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The GSA Miscellaneous Category is one of twelve Large Categories in the GSA Multiple Award Schedule. It encompasses SINs related to various miscellaneous products and services. Through this Schedule, federal, state, local and tribal organizations can purchase clothing, apparel, order-level materials (OLM), flags and medals, and so on. The category replaces components of the legacy GSA Schedule 78.

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    What is GSA Information Technology Category (Schedule 70)

    Information Technology is one of the 12 new Large Categories within the new consolidated MAS. This category has 7 subcategories of IT products and services that federal agencies can buy through GSA MAS. Information Technology (IT) category substitutes for legacy GSA Schedule 70.

    Since literally every federal, local or state agency needs something from this category, the IT Schedule is overwhelmed with offers, and from year to year keeps reporting the largest sales among all other GSA Schedules. For instance, in 2019, before MAS Consolidation, over $15 billion in sales were reported under GSA Schedule 70. This amount is enormous! No wonder, a GSA Schedule 70 contract is the most coveted prize for hundreds of vendors.

    However, the degree of competition is high, too. Where other categories typically have several hundreds of contractors, the GSA IT category has more than 5000! Yes, the competition in this GSA category is fierce. But so is the prize: $3 million per GSA Schedule 70 contractor in 2019, on average.

    Importantly, IT products are demanded everywhere. Think of any agency: the Army, the Department of Homeland Security, Veteran Affairs, the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the U.S. Department of Treasury. All of them (and even more that were omitted here) regularly procure goods, supplies, and services in the IT category of the GSA Schedule.

    What’s more, just like the legacy GSA 70 Schedule was, the new Information Technology Large Category allows acquisition under the Cooperative Purchasing Program. Also, IT Schedule contracts are IDIQ contracts. This means that once a company is awarded, it can provide indefinite quantities of products or services to federal agencies as long as its IT Schedule contract is active.

    What SINs does the Information Technology category cover?

    Overall, there are 7 subcategories within the Information Technology Large Category, some with their own subcategories. Here is the list of SINs under the GSA IT Schedule, as of 2020.

    Electronic Commerce

    54151ECOMElectronic Commerce and Subscription Services. This subcategory includes value added network services, e-mail services, Internet access services, electronic subscription services, data transmission services, and emerging electronic commerce technologies.

    IT Hardware

    33411Purchasing of new electronic equipment. Includes but is not limited to desktop, laptop, tablet computers, servers, storage equipment, audio and video (AV) equipment, printers and Multi-Function Device (MFD) equipment, radio navigation equipment/antennas, optical/imaging systems, and associated peripherals.
    532420LLeasing of new electronic equipment.
    811212Maintenance of Equipment, Repair Services and/or Repair/Spare Parts.
    SIN 33411also contains multiple subcategories identifying specific equipment: printers, computer monitors, backup power, digital cameras, laptops, projectors etc.

    IT Services

    54151HACSHighly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS). This subcategory encompasses IT services related to providing security of IT infrastructure. For instance: information assurance, virus detection, network management, situational awareness and incident response, secure web hosting, and backup, security services.
    54151HEALHealth Information Technology Services. Includes a wide range of Health IT services to include connected health, electronic health records, health information exchanges, health analytics, personal health information management, innovative Health IT solutions, health informatics, emerging Health IT research, and other Health IT services.
    54151SInformation Technology Professional Services. IT Professional Services and/or labor categories for database planning and design; systems analysis, integration, and design; programming, conversion and implementation support; network services, data/records management, and testing.

    IT Software

    511210Software Licenses. This SIN covers software licenses and maintenance.
    54151Software Maintenance Services. This category encompasses software maintenance services, including creating, designing, implementing, and/or integrating customized changes to software that solve one or more problems, and is not included with the price of the software.

