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The GSA Travel Category (formerly Schedule 599) offers travel and relocation solutions to federal, state, local and tribal agencies. The category allows contractors to offer lodging services, apartment leasing and rental services, booking and ticketing services, traveler support and other services often required by federal agency employees.

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    What is GSA Travel Category

    The Travel Category is one of the twelve large categories in the new Multiple Award Schedule, introduced since MAS consolidation in 2020. The category encompasses various services related to travel, lodging and personnel relocation.

    The volume of sales in this category is huge, really huge. In 2019, the GSA reported $558 million of sales under the GSA Schedule 599 “Travel Services Solutions”. With just about 70 contractors in this Schedule, this means a whooping $8 million per vendor on average!

    A contract in the GSA Travel Category allows you to sell mostly to federal agencies. However,  local, municipal and state governments may also purchase via the Disaster Recovery Program. Moreover, the contracts are IDIQ contracts, which makes the Travel category a great channel of constant sales for the entire period of validity of the contract.

    What legacy schedules does the GSA Travel Category replace?

    Before Multiple Award Schedule Consolidation, the legacy Schedule offering the same list of services was GSA Schedule 599 – “Travel Services Solutions”. Now, the large category includes a number of SINs arranged into 3 subcategories:

    • Employee Relocation
    • Lodging
    • Travel Agent and Misc. Services

    All SINs of the GSA Travel Category

    Employee Relocation

    531 Employee Relocation Solution. The given SIN includes all services related to employee relocation, such as home sale assistance, property management, and household goods shipment coordination.
    541511T Employee Relocation Management Software. This one includes relocation software and automation/technology tools that help agencies track, manage and report on their relocation programs. The SIN also includes authorization, planning, repatriation, expense management, tax gross ups, expense entry, communications, and integrations with financial systems, etc.


    531110 Long Term Lodging. Includes corporate lodging services in an apartment, condominium, or similar long stay type of property.
    561599L Lodging Negotiations and Management Services. A full suite of lodging negotiation and management services for transient, extended stay and corporate housing needs are available which includes, but is not limited to, electronic lodging request for proposal systems and services, lodging locator and reservation services, pricing and negotiation assistance and support, leasing/rental support, lodging management services, marketing, rate/compliance audits, benchmarking, and reporting. Services also include lodging management support for disaster planning, recovery support, and pre-positioning support for first responders, incident management teams, evacuees/victims, and associated personnel supporting the emergency effort.

    Travel Agent and Misc. Services

    561510 Travel Agent Services. This subcategory contains commercial services for the provision of travel agent services which includes, but is not limited to: travel arrangement, reservation, ticketing and traveler support for air, rail, lodging, car rental and ancillary services, which includes arrangement, booking, ticketing, business services, delivery services, destination services, documentation, frequent flyer and loyalty programs, help desk, international services, invoicing, reconciliation, profile management, quality control, reporting, stand alone bookings for lodging and rental car
    561599 Travel Consulting Services. This SIN encompasses commercial services for the provision of travel consulting services which includes, but not limited to: travel systems analysis, assessment, travel policy development and analysis, market research, requirements development, supplier negotiations, supplier management, training, travel management, security, technology support, travel expense management, benchmarking, cost and revenue reports, travel management publications, risk management, and study/survey services.

    Getting onto the GSA Travel Category, step by step

    OK, so the Travel Category is potentially extremely lucrative. But how does a vendor become a government contractor? What do you need to do to get onto the GSA Travel Category that used to be legacy Schedule 599?

    Well, fortunately, the general principles are the same for all Schedules. After all, the GSA is interested in making the process as uniform as possible. However, there are specifics in each particular Schedule, and the Travel Category Schedule is no exception. Surely, as a business owner you may not know all the details of GSA requirements to vendors in a specific category. That is why it may be worthwhile to hire a GSA consulting agency that already knows all ins and outs thoroughly.

    Steps to get a GSA Travel Award

    1. Prepare and submit your documents. To apply for a Schedule, you need to gather a whole lot of documents required by the GSA: financial and bank statements, payments and loans, TAA compliance, labor categories, price lists and so on. Submit your documents via the GSA eOffer system.
    2. Wait, while the GSA reviews your submission. The GSA assigns a contracting officer that will thoroughly review each of your submitted documents, check the fairness and completeness of your submission, and will conduct a research to check the provided data and facts. The process may take one or two months, or longer.
    3. Negotiate prices and terms. After your submission is accepted, the contracting officer will contact you to negotiate conditions of the contract.
    4. Finally, you are awarded a contract. But don’t stop now! You are still required to fulfill the minimum sales requirement, maintain your contract, check for product compliance, and periodically check for GSA updates to quickly make the necessary changes. Get ready for a long race: winning a contract is just your very first checkpoint.

