How Does A GSA Work


A GSA schedule can be a complicated and daunting subject. The contracts have many complexities and small details that can potentially cause confusion if you don't know what to look for in them. If you go into a GSA contract without understanding what it means for you, it can lead to disastrous consequences. To keep that from happening, read this detailed breakdown on what they are, what they mean for you, and how to use them to your advantage.

Check if you Qualify to be a GSA Contractor

What is a GSA? 

GSA, an acronym for General Services Administration, is a government agency established in 1949. Since its inception nearly a century ago, the firm has evolved dramatically. With evolution comes complexity, however, and more hurdles for you and your business to be wary of. What began as a simple offshoot of bureaucratic processes has evolved in a multi-level infrastructure that deals with managing building and real estate. Additionally, the GSA also handles providing product and service report, as well as assisting with development policies. It’s an extensive framework with a lot on its plate. But how can it be beneficial for you?

MAS, also known as Multiple Award Schedule Contracts, can greatly enhance the flow of your business. The program does wonders in expediting the procurement of commercial products, and as such can be of great help to a lot of businesses.

Should my company get one?

While a company does not need a GSA, you definitely want one. Procuring a schedule can greatly expedite the process of working closely with government officials, a fact that can produce long-term results. Because of this, if your business is poised to do large amounts of business with government agencies, then a contract may as well be a prerequisite.

Does a company need a GSA schedule to sell to the Government?

No, no legal precedence requires your business to have GSA schedule. The federal government will deal with you all the same, you only run the risk of getting lost in the bureaucratic process. A contract can assist you in avoiding this nuisance, but it can’t prevent it. If you don’t feel a schedule contract is necessary, you may still find results without one.

While the government does not require a contract, agencies are a different story. Many third-parties see contracts as extremely valuable commodities, and as such will not cooperate with businesses that haven’t taken the time to procure one for themselves.

Is my company eligible for a GSA contract?

You need to meet a few prerequisites to qualify for a contract. Each contract can vary, and there is no sure-fire way to ensure eligibility. If you meet the majority of these qualifications, however, it is very likely you will be able to acquire a contract.

Your business must have some degree of financial stability. As such, proof of your companies financial standings will be required. Additionally, you must have been operating your business for at least two years. In many cases, the overall performance of your company will be taken into account as well. Lastly, the GSA will ensure you have a sizeable number of products that are commercially available.

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