Questions about Price Reporter

Questions about Price Reporter

How does Price Reporter collect the information required for a GSA proposal?

Typically, we hold one or two meetings in person to understand your goals, needs, and to present you with options. The rest of communication can be virtual, in the form of conference calls or e-mail messages. Once we prepare an offer for submission, we hold another meeting with you, so you can acknowledge the final document package, and make some last minute changes, if necessary. Then we submit your proposal to the GSA.

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What kind of experience does Price Reporter have with the GSA?

Overall, Price Reporter has more than 12 years of experience in submitting and maintaining GSA offers. We have a deep understanding of inner GSA processes and the FAR, and have often established firm professional relationship with many GSA procurement officers. Our experience covers a plethora of products and services. We always research the industry you are in, and perform a thorough competitive analysis to compose the best GSA offer, based on the current state of the market. Everything from price and technical proposals, to pricing negotiations, is tailored to the main goal of your company, and is argued as firmly as required to maximize chances of acquiring a GSA contract.

How does Price Reporter optimize presentation of a GSA offer?

When we prepare an offer, we follow the Federal Acquisition Regulations and the GSA’s guidelines strictly. Our specialists keep a finger on the pulse of procurement processes, and instantly adopt to newly introduced practices, rules, and documentation requirements that the GSA introduces. We also optimize the offer by taking into account the specifics of a product, type of industry, competition, demand, and many other factors to ensure the most spot on proposal.

Can Price Reporter track individual GSA orders?

Not only does our unique Project Management System allow us to quickly make changes to the GSA offer when necessary, but it also integrates to GSA platforms and tracks GSA Advantage orders, GSA EDI orders, provides thorough reporting, and automation.

Does Price Reporter keep client’s corporate information confidential?

Absolutely! We keep your personal and corporate data on a secure server, and sign an NDA to guarantee the topmost confidence and safety of your information.

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