How Auto-Backorder can help you comply with GSA requirements

You all know that Take Advantage of Order Status initiative requires that GSA contractors timely report shipped/canceled item-level statuses so that all PO items are either shipped or canceled and POs get closed within time frame specified in the contract – which is generally 2 weeks.

GSA calculates your shipping score as percentage of line items in all orders that have a status of shipped (minus canceled lines). Low performance score might result in auto-rejected catalog modifications and even suspension from GSA Advantage.
While GSA stated that only shipped orders count toward your shipped score, they also confirmed that they will take backorders into account for contractor’s responsiveness and compliance, at least for now.

Earlier this year we implemented backordered status support for GSA ADV EDI / GSA OMS EDI so that you can update backorder statuses & ETA for each line item – or use Import Backorder Status option in Tools => Import section. But we also knew that 1) not all vendors timely provide backorder info for CSV import and 2) it can be tiresome to update backorder info manually – and GSA expects all updates to come within specified days ARO.

Now we went further and added new automation logic to QuickSales that should should help you take advantage of Take Advantage reports themselves: welcome Auto-Backorder!

Once this service is scheduled for your account, system will daily check if any of your GSA orders are not shipped within days ARO as per your contract and will auto-backorder these items in their remaining quantity for specified number of days. If some backorders are not fulfilled by the promised ETA, system will prolong backorder for some more days, thus not leaving any order or item behind until it’s shipped or canceled – just as GSA expects.

Note that system can also skip out-of-date orders, so that this automation will not confuse any customer of yours that ordered something back in 2020, rest assured.

If you want this feature enabled, you can configure the settings for each order type yourselves – just please let know when you are done so that we can schedule the service to run daily.

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