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The GSA Transportation and Logistics Services assembles a number of legacy Schedules into one streamlined way of purchasing various transportation and logistics services, including maintenance and repair services for motor vehicles, delivery and courier services, packaging services, and others. Winning a GSA contract in this MAS Category is a desirable goal for any vendor.

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    Many federal, local and municipal agencies often need various transportation services. Before the MAS Consolidation 2020, such needs were fulfilled by several GSA Schedules (see below). Now, it is the GSA Transportation Category that allows governmental organizations to procure products and services they need.

    The GSA Transportation Schedule replaces GSA Schedule 48, Schedule 23V, Schedule 81IV, and Schedule 751. SINs from these legacy Schedules were rearranged and included into the consolidated Transportation and Logistics Category. This consolidation has instantly made the category one of the highest budget with nearly $600 million in GSA sales during the 2019 FY. At the same time, the number of contractors in this category is fairly low. This means competition is lower than in other Schedules, and that consequently means that each contractor’s share is larger. On average, the category brings $1,6 million per transportation service provider, per year. Would you like to be a part of this? Then, you certainly want to learn how to get onto the Transportation and Logistics Schedule.

    Importantly, a number of SINs under the GSA Transportation & Logistics category are subjects to the Cooperative Purchasing program, and there are Small Business Set-Asides as well.

    Legacy Schedules Replaced by the GSA Transportation and Logistics Services Category:

    The GSA Transportation Category overrides the following legacy Schedules:

    • GSA Schedule 48 – Transportation, Delivery And Relocation Solutions
    • GSA Schedule 23V – Automotive Superstore
    • GSA Schedule 81IV – Shipping, Packaging And Packing Supplies
    • GSA Schedule 751 – Leasing Of Automobiles And Light Trucks

    Now, all four legacy Schedules are combined into one structured category that contains 5 subcategories:

    • Automotive Body Maintenance and Repair
    • Motor Vehicles (non-Combat)
    • Package Delivery
    • Packaging Services
    • Transportation of Things

    Subcategories and SINs in the Transportation & Logistics Services Category

    Automotive Body Maintenance and Repair

    81111 Automotive Maintenance, Repair and Body Services. This Special Item Number includes but is not limited to: Oil and Filter Changes, Preventive Maintenance, Overhaul, Sub-system repairs and Body Paint Repair
    811122 Automotive Windshield and Paint Repair.

    Motor Vehicles

    326211 Tires – New. This SIN is for new tires.
    326212 Tires – Retreaded. Tire retreading services. Encompasses such services as primary inspection, removal of old tread (bead to bead- sidewall optional), vulcanization of new rubber in the tread and/or sidewall area, trimming & painting, and final inspection.
    333318T Wheel & Tire Equipment. Includes all wheel and tire equipment, such as alignment equipment, tire inflation cages, bead breakers, inflation systems, brake lathes, etc. Includes all options and accessories related to these products.
    3361 Law Enforcement and Fire Fighting Vehicles and Attachments. Includes fire fighting and law enforcement vehicles and their related attachments, such as mobile water supply attachments, fire fighting vehicle glider kits, SWAT vehicles, mobile crime scene vehicles, etc.
    33611 Purchase or Lease of Gas or Electric Low Speed Vehicles. Purchase or lease street legal electric or gasoline powered low-speed vehicles. Vehicles configured to carry two, four, six or more passengers, or two passengers and a pickup bed or other utility box.
    3361E Electric and Autonomous Vehicles and Accessories. The SIN encompasses electric and autonomous vehicles and accessories
    3361V Vocational Vehicles – This subcategory contains a number of specialized mechanisms, vehicles and parts such as: Service and Line Body Trucks, Personnel Lifts, Digger Derricks, Special Vocation Vehicles and Attachments.
    336211 Tank Trucks – NFPA 385 & 407 compliant Fuel and Petroleum tank trucks. This SIN encompasses: Bulk Fuel Haulers, Ground Fuel Servicing Trucks (single and multiple product), Aircraft Refueling and De-fueling Tank Trucks. Potable and Non-potable Water Trucks, Street Flushers, Dust Control Spray Trucks, and Trailers.
    336211V Vocational Bodies and Attachments. Includes but not limited to: Stake Bodies, Dump Bodies, Utility Bodies, Cargo Bodies, Towing Bodies, Wrecker Bodies, Line and Service Bodies
    336212 Trailers and Attachments. Includes but not limited to: Closed Van Semitrailers, Refrigerated Semitrailers, Platform Semitrailers, Low-bed Semitrailers, Cargo Trailers, Utility Trailers
    3363 Upfitting of Government-owned Emergency Response Vehicles to Provide Turn-key Solutions. The SIN encompasses furnishing and installing various Electrical Harnesses, Interior and Exterior Lighting Systems, Storage Devices, Sirens, Consoles, and Radio Systems in government owned emergency response vehicles.
    336350 Remanufactured Automotive Components – Includes but not limited to: Engines, Transmissions, Differentials & Rear Axle Assemblies, and Electrical Components.
    3363P Spare Components and Vehicle Accessories – Components and accessories for various vehicles such as sedans, buses, medium and heavy duty trucks
    336611 Marine Craft Repairing – SIN 336611 includes all repair and maintenance services for marine crafts and products such as boats (all types), floating marine barriers and booms, inboard and outboard engines, etc.
    336612 Marine Craft – This SIN includes marine crafts and products such as boats (all types), floating marine barriers and booms, inboard and outboard engines, etc.
    336612R Recreational Watercraft. Includes recreational watercraft products, such as jet skis, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats.
    336991 Wheel and Track Vehicles. Includes all wheel and track vehicles, such as ATVs, snowmobiles, bicycles, and any required accessory.
    488190 Aircraft Components, Maintenance, Repair Services, Extended Warranties, And Maintenance Agreements. Offers customers the choice between hourly repair and annual service agreements. Includes time and material service, and fixed price per incident repair service for aircrafts and related equipment.
    532112 Leasing of Passenger Cars, SUVs, Vans, and Light Trucks. Leasing of Passenger Cars, SUVs, Vans, and Light Trucks
    532120 Leased Heavy Duty Vehicles. Leasing of heavy duty vehicles including Fire Trucks

