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GSA Facilities Category

The GSA Facilities Large Category encompasses everything a government agency needs to keep its facilities operational, functional and well maintained. The scope of services and solutions covered by this GSA MAS category includes facilities management and maintenance, repair and maintenance of vehicles and machinery, facilities supplies, and so on. The category supersedes legacy Schedule 56, 03FAC GSA Schedule, and Schedule 73.

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    In 2020, the GSA consolidated Multiple Award Schedules, to make them more straightforward and vendor-friendly as well as to facilitate faster and more convenient procurement. All legacy schedules were rearranged to 12 large categories with a number of subcategories in each one. The GSA Facilities category is one of them.

    The GSA Facilities category involves various products, services and supplies, that many federal agencies need to maintain facilities – buildings, interiors, equipment etc, and to have easier access to various goods, starting from food to toilet accessories.

    The category is also one of the most profitable ones. Specifically, the overall amount of sales via the three legacy Schedules – GSA Schedule 03FAC, Schedule 56, and Schedule 73 – exceeded $930 million in 2019. The estimated number of GSA contractors offering their services under this category is about 1200, which means every contractor on average does about $700,000 in sales. That is why getting a GSA Facilities Services contract is potentially a profitable affair you should really consider.

    GSA Facilities Services – MAS Contract

    The GSA Facilities Maintenance products and services are also highly demanded among almost all federal agencies, so as soon as you secure a GSA Facilities contract you will have all the chances to make serious sales too.

    What SINs are covered by a GSA Facilities Contract?

    The GSA Facilities Large Category replaces legacy GSA Schedule 03FAC, GSA Schedule 56, and GSA Schedule 73. There are six subcategories:

    • Facilities Maintenance, Management and Repair
    • Facilities Services
    • Facilities Solutions
    • Facilities Supplies
    • Food Service Equipment
    • Structures

    The above categories contain the following SINs (Special Item Numbers):

    Facilities Maintenance, Management and Repair

    561210FAC Complete Facilities Maintenance and Management. This subcategory includes various maintenance and repair operations such as: electrical services, elevator repair and maintenance, laundry services, repair and maintenance of mechanical equipment, painting services and many others.

    Facilities Services

    238320 Surface Preparation. This subcategory includes services related to the preparation for application of chemical compounds to Federal vehicles, machinery and other equipment, and the corresponding Support Training/Consultation Services.
    541690E Energy Consulting Services. Contractors shall provide expert advice, assistance, guidance or counseling on energy related projects or initiatives. Includes consulting on renewable energy, metering services, water conservation and such.
    561210FS Facilities Support Services. A scope of operations related to planning, designing, managing, operating, and maintaining reliable and efficient systems, equipment, facilities and logistics infrastructures, to improve equipment and logistics performance, and reduce life cycle costs. Some of the examples of what this subcategory includes are: elevator maintenance, trash disposal, fire alarm/suppression etc.
    561730 Grounds Maintenance. Includes all services related to soil preparation, planting and cultivating grounds. A common example is landscape designing services.

    Facilities Solutions

    334512 Total Solution Support Products for Facilities Management Systems. The 334512 subcategory includes products to support facilities management systems, such as repair parts, surveillance systems, security functions, energy functions, building comfort systems.
    541513 Smart Buildings Systems Integration. The subcategory includes the comprehensive integration of building systems and technology, using a non-proprietary and open architecture. Some examples of solutions in this subcategory are: building automation, life safety, telecommunications, facilities management, security, energy and environmental control, HVAC, lighting, building envelope, access control, power management, cabling infrastructure/wireless, VOIP, video distribution, video surveillance, data network etc.
    561210SB Smart Buildings Systems Integrator – Includes a comprehensive integration of building systems and technology, using a non-proprietary, open architecture. Typical building systems to be integrated include: building automation, telecommunications, security, energy and environmental control, HVAC, etc.
    811310MR Machine and Equipment Maintenance Repair – Includes maintenance and repair for commercial/industrial machinery and equipment, such as food machinery, cleaning equipment, and containers.

    Facilities Supplies

    322291 Restroom Products. Everything an agency may need for sanitation purposes including, but not limited to: Dispensers for Roll Toilet Tissue, Toilet Tissue, Paper Towels, Dispensers for Paper Towels, toilet seat covers, facial tissues, and soaps for restroom dispensers.
    326199 Waste and Recycling Containers and Receptacles.
    332321 Doors, Windows, Skylights, Panels, and Shutters.
    333318F Floor Care Cleaning and Equipment. Includes cleaning equipment like vacuums, carpet cleaners, shampoos and extractors, floor machines, strippers, replacement parts for floor care equipment, etc.
    339113G Gloves.
    339994 Hand Floor Cleaning Equipment. This subcategory includes equipment for cleaning the floor by hand, such as mops, buckets, wringers, squeegees, cleaning products, and related items.

