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A GSA Security contract allows you to sell various security equipment, services and measures to federal, state, and local agencies through the GSA Schedule acquisition vehicle. Examples of products in this category of government purchases include personnel and property protection equipment, solutions for law enforcement, security services and training, biometric systems, canine training and so on.

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    What is the GSA Security and Protection Category

    The GSA Security Schedule is one of the twelve large categories within the new GSA Consolidated Schedule. The new Schedule replaces GSA Schedule 84, encompasses 6 subcategories listed below, and is intended to provide federal, state, local and municipal agencies with a streamlined approach to purchasing security and protection solutions.

    Security & Protection Schedule includes the following subcategories:

    • Marine and Harbor
    • Protective Equipment
    • Security Services
    • Security Systems and PACs Buying Guide
    • Security Animals and Related Systems
    • Testing Equipment

    GSA Schedule 84 contractors can expect annual sales of more than $1 million on average. Based on 2019 FY data, total sales via the legacy Schedule 84 was $1,420,399,996. With roughly 1000 contract holders in this category this results in the above average number of sales per year. Surely, not all contractors can really make so much, but that’s a question beyond the scope of this article.

    As you see, pursuing a GSA Security contract is definitely worth the effort. Indeed, you will be able to secure substantial sales and remain a government contractor for 5 years minimum (and potentially prolong the contract for another 5 years up to three times).

    What GSA Schedule has replaced legacy Schedule 84?

    The Consolidated Schedule has greatly simplified acquisition and rearranged the schedules so as to streamline the procurement and make the process more straightforward and logical. The Security & Protection Category has replaced legacy GSA Schedule 84 – “Law Enforcement, Security”. The new Large Category inherits most SINs of the legacy Schedule and also many of its rigorous technical requirements to contractors.

    The GSA Security and Protection category is a part of the Multiple Award Schedule. Multiple military and law enforcement agencies acquire security and protection solutions through this vehicle. GSA Security & Protection contracts are IDIQ contracts, which means an agency can purchase products, services and solutions under this contract indefinitely, using the vehicle as a purchasing channel rather than a one-time purchase order.

    SINs in the Security and Protection Category

    Marine and Harbor

    561621H Harbor/Waterfront Security Products and Services and Professional Marine Security Services. The only SIN in this subcategory includes all types of harbor and waterfront security products, such as specialized surveillance equipment, professional marine security services, and training related to harbor/waterfront/marine security.

    Protective Equipment

    332216 Law Enforcement, Firefighting and Rescue Tools, Equipment and Accessories. This SIN encompasses firefighting and rescue equipment, such as jaws, cutters, axes, shovels, etc. Also includes products related to emergency preparedness and first responder equipment.
    332312F Flood Control. Contains all products and services related to flood control, such as sandbagging equipment, etc.
    332994 Burning Equipment. The SIN includes all burning equipment, such as flame throwers, drip torches, aerial ignition equipment, etc.
    332999 Law Enforcement Personal Equipment. This category includes all personal equipment related to law enforcement, such as restraints, duty belts, flashlights, weapon scopes, gas masks, etc.
    332999S Safes, Vault Systems, and Security Products. This SIN is for safes, vaults, and security products, such as interior components, vault door accessories, utility lockers, etc.
    333314NV Night Vision Equipment. Includes night vision equipment, such as cameras with night vision, etc.
    334220 Surveillance Systems, Wearable Body Cameras, and Vehicular Video. Includes surveillance systems, wearable body cameras, and vehicle videos, including video storage and services as part of a total solution.
    334519 Bomb and Hazardous Material Disposal; Metal and Bomb Detection. Encompasses products necessary for bomb and hazardous material disposal, including protective and detective equipment.
    336320 Vehicle Signal and Restraint System. Includes vehicle signal and restraint systems, such as vehicular emergency signals, sirens, spot and flood lights, beacon warning devices, etc.
    336413 Aircraft Armoring and Helicopter Equipment. Includes aircraft armoring and helicopter equipment, including items used for firefighting, search, and rescue.
    336992 Non-Tactical Armored Vehicles and Vehicle Armoring Services. Includes armored vehicles (excluding patrol cars) used strictly for law enforcement or security purposes, and any miscellaneous armoring products and services
    337215 Firearm Care. Includes all products and services related to firearm care, including storage, securing, cleaning, bullet recovery, vaults, etc.
    339920 Target Systems/Target Range Accessories. Includes target systems and target range accessories, such as protective lenses, shooters gloves, hearing protection devices. etc.
    3FIRE Fire Management Equipment. Includes items required to manage fires, such as fire extinguishers, suppressants, pumps, portable tanks, retardant, etc.