    Package Delivery

    492110 Package Delivery and Freight Trucking. SIN 492110 includes domestic delivery for letters, parcels, etc. as well as freight transportation services.
    492210SB Local Courier Delivery Services (SBSA). This SIN includes domestic delivery services (e.g. local, air, bicycle, boat, or truck) for letters, parcels, etc.

    Packaging Services

    332439 Shipping, Cargo, Freight, and Storage Containers – Includes shipping, cargo, freight, and storage containers.
    334419 Unique Identification (UID) / Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This SIN encompasses selling and supplying UID and RFID systems to use as unique identifiers for containers, goods, packages and so on.
    561910 Packaging Services. Consolidation and Container loading of shipments, track & arrange freight shipments, hold bulk shipments in storage, and repacking services. This service also includes wrapping, sample packet affixing, conveyor line kit packaging, basket packaging, radio frequency identification security tags, design services, consulting services lab testing, pallet repair and recycling, packager-not mover, design-packaging systems, assessments, assembly, documentation, quality assurance documents, material safety data sheets (msds), raw material certification, customs invoices, certificate of compliances, certificate of origins and, mailing and collating services

    Transportation of Things

    481211B Air Charter Services – Brokers – Commercial charter and related services for both domestic and international travel and transportation needs. Including, but not limited to, a full range of broker charter services is available, including passenger; medical/patient transport; emergency; environmental/climatology; agricultural; charter management; prisoner/alien transport.
    481211O Air Charter Services – Owner Operated – Commercial charter and related services for both domestic and international travel and transportation needs. Including, but not limited to, a full range of owner-operated charter services is available, including passenger; medical/patient transport; emergency; environmental/climatology; agricultural; charter management; prisoner/alien transport.
    485 Ground Transportation – Ground Transportation Services utilizing Van, Motor Coach (Bus), or Limousine for both scheduled and unscheduled routes. Services are available for single or multiple passenger shuttle transportation between and among buildings; driver services; airport transport; and VIP transport; etc. within or between cities. All services necessary to provide passenger shuttle services. These services may include environmentally sustainable options designed through the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) SmartWay Program that reduce the impact of freight transport on the environment in the areas of fuel consumption, greenhouse gas, and emissions of air toxics.
    532111 Automotive equipment rental and leasing, Rental Supplemental Vehicle Program (RSVP) – Includes rental services of vehicle types (including car, truck, and special equipment rentals such as trailers, refrigerated trucks, etc.) to supplement federal fleets and/or support official business vehicular needs for other than temporary duty travel purposes.


    The former GSA Schedules 48, 23V (and others) are now a part of the Large Category – GSA Transportation and Logistics Services. Obtaining a contract in this category can skyrocket your business: there are dozens of agencies that need to transport things, package them, or maintain and repair motor vehicles, and so on. However, as with other technically complex Schedules, there are a number of rigorous requirements to contractors. Fulfilling them is necessary to win a GSA Transportation contract.

    The overall procedure to getting onto the GSA Transportation and Logistics Services Schedule is similar to other Schedules. Here are the basic steps you need to take:

    1. Preparation step. Before you can apply for a Schedule, you need to register your business and get an account at – the system for acquisition management. This is required to be able to participate in the eOffer/eMod systems, to read GSA Schedule solicitations and to submit documents to the GSA.
    2. Submission step. Overall, the submission process requires filling a number of forms and preparing all necessary documents the GSA application rules require. Documents include financial statements, compliance checks, past performance examples, sales reports and so on. You can find the exact list of documents for submission in the solicitation package.
    3. Review step. Your submission is reviewed by the GSA specialist. The process typically revolves around fixing mistakes and discrepancies in the submitted documents and submitting other documents the procurement officer requests.
    4. Negotiation step. After review, the procurement officer will start negotiation of the contract’s terms and conditions.
    5. Award step. When prices and technical specifications are negotiated and confirmed, you are awarded a contract.

    It goes without saying that going through the entire application process requires a lot of effort and attention on your side. There hundreds of nuances and pitfalls you need to know about in order to successfully secure a GSA Transportation and Logistics Contract. That is why many vendors prefer to hire an agent that will guide them through the process. Not only does this greatly speed up preparation, review and eventual award of the contract. It also ensures error-free submission and effortless maintenance of the GSA contract. Price Reporter is ready to assist your company.


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