    IT Solutions

    518210CCloud and Cloud-Related IT Professional Services. The category includes commercially available cloud computing services such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS), as well as emerging cloud services.
    541370GEOEarth Observation Solutions. This subcategory provides geospatial earth observation technologies, products, and services including, but not limited to: ground, satellite and aerial based sensor data and imagery; worldwide digital transmission, internet, data, and video services and products through various networks, platforms, and applications.
    541519CDMContinuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Tools. Includes Department of Homeland Security (DHS) approved hardware and software products.
    541519ICAMIdentity, Credentialing and Access Management (ICAM) – Managed service offerings for electronic credentials (assurance levels IAL, AAL, and FAL), identity and access management, authentication, and identity and access management professional services.
    541519PIVHomeland Security Presidential Directive 12 Product and Service Components. This category encompasses PIV related solutions: PIV enrollment and registration services, PIV systems infrastructure, PIV card management and production services, PIV card finalization services etc.
    541519PKIPublic Key Infrastructure (PKI) Shared Service Providers (PKI SSP) Program. PKI SSPs shall provide reliable, authenticated, policy-compliant service offerings, to support Federally issued Personal Identity Verification (PIV), Personal Identity Verification Interoperable (PIV-I), and associated certificates, and cryptographic key service offerings.
    561422Automated Contact Center Solutions (ACCS). Any offers (products, services, equipment) designed to establish and maintain contact center capabilities for an agency are encompassed in this SIN. Examples are: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chat Bots, Robotic Process Automation, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voice/Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech, Voicemail, Callback, etc.

    IT Training

    611420Information Technology Training. Includes training on hardware, software, cloud, and other applicable systems.


    517312Wireless Mobility Solutions. This category includes all types of wireless mobility solutions including but not limited to: Wireless Carrier Services, Telecommunication Resellers, Mobility infrastructure, Mobility-as-a-Service, Enterprise Mobility Management, Mobile Backend-as-a-Service, Telecom Expense Management, Mobile Application Vetting, Mobile Threat Protection, Mobile Identity Management, Internet of Things (IoT), and Other/Mobile Services.
    517410Commercial Satellite Communications Solutions (COMSATCOM). Includes products and services aimed to provide, manage or control satellite communications solutions.


    Until 2020, GSA IT 70 Schedule was a Schedule with the largest reported sales among all other GSA Schedules. Since the consolidation of the GSA Multiple Award Schedule, the Information Technology Category picks up the baton. With more than $15 billion in annual sales, the GSA IT category is among the most coveted GSA Schedules. So, how can a vendor become a GSA contractor?

    Here is a brief description of the most general steps every vendor should take to win a GSA Information Technology contract.

    1. Prepare your business. Before you can apply for government contracts, you should make sure your business matches GSA’s rules and regulations. Your business must be legitimate, registered, have a Tax ID and a D.U.N.S. number. You must also register your business at, in order to be able to submit your application for a GSA IT Schedule. Another more important step is training. Before the GSA allows you to become a contractor, it requires you to complete a training course called “The Pathway to Success”.
    2. Prepare documents. Applying for a Schedule requires you to submit over 30 documents to GSA. The document package must include financial statements for the past two years, organizational documents, price lists, price narrative that grounds your price list, compliance documents, technical specifications etc. In addition, there are a number of forms to fill out. Every document in the package must be arranged in a very specific way, so reading the solicitation carefully is a must. The document package is then submitted via the eOffer platform.
    3. Negotiation. Your submission is reviewed for some time. On average this may take a few weeks or even months, because the government will carefully check every document you have sent, and the statement you have made. Then, a contracting officer may have questions regarding your submission or might request additional documents or clarifications. That is why the prime factor of a successful award is a perfect document package. After the document package is accepted and reviewed, the negotiation phase begins. Terms, conditions, and discounts of the contract are negotiated. After that, you are awarded with a GSA IT Schedule contract.
    4. Post award. Even though you can now offer your IT products and services to federal buyers, you should understand that the award merely opens the door. Now it is your turn to turn this opportunity to your advantage. Self-education, government marketing, competition analysis – there’s so much to do. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry. There are professionals around that are glad to help. Price Reporter has been helping vendors to win and maintain government contracts including GSA Schedule 70 IT for years. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is GSA IT Schedule 70?

      SA IT Schedule 70, also known as the Information Technology Schedule 70, is a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract offered by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). It is one of the most widely used acquisition vehicles for IT products, services, and solutions by federal government agencies.

      Here are some key points about GSA IT Schedule 70:

      Scope: Schedule 70 covers a wide range of IT products, services, and solutions, including hardware, software, professional IT services, and telecommunications products and services. It allows government agencies to procure IT-related goods and services from pre-vetted vendors.

