Release Notes – January 2022

New GSA-related features:

  1. Send “Backordered” item status with ETA via GSA ADV EDI
    You can provide GSA and customer with updates for each backorder as often as feasible until the order gets shipped – just as if using PO portal. Click HERE to download a PDF file with more details..
  2. Shipping address validation for GSA OMS EDI orders
    System can notify order processing team of orders with invalid ZIP that require contractor to contact GSA for final ship-to details.
  3. Add GSA/MilStd details to new Sales Order line items
    You can enter GSA-specific details (ReqNo, TCN, TAC, Project, Priority) on item-level if needed.

New Vendor-related features:

  1. Active / Not Active Vendors
    You can deactivate a vendor so that it won’t be shown for new POs.
    Also, if you try delete a vendor that has related QS-entities (POs, Bills, etc.), the system will only let you deactivate it – as in QuickBooks.
  2. Purchase Order memo email token
    You can add this token with highlight to your PO email template and the system will populate PO Memo text (if any) to your email – can be used for shipping instructions, etc.
  3. Vendor SKU search mode update
    You can have several catalog products all having the same Vendor SKU – and Supplier Modules can update vendor cost for all of them including manually added ones.

Other new system features:

  1. “Send from user” option for notification rules
    You can configure some of the notification rules to use a certain user’s email address to send out emails, e.g. the system can send all invoices from your accountant’s address.
  2. Search by ZIP for Sales Orders
    Last but not least – might help locate some of the orders by Ship-to or Consignee ZIP code.
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