    Security Animals and Related Systems

    812910 Canine Training, Handling, and Caging Products and Services. Includes canine training and handling equipment, canine search and detection, etc.

    Security Services

    334118 Personal & Document Identification Systems. Contains personal and document identification systems, such as eye, face, palm, fingerprint, and voice recognition systems. These systems may include, but are not limited to, photo identification cameras, embossed card systems, and smart card technology.
    541330L Security System Integration, Design, Management, and Life Cycle Support Includes services involving the security integration/management discipline, which supports security products and systems throughout their lifecycle. Services may include, but are not limited to: testing, production, fielding, process improvement, disposal, etc.
    541330SEC Security System Integration, Design, Management, and Life Cycle Support – Includes services related to PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) design, integration, and implementation, and installation/testing.
    541990L Professional Law Enforcement Services. This SIN encompasses professional law enforcement services, such as fingerprinting, handwriting analysis, ballistic analysis, forensic artist, etc.
    561612 Protective Service Occupations. Includes protective service occupations to support on-site security operations, such as security guards, alarm monitors, baggage inspectors, corrections and court security officers, etc.
    611430ST Security Training. The SIN includes all security training related to law enforcement, security, emergency preparedness and/or first responders. Examples include instructor-led training, web-based training, pre-set courses, training development, consulting services, Continuance of Operations Planning (COOP) services, etc

    Security Systems and PACs Buying Guide

    334290 Security and Detection Systems. The SIN in this subcategory includes security and detection systems and devices, such as gas detectors, pressure level monitoring, patient/detainee monitoring systems, etc.
    334290L Physical Access Control Systems (PACS). This is a legacy SIN, it includes physical access control systems (PACS), such as card-controlled access, biometrics, security barriers, etc.
    334290PACS Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) – FIPS 201. This one includes physical access control systems (PACS), such as card-controlled access, biometrics, security barriers, etc.

    Testing Equipment

    325412 Criminal Investigative Equipment and Supplies. Includes products necessary for criminal investigations, such as evidence collection supplies, fingerprinting, polygraphs, evidence collection containers, etc.
    339999E Evidence Collection and Investigative Equipment and Supplies. Includes evidence collection and investigative equipment, such as supplies for finger/palm printing, forensic investigation, lie detectors, evidence collection containers, etc.


    The GSA Schedule 84 is historically one of the most profitable GSA Schedules. Obtaining a contract is a desirable goal, but the road is covered with various technical details, much more than the majority of other Schedules. Being one of the most technical in terms of requirements to a contractor, and to products and services, that contractor is going to supply to the government, the former GSA Schedule 84, now the GSA Security & Protection Schedule is not exactly a contract you can easily secure. However, the basic steps of obtaining a GSA Security contract are essentially the same as with any other Schedule category.


    1. Your very first step is to bring your company into shape, so to speak. This means, you need to get a Tax ID, receive a D.U.N.S. number, register at and complete all other obligatory steps of becoming a government contractor.

    2. Then, you will need to prepare a number of documents required to apply for a contract. As an offeror, you need to provide such documents as financial statements (like balance sheet, loans, debts etc.), pricelists, past performance information and so on. Also, among documents are educational training certificates, price narratives that justify your prices, labor categories, etc. The entire document package, plus a number of forms, should be submitted to the GSA via the eOffer platform.

    3. Once your submission is received, a procurement officer is assigned to your offer. The reviewing process starts. During this process, a GSA specialist reviews submitted documents, checking consistency, completeness, and accuracy of the information. Often, the procurement officer will contact you to clarify some information or to request missing documents or forms.

    4. When your documents are reviewed and approved, the negotiation step begins. The government wants the best prices, so get ready to provide discounts. Importantly, the best price requirement does not mean you must always sell to the government cheaper than you do on the commercial market. In fact, there is no requirement that you sell “as low as possible”. Your prices must simply be reasonable, fair and justified, and equal to or lower than the prices for any other client of yours. Note that a professional GSA agent working on your behalf can typically negotiate better prices than you’d able to by yourself.

    5. Once prices, technical specifications, terms and conditions are negotiated and settled, you are awarded with a contract in the GSA Security & Protection Schedule. Congratulations!


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