      Pre-Negotiated Pricing: GSA negotiates pricing, terms, and conditions with vendors in advance, making the procurement process more efficient for government agencies. The pre-negotiated pricing helps streamline purchasing and eliminates the need for time-consuming negotiations on individual orders.

      Competitive Market: GSA IT Schedule 70 features a highly competitive market with a large pool of qualified vendors. This provides government agencies with a broad selection of IT products and services, fostering competition and potentially driving down costs.

      Easy Ordering: Government agencies can use the GSA eBuy platform or work directly with contractors to place orders. The GSA Advantage!® online shopping platform also allows authorized users to search for and purchase IT products and services listed on Schedule 70.

      Compliance: Vendors listed on Schedule 70 undergo a rigorous evaluation process to ensure they meet the specific qualifications and comply with federal regulations. This evaluation includes assessments of technical capabilities, past performance, and financial stability.

      Term and Renewal: GSA IT Schedule 70 contracts typically have a five-year base period with three additional five-year option periods, allowing for long-term contracting stability and flexibility.

      Cooperative Purchasing: GSA IT Schedule 70 extends its benefits to state, local, and tribal governments under the Cooperative Purchasing Program. This program enables these entities to procure IT products and services through Schedule 70, leveraging the pre-negotiated pricing and terms.

      Why get a GSA Schedule 70 Contract?

      Obtaining a GSA Schedule 70 contract offers several benefits for both vendors and government agencies. Here are some reasons why businesses choose to pursue a GSA Schedule 70 contract:

      Access to a Large Customer Base: GSA Schedule 70 provides vendors with access to a vast customer base within the federal government. This includes various agencies at the federal, state, local, and tribal levels, as well as other authorized users like educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. It opens doors to a wide range of potential customers and opportunities.

      Streamlined Procurement Process: Having a GSA Schedule 70 contract streamlines the procurement process for government agencies. It allows them to acquire IT products, services, and solutions quickly and efficiently. The pre-negotiated pricing, terms, and conditions eliminate the need for extensive negotiations and simplify the purchasing process.

      Competitive Advantage: Being listed on GSA Schedule 70 provides a competitive edge in the federal marketplace. It sets vendors apart from non-contract competitors and enhances their visibility and credibility. The GSA’s vetting process and compliance requirements demonstrate that vendors have met specific qualifications and comply with federal regulations.

      Long-Term Contract Stability: GSA Schedule 70 contracts typically have a five-year base period with the option to extend for three additional five-year periods. This provides stability and predictability for both vendors and government agencies, allowing for long-term planning and business development.

      Marketing Opportunities: Vendors with a GSA Schedule 70 contract benefit from marketing support and resources provided by the GSA. This includes the GSA Advantage!® online shopping platform, where government buyers can easily find and purchase IT products and services listed on Schedule 70. Vendors may also have the opportunity to participate in trade shows, events, and training sessions organized by the GSA.

      Cooperative Purchasing Program: GSA Schedule 70 extends its benefits to state, local, and tribal governments through the Cooperative Purchasing Program. This program allows these entities to leverage the pre-negotiated pricing and terms of Schedule 70, expanding the potential customer base for vendors to service.

      Cost Savings and Efficiencies: GSA Schedule 70 helps government agencies achieve cost savings and efficiencies by providing access to competitively priced IT products and services. The pre-negotiated pricing and terms can lead to reduced administrative and procurement costs for agencies.

      It’s important to note that the benefits and advantages of a GSA Schedule 70 contract may vary based on individual circumstances and market conditions. Understanding the specific needs of government agencies, staying competitive, and delivering high-quality products and services are crucial for maximizing the benefits of this contract.

      Top Schedule 70 Categories (SIN'S)

      GSA Schedule 70 offers a wide range of categories, known as Special Item Numbers (SINs), to accommodate various IT products, services, and solutions. Here are some of the top Schedule 70 categories or SINs:

      SIN 132-8: Purchase of New Equipment: This category covers the procurement of new IT equipment, including hardware, software, and peripherals.

      SIN 132-12: Maintenance of Equipment: This category focuses on the maintenance and repair of IT equipment, including hardware and software.

      SIN 132-32: Term Software Licenses: This category includes the licensing of software products for a specific term, allowing government agencies to access software solutions for a defined period.

