Looking Ahead – GSA Initiatives to Watch in 2021-2022

– GSA Initiatives to Watch in 2022

Year 2021 is going to bring up a range of changes for GSA MAS Contractors. Ongoing GSA Schedule modernization continues and requires you, being a GSA Schedule holder, to take some actions. In this article we cover important GSA initiatives you should definitely pay attention to in 2021-2022.

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Business size standards are going to change

Currently, the GSA uses the Small Business Administration’s business size standards to determine whether your company can be categorized as small business (and apply for certain small business benefits, as a result). The way SBA determines the size of your business depends on your NAICS codes. For some NAICS codes, annual figures of sales and income are examined, for other NAICS codes the SBA determines the size based on the number of employees, among other factors. This is going to change.

Starting in 2022, the SBA officially changes the way it calculates average annual receipts. Instead of a 3-year average, SBA will require a 5-year average. The change is going to take effect on January 7, 2022.

GSA extends TDR – Transactional Data Reporting

Transactional Data Reporting is a pilot program the GSA started in 2016. The purpose of the program is to collect transaction-level data about products and services purchased via the GSA Multiple Award Schedule, in order to spend the taxpayers money more efficiently. GSA contract holders are required to submit monthly transactional data reports, but are free from the Price Reduction Clause, and avoid having to file the Commercial Sales Practices document. Previously, the program was only covering certain SINs, but now the GSA aims to extend the TDR pilot, as it has proved itself a more efficient way of pricing disclosure. Chances are, the GSA will continue building the TDR practices into the overall procurement strategy, making Transactional Data Reporting available to GSA Schedule contractors under all SINs.

MAS Consolidation plans

The final step of the recent GSA MAS Consolidation process involves GSA contractors that hold multiple GSA MAS Schedule contracts consolidating them into one. The process should end by the end of the FY 2021, so if your company holds two or more GSA MAS contracts, you better sign in, select a GSA consolidation plan, and submit it. If you are not sure whether your company is a part of Phase 3 GSA Mass Consolidation, please contact Price Reporter for assistance.

GSA catalog management & VPP

What is Catalog Management? The idea behind this GSA initiative is to simplify purchase of items through the GSA catalog. In particular, the GSA creates a Verified Products Portal or VPP where proven and verified manufacturers and resellers can publish their products and services. Purchasing through VPP is simplified, making it a breeze to buy and sell via the catalog. In addition, the older Schedule Input Program will be replaced by the thing called CCP – Common Catalog Platform. This web platform allows effortless submission and upload of product catalogs, which has often been a problem for vendors holding multiple  SINs within several catalogs. The upgrade is planned to finish in fiscal year 2022, however we recommend monitoring the updates, because it will first and foremost impact GSA MAS contractors. The changes will then apply to companies holding GSA BPA catalogs, Global Supply catalogs, Retail Operations and 4th Party Logistics, IDIQs and non-MAS government-wide acquisition contracts.

SAM.gov is out of the beta status

In 2021, the GSA plans to merge the legacy SAM.gov and the new beta.sam.gov together. The new platform is a blend of multiple governmental services (namely: ten), revamped, overhauled and super powered. The change is a major step forward toward easier procurement for government agencies and a more friendly access to governmental platforms for vendors.


Keeping an eye on GSA changes is a must, if government contracting is a part of your business. Sometimes, changes may catch you by surprise leading to unwanted losses that are totally preventable with the help of a professional GSA agent. At Price Reporter, we constantly monitor new GSA initiatives and update our partners on every significant case requiring attention.

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