Why should my company get a Schedule?

A GSA Schedule is one of contracting vehicles the government uses for federal acquisitions. The goal of GSA Schedules is to simplify the procurement process by allowing federal, state, and local agencies to purchase goods and services they need directly, via GSA contracts the government signs with vendors.

Check if you Qualify to be a GSA Contractor

GSA Schedules are one of the simplest and most available ways to sell to the government. And the government is a really “fat” client, so good money can be earned, if you manage to win a Schedule. Acquiring a GSA contract has a number of advantages:

  • The GSA Schedule Program is the only way for many federal agencies to purchase what they need. For others, a GSA contract is simply a way to cut down costs, so with everything being equal they will prefer  vendors with a GSA contract.
  • Once your pricelist is negotiated and approved, your prices are considered from that point forward to be “fair and reasonable”, by all federal buyers. This means no further price negotiations past GSA Schedule award, and faster contract signing.
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations require a certain level of competitiveness for acquisitions. This means that if you were awarded a GSA Schedule, you are automatically considered a winner in this competition, in the eyes of federal agencies. And this speeds up further awards.
  • Being a GSA approved vendor is a badge you really want to display to your commercial clients as well.
  • You can partner with established federal contractors to win even more contracts.
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