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      Frequently Asked Questions
      What is the gsa travel award?

      The GSA (General Services Administration) travel award is a program that provides discounts on travel-related services and products to federal government employees who are traveling for work-related purposes. The program is part of the GSA’s mission to provide cost-effective and efficient travel solutions to federal agencies.

      The GSA travel award program provides a number of benefits to federal government employees, including:

      Discounts on airfare, rental cars, and hotels: The program offers negotiated rates with airlines, car rental companies, and hotels to help reduce travel costs for federal employees.

      Travel management services: The GSA travel award program provides federal agencies with access to travel management services, including travel planning, booking, and expense management.

      24/7 travel assistance: The program provides 24/7 assistance to federal employees who are traveling, including emergency support and assistance with travel-related issues.

      Compliance with federal travel regulations: The program ensures that federal employees are in compliance with federal travel regulations, such as the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR).

      Improved travel experience: By providing discounts and travel management services, the program helps to improve travel experience for federal employees, making it easier for them to focus on their work-related responsibilities.

      Overall, the GSA travel award program is an important tool for federal government employees who are required to travel for work-related purposes. By providing cost-effective and efficient travel solutions, the program helps to support the mission of federal agencies and improve and optimize the effectiveness of government operations.

      Advantages of gsa schedule 599?

      GSA Schedule 599, also known as the Travel Services Solutions Schedule, is a contract vehicle that provides federal agencies with access to a range of travel-related services from pre-approved vendors. There are several advantages of using the GSA Schedule 599:

      Cost savings: Vendors on the GSA Schedule 599 have agreed to provide their services at pre-negotiated rates, which can result in significant cost savings to federal agencies.

      Streamlined procurement process: The GSA Schedule 599 simplifies the procurement process for federal agencies by eliminating the need for a full and open competition process. This can save time and reduce administrative burdens on both the agency and the vendor.

      Comprehensive range of services: The GSA Schedule 599 offers a comprehensive range of travel-related services, including transportation, lodging, and travel management services. This means that federal agencies can find all of the services they need in one place, simplifying the procurement process.

      Compliance with federal regulations: Vendors on the GSA Schedule 599 have been pre-vetted by the GSA, which ensures that they are in compliance with federal regulations, such as the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR).

      Small business opportunities: The GSA Schedule 599 includes a number of small businesses, which can provide federal agencies with opportunities to meet their small business contracting goals.

      Overall, the GSA Schedule 599 provides federal agencies with a streamlined and cost-effective way to procure travel-related services. By leveraging the pre-negotiated rates and pre-vetted vendors, federal agencies can save time and money, while also ensuring compliance with federal regulations.

      How do I get the gsa travel award?

      The GSA travel award is not something that individuals can apply for directly. Rather, it is a program that provides discounts on travel-related services and products to federal government employees who are traveling for work-related purposes. In order to be eligible for the GSA travel award, you must be a federal government employee who is traveling for work-related purposes.

      To take advantage of the GSA Travel Awards program, federal government employees should work with their agency’s travel office to book travel and lodging using the GSA travel program. The agency travel office can provide guidance on how to use the program, as well as information on the discounts and benefits available.

      To book travel using the GSA Travel Awards program, federal employees can use the E-Gov Travel Service (ETS) or the ConcurGov system. These systems allow employees to search for and book travel-related services at pre-negotiated rates with airlines, rental car companies, and hotels.

      Federal employees can also take advantage of the GSA Travel Awards program by using the travel management services provided by the program. These services include travel planning, booking, and expense management, as well as 24/7 assistance with travel-related issues.

      In summary, the GSA Travel Awards program is not something that individuals can apply for directly. To take advantage of the program, federal employees should work with their agency’s travel office and use the E-Gov Travel Service or the ConcurGov system to book travel and lodging at pre-negotiated rates.

      How do I apply for the GSA Travel Awards?

      To apply for the GSA (General Services Administration) Schedule Travel Awards, you will need to follow these steps:

      Visit the GSA Schedule website and review the eligibility requirements for the GSA Schedule Travel Awards.

      If you meet the eligibility criteria, register your business on the System for Award Management (SAM) website (

      Once you are registered in SAM, search for the appropriate GSA Schedule contract and review the terms and conditions.

      Prepare your proposal, including a detailed description of your proposed travel services, your pricing, and any other relevant information.

      Submit your proposal to the GSA Schedule program office, following the instructions provided in the solicitation.

      Wait for the results of the competition. If your proposal is selected for an award, you will receive further instructions on how to proceed.

      Note that specific requirements and deadlines may vary depending on the award program. It is important to carefully review all information provided by the GSA and follow the instructions closely.