    Food Service Equipment

    311423 Non Perishable foods – Includes non-perishable provisions and food service support, such as water filtration units, portable water, non-perishable subsistence meals, beverages, portable kitchen units, etc.
    332215T Cooking Utensils – Includes tableware, such as flatware (stainless, silver, and silver-plated), glassware, and disposable tableware.
    333241 Food Preparation Equipment – Includes food preparation equipment related to cooking, beverage serving, and/or concessions.
    333415REM Refrigeration Equipment. This subcategory contains refrigerators, walk-in refrigerators, ice making equipment, ice storage bins and so on.
    335220 Sanitation and Warewashing Equipment – Includes sanitation and warewashing equipment, such as dishwashers, warewashing and warewashing racks, food waste disposers, etc.
    336999 Food Center Concepts – Includes products related to food service and holding carts, food transport equipment, and food kiosks.


    238160 Roofing Products and Services Solutions. The subcategory includes roofing products, services and associated application materials.
    321991 Mobile Homes, Travel Trailers – Includes pre-engineered and/or prefabricated buildings and structures for storage solutions, such as leveling the trailer, maintenance agreements, and design assistance.
    332311 Above Ground Storage Tanks/Systems – Includes all above ground storage tanks, systems, and related accessories.
    332311P Pre-Engineered and Prefabricated Buildings and Structures for Storage Solutions – Includes storage structures made of wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, metal, tension fabric, pre-cast concrete, etc.
    332312 Temporary and Permanent Structures – Includes both temporary and permanent structures, such as portable roads, airstrips, helipads, ramps, and bridges.
    532490P Lease/Rental of Pre-Engineered/Prefabricated Buildings and Structures. The subcategory encompasses portable/mobile office buildings, restroom facilities, and temporary living quarters such as mobile homes and tension fabric structures.

    Legacy Schedules replaced by the GSA Facilities Category

    Here is the complete list of legacy GSA Schedules that are now a part of the GSA Facilities Large Category:

    • GSA Schedule 03FAC – Facilities Maintenance & Management
    • GSA Schedule 56 – Buildings & Building Materials
    • GSA Schedule 73 – Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning Equipment & Supplies

    SINs of these old Schedules are now deprecated, while corresponding products, services and solutions are now included into the new Consolidated Schedule under the GSA Facilities Category.


    Ok, now you know what a GSA Facilities Services contract is. The question is: how can you win such a contract? Price Reporter has got a number of articles and step-by-step guides in our blog, that can help you grasp the basics of the process. Also, we encourage you to contact us directly if you have any questions about getting the Facilities contract, or if you struggle with any part of managing the existing contract in this MAS category.

    The general “must do” steps to obtain a GSA contract are as follows:

    • Preparation step. Start with the obligatory training courses the GSA provides. The Pathway to Success is required for every new vendor to register at the GSA. After you are in, you can compete for contracts in a given category, depending on your niche and NAICS codes. The very first thing to do is to prepare the documents the solicitation requires. You will need to download the solicitation to see what documents you need to prepare. The documents include financial statements, specifications, pricelists, compliance documents, past performance reports, labour categories as well as multiple various standard forms you need to complete.
    • Submit documents. Preparing all necessary documents can take several months. Once you are ready, you should submit your document package to the GSA for approval. The GSA specialists will review the package and possibly reach out, to either clarify the issues they had found, or to request missing documents or forms. This process is quite tricky, so you may want to hire a consultant to guide you through.
    • Negotiation. Even after your submission is reviewed and approved, the work is not yet over. Now comes the most crucial part – negotiation. The GSA contracting officer will reach out to negotiate the terms, conditions, and prices of your contract. The government always wants the best and for the lowest prices, and so providing a discount to the government is almost obligatory. However, if you are prepared for this phase, you can negotiate better prices than you would otherwise. There are multiple nuances here, starting from the value of your initial offer, to the exact phrases you communicate to the GSA officer. After the negotiation step is finished, you are awarded with a GSA Facilities contract.
    • Post-award. You now have your contract, but it is just the beginning. You also need to develop a marketing plan, adjust your efforts in promoting your GSA contract, make sure your personnel understand how to do business with the government, and much more. With diligent efforts, however, you can really succeed with your new GSA Facilities Maintenance contract.

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