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How to work with the new GSA Consolidated Schedule?

Price Reporter has been delivering GSA contracting services for 14 years, and we are now among a few GSA consolidation agencies offering services to help companies successfully survive the GSA MAS Consolidation of 2019-2020. Even though the consolidation process is well-covered in media as well as official GSA consolidation sources, many businesses are still not sure how MAS consolidation will affect their existing contracts, due to the overall complexity of ongoing changes.

Price Reporter is here to help.

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    What is GSA Consolidated Schedule?

    MAS Consolidation is a three-step large-scale procedure of merging 24 legacy GSA Schedules into one consolidated Schedule. Each step of consolidation will gradually upgrade the existing structure of GSA acquisition. The consolidation program only affects GSA Schedules, while VA Schedules will remain intact for now.

    What’s new:

    • New SIN system tied to NAICS codes.
    • Better categorization should help both vendors and federal buyers to quickly locate what they need.
    • One consolidated Schedule to replace 24 existing Schedules
    • One online resource ( to replace 10 individual web resources

    Do you have to worry about MAS Consolidation?

    As said above, MAS Consolidation goes through three phases.

    Phase 1 (already complete): GSA develops the new consolidated Schedule.

    Phase 2 (inprogress, until July 31, 2020): GSA performs mass modification to renew existing MAS contracts to the terms and requirements of the new Schedule.

    Phase 3 (in queue): Consolidation of multiple Schedule contracts into one.

    Typically, your existing GSA contracts should not be affected during consolidation. However, the amount of “typical” contracts is not really that big. Each and every contract is unique in a sense, and requires its own individual approach. This means you should really take close attention to everything around GSA Multiple Award System Consolidation, and carefully take all necessary steps to update your documents and terms.

    How can Price Reporter help you?

    During Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the GSA Schedule Consolidation you will need to respond to Mass Mod letter GSA sends to vendors currently holding GSA contracts. The action from your side is required and has a deadline: July 31, 2020. Failing to respond to Mass Mod before that will result in exclusion of your offerings from GSA eTools.

    Price Reporter can help you!

    • We can review your business and evaluate what effect MAS Consolidation will have on your company.
    • We can help updating your contract terms and conditions to match new Consolidated Schedule requirements.
    • We can help you select the best matching SINs and categories in the new Schedule as mapping of the old SINs to new SIN system is not always transparent and obvious, unfortunately.
    • If you hold contracts under multiple Schedules, we will help you find the best option for further consolidation.
    • We are ready to provide assistance in reviewing the Mass Mod and responding to it properly.
    • And, of course, Price Reporter is here to help you obtain new GSA contracts under the Consolidated Schedule.
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