      SIN 132-33: Perpetual Software Licenses: This category offers perpetual licensing options for software products, allowing government agencies to have long-term access to software solutions.

      SIN 132-34: Maintenance of Software: This category involves ongoing support and maintenance services for software products, including patches, updates, and technical support.

      SIN 132-51: Information Technology Professional Services: This category encompasses a wide range of IT professional services, such as systems analysis, design, and installation; programming; cybersecurity; data management; and IT training.

      SIN 132-52: Electronic Commerce and Subscription Services: This category includes electronic commerce solutions, subscription-based services, and cloud-based solutions for data storage, collaboration, and other IT-related services.

      SIN 132-60: Ancillary Supplies and Services: This category covers various ancillary products and services, such as training, installation, project management, and other supporting services related to IT solutions.

      These categories represent some of the commonly sought-after SINs under Schedule 70. However, it’s important to note that the GSA may update and refine the SINs periodically to align with evolving technology trends and market demands. It’s recommended to refer to the GSA’s official website or consult with GSA representatives for the most up-to-date information on Schedule 70 categories and SINs.

      GSA Schedule 70 Spending Patterns

      GSA Schedule 70 is one of the most widely used contracting vehicles for IT products, services, and solutions within the federal government. As such, it experiences significant spending patterns. While access to real-time data or specific spending figures is very limited, some general insights can be be provided into the spending patterns associated with GSA Schedule 70:

      IT Hardware: Government agencies often procure a wide range of IT hardware through Schedule 70, including computers, servers, networking equipment, storage devices, and peripherals. These items constitute a substantial portion of the spending on Schedule 70 contracts.

      Software Licenses: Software licenses are another significant spending category under Schedule 70. Government agencies procure various software solutions, including operating systems, productivity tools, database management systems, security software, and specialized applications to support their IT infrastructure and operations.

      IT Professional Services: Schedule 70 contracts also see a considerable amount of spending on IT professional services. These services encompass a range of activities, such as systems analysis, design, development, implementation, integration, cybersecurity, cloud computing, data management, and training.

      Maintenance and Support: Government agencies invest in maintenance and support services for their IT systems and software. This includes activities like software updates, patches, technical support, and equipment maintenance, which contribute to spending patterns under Schedule 70.

      Cloud Computing Services: As cloud computing continues to gain prominence, spending on cloud-based services through Schedule 70 has increased. Government agencies utilize cloud services for data storage, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), and other cloud-related solutions.

      How To Get On GSA Schedule 70

      Getting on GSA Schedule 70 involves several steps and requirements. Here is a general overview of the process:

      Determine Eligibility: Ensure that your business meets the eligibility criteria set by the General Services Administration (GSA) to participate in the GSA Schedule program. This includes being a responsible company with a satisfactory record of performance and financial stability.

      Research and Preparation: Familiarize yourself with the GSA Schedule 70 solicitation, requirements, and terms. Conduct market research to understand the demand for your products or services within the federal government. Prepare necessary documentation, such as financial statements, past performance information, and relevant certifications.

      Obtain a DUNS Number: Obtain a Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number for your business. This unique identifier is required for government contracting purposes.

      Register in SAM: Register your business in the System for Award Management (SAM) database. This is a mandatory step for all federal contractors and is necessary to conduct business with the government.

      Submit Proposal: Respond to the GSA Schedule 70 solicitation by submitting a proposal. The proposal should include information about your company, products or services offered, pricing, terms, and other required documentation. Follow the guidelines provided by the GSA carefully to ensure compliance.

      Evaluation and Negotiation: The GSA will review and evaluate your proposal. Should your proposal meet the requirements, you may enter into negotiations with the GSA to finalize pricing, terms, and conditions.

      Contract Award: If your negotiations are successful, you will receive a GSA Schedule 70 contract award. The contract will outline the terms and conditions of your participation in the program.

      Post-Award Requirements: Once awarded, you must comply with various post-award requirements, such as reporting sales, maintaining compliance, and updating your contact information in the GSA systems.

      It’s important to note that the GSA Schedule 70 application process can be complex and time-consuming. It may be helpful to seek assistance from consultants or experts with experience in GSA contracting. Additionally, it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest information and guidance from the GSA’s official website or by contacting the GSA representatives directly.