Release Notes – April 2022

Substitute button functional again!

This morning we’ve deployed the long-awaited update that is intended to help with indicating “Shipped” status for substituted products.

Product going EOL and phased out? Communicate this to your end user and suggest replacement at no price change. If сonfirmed by customer, you can now substitute the EOL product with another product which is available.

  • Substitute product will be used for customer and vendor-facing documents.
    Feature supported at system level for all types of orders. 
  • Original product will be used to indicate status to GSA so that line item gets shipped at their side and PO gets closed when all items are shipped.

GSA also recommends noting the substitution in your internal file and updating the MAS Catalog to ensure no future orders are placed for unavailable items – please keep this in mind.

Click HERE for more details.

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