factor in that GSA requires EDI method of upload when your catalog hits 200,000+ items as SIP can’t handle more than 200,000 items. 

So here are some options:

  1. Develop your own EDI integration solution to connect to the GSA EDI portal, meeting GSA EDI requirements for compliance (there are a lot of them). Work out how to upload 1000’s of images (and what if you have hyperlinks?). Work out how to upload options and accessories for some of you items.
  2. Go to a developer that specialises in EDI technology and ask them to develop a system for you with all constraints listed above and be ready to pay a small fortune.
  3. Or come to Price Reporter that has already invested the time and effort into producing an EDI solution that far exceeds SIP and any other 3rd party GSA EDI solutions, built especially for GSA contractors.

Price Reporter’s GSA Catalog Upload Portal

From the onset, Price Reporter gives you the tools to error check your catalog by giving you a template that checks as you input. See below:

  • PriceReporter error notifying template:
[speed output image]
  • When you upload your catalog to our cloud based platform, our servers will validate the data once again to confirm that nothing has slipped through the net.
  • In some cases we can help you fix the errors.

Sip vs EDI Catalog Upload

  • And if there is a need for human intervention, then you can export the file with a column included, dedicated to advise you of the error on that particular row, filter out the blanks, and you have a complete list of line items that contain errors. Work smarter, not harder!
[optimize output image]
  • Once you’re happy with the upload and you have imported all the images (zipped or hyperlink) you are ready to send to the GSA.
    • Click on the “Send to GSA” button 
    • That’s it!
  • The upload will be waiting for your CO to approve in the morning.

How about if you want to reference a mod you did a year ago through Price Reporter’s platform?

  • No problem, you can search through your historical uploads and pick you the one you want for the date you want.

Having an issue with a particular upload?

  • We won’t leave you in the lurch, with over 16 years of experience working with the GSA and our reputation for going that extra mile, we get things done.
  • We have also worked extensively with the GSA Vendor Support Center for EDI uploads so we know what type of info they want and when to push for answers.

What about if I don’t have any product and I just offer services?

  • Price Reporter’s EDI Catalog platform performs TXT only uploads too! 
  • It’s as simple as this:
    • Setup your account with all the correct company and contract details.
    • Enter you SIP password.
    • Upload your TXT file.
    • Send it off to the GSA.
    • Done!

Other features we offer are:

  • Verification that catalog has been updated into GSA Advantage. We randomly choose a selection of products and check the prices and report back through the portal whether it’s been published or not.
  • Multiple contract managed out of a single login, even if they pertain to a different company under your control.
  • Multiple user logins.
  • Event logs with time and date stamps
  • You can add a note for the modification you’re performing as a reminder or a point in reference.
  • Perform any type of modification:
    • Full catalogs.
    • Replacement catalogs.
    • Temporary prices mod.
    • Change mod.
    • Deletions mod.
  • We also offer full training on the platform along with a video of the training for your future reference.


So what would you prefer? 

SIP, with it’s outdated, cumbersome and particular interface, where it can take many hours to upload your catalog with virtually no feedback as to what the issue may be, or work more efficiently with Price Reporters EDI Catalog Upload cloud based platform with all the added benefits and none of the time wasting. 

Think of the hours, money in overheads and stress your company can save over the course of your 20 year contract!

Contact me by email, LinkedIn or by phone and arrange a demo and claim your 1 month free trial.

Gerard Queralto

Price Reporter Inc.

1-(551) 233-6200 Office Direct Line

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