How To Get On GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS)

Get On GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS)

GSA MAS Schedules are a $45 billion government contract issued to thousands of approved vendors that enables them to supply products and services to the U.S. Government. The GSA Professional Services Schedule (formerly GSA 00CORP) is one of the twelve Large Categories under the GSA Multiple Award Schedule Program, covering every kind of service the government could possibly need. In this article, we will explore what opportunities are available under the GSA PSS category, why you should consider getting a GSA PSS Contract, and how you can successfully apply for one.

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Why Get A GSA PSS Schedule Contract?

GSA PSS is the second most lucrative Schedule. In FY 2021, companies with a GSA PSS Contract had generated nearly $11 billion in sales, averaging out at $2 million each. Other benefits of being a GSA PSS Schedule Contractor include long-term business relationships in the federal market (GSA Schedules can last for up to 20 years), and access to exclusive government marketing and advertising tools like GSA eBuy and GSA Advantage!

Who can buy from the GSA Professional Services Schedule?

For the most part, the GSA Professional Services category is a procurement vehicle for federal buyers. The GSA PSS Schedule simplifies the procurement process so that federal agencies and vendors can conduct business with as little red tape as possible, thereby saving time and money for both parties. In certain circumstances, the Disaster Recovery Program also allows state, municipal and local government agencies to source services through the Schedule. 

GSA PSS Categories (SINs)

GSA’s PSS Schedule was consolidated several years ago from the eight legacy Schedules:

  1. GSA 00CORP – Consolidated Schedule
  2. GSA Schedule 541 – Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions  
  3. GSA Schedule 871 – Engineering Services  
  4. GSA Schedule 899 – Environmental Services   
  5. GSA Schedule 520 – Financial and Business Solutions  
  6. GSA Schedule 738 II – Language Services  
  7. GSA Schedule 874 V – Logistics Worldwide   
  8. GSA Schedule 874 – Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services

Today, the GSA Professional Services category is divided into several subcategories that cover an incredibly broad scope, from Environmental Consulting Services, to Web-Based Marketing, to Linguistics Training. 

Below, we will explore the different professional services subcategories and the services that pertain to them. The six-digit codes listed under each subcategory are Special Item Numbers (SINs) that are assigned to each GSA product and service. These allow potential buyers to easily find the contractor they need, and allow vendors to easily search for the most relevant contracting opportunities.

Business Administrative Services

This subcategory was formerly Schedule 874 Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS). It includes the following SINs:

  • 541611: Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition and Grants Management Support, Business Program and Project Management Services
  • 561450: Business Information Services (BIS)

Environmental Services

Previously known as Schedule 899 Environmental Services, this subcategory includes:

  • 562112: Hazardous Waste Disposal Services
  • 562910REM: Environmental Remediation Services
  • 541620: Environmental Consulting Services
  • 541620: Environmental Consulting Services

Financial Services

Formerly Schedule 520 Financial and Business Solutions (FABS). SINs include: 

  • 522310: Financial Advising, Loan Servicing and Asset Management Services
  • 531210: Financial Asset Resolution Services
  • 541211: Auditing Services
  • 541214: Payroll Services
  • 541219: Budget and Financial Management Services
  • 561440: Debt Collection Services              

Identity Protection Services

Identity Protection includes the SINs:

  • 541990IPS: Data Breach Response and Identity Protection
  • 541990RISK: Risk Assessment and Mitigation Services
  • 541990RISK: Risk Assessment and Mitigation Services

Language Services

Formerly GSA Schedule 738 II Language Services. Its SINs are:  

  • 541930: Translation and Interpretation Services
  • 611630: Linguistic Training and Education

Legal Services

This subcategory covers just one SIN:

  • 541110: Professional Legal Services

Logistical Services

Previously known as GSA Schedule 874 V Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD), this subcategory includes:

  • 541614: Deployment, Distribution and Transportation Logistics Services
  • 541614SVC: Supply and Value Chain Management

Marketing and Public Relations

This was formerly Schedule 541 Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS). Its SINs are:

  • 512110: Video/Film Production
  • 541430: Graphic Design Services
  • 541511: Web Based Marketing
  • 541613: Marketing Consulting Services
  • 541810: Advertising Services
  • 541820: Public Relations Services
  • 541850: Exhibit Design and Advertising Services
  • 541910: Marketing Research and Analysis
  • 541922: Commercial Photography Services
  • 561920: Conference, Meeting, Event and Trade Show Planning Services
  • 323111SBSA: Photographic Services and Solutions
  • 541810ODC: Other Direct Costs for Marketing and Public Relations Services

Technical and Engineering Services (non-IT)

Pre-consolidation, this subcategory was Schedule 871 Professional Engineering Services (PES). It includes:

  • 541330ENG: Engineering Services
  • 541420: Engineering System Design and Integration Services
  • 541690: Integrated Logistics Support
  • 541715: Engineering Research and Development and Strategic Planning
  • 541370GIS: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services
  • 541990TAD: Technical/Application Development Support (TADS)


This subcategory covers the following services:

  • 611430: Professional and Management Development Training
  • 611710: Educational Support Services
  • 333318TDTM: Off-the-Shelf Training Devices and Training Materials
  • 611TRAIN: Professional and Management Development Training
  • 611TRAINAW: Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) and Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC-C) Professional Development Training for Acquisition Workforce Personnel
  • 611512: Flight Training

Winning a GSA Professional Services Schedule

With the breadth of opportunities available and the high sales on offer, getting a GSA PSS Contract is a goal for many companies. Yet the application process is stringent and the document preparation takes a lot of time. Working with an experienced GSA consultant like Price Reporter greatly increases your chances of getting on the GSA Professional Services Schedule and reduces the administrative headaches, leaving you to focus on your business activities. We help businesses like yours through every stage of the GSA Professional Services Schedule: contract eligibility determination, proposal preparation, negotiations, post-award compliance, business development, and beyond! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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