Release Notes – November 2022

Hello QuickSales community,

As usual, we’d like to share some of our completed projects with you – please let know if you’d like to know more about any of these features.

GSA is the heart of federal business – and we made sure our core GSA ADV EDI & GSA OMS EDI modules fully comply with latest GSA requirements on updating all order & item statuses – most features are live since April; some were deployed later on. 

  • Both modules provide you with correct address / item / POC information for each imported order.
  • Both modules provide GSA with order-level & item-level status updates (approved / shipped / canceled / backordered with ETA). 
    • Note that we also added “Backordered” filter for Sales Orders page.
    • Speaking of backorders, GSA stated that they will take backorders into account for your responsiveness and compliance in scope of Take Advantage of Order Status performance ratio, so we’ve added Auto-Backorder feature that will put all items not shipped within your promised days ARO on backorder for X days and will later prolong backorders for Y days. Both Auto-backorder days and prolong-backorders days are configurable at order type level so that you can configure this for all your active contracts.
  • Both modules support buyer-initiated EDI 860 PO changes; system can either cancel order automatically or create alert & notification email for item-level cancelations.
  • Both modules populate all customer notes to SO memo; GSA ADV EDI module can filter out typical lines like “Obtain credit card authorization prior to shipment” so that you can focus on valuable notes.
  • Reminder: if your want to replace an original GSA PO item with another one, please use Substitute button – this will ensure that this line item will get correctly reported to GSA as shipped.

We are also trying to make imported vendor catalogs more visual for you: system shows Vendor SKU in Products center and at PO page when you are selecting vendor. In an ideal scenario, your system should have correct Vendor SKUs for each vendor assigned to your GSA catalog products. The more costs & Vendor SKUs you have under products you are selling, the more automation you will be able to use in QuickSales.

  • For those who use Daily Order Export feature, system can populate vendor costs to the exported file so that you can quickly estimate your options / see if you need to import some more vendor catalogs.
  • Apart from using imported vendor costs, Batch PO now can also include estimated vendor shipping costs, IFF & CC processing fee into estimated margin calculation, allowing you to process only those orders that will make profit. Note that Batch PO extended mode can automatically split your SO items between several vendors if SO can’t be fulfilled with only one vendor.
  • Batch PO can now also filter out out-of-date orders so that it’s easier to start using this feature for existing accounts. It will also sort orders by order date and show more recent ones first.
  • Batch PO process can be scheduled to run automatically (including sending Approved status to GSA for processed orders) – and coupled with scheduled Batch Payment & active fulfillment modules, it allows for Full Automation mode for your system. Less manual work should give you free time to timely import more vendor catalogs, which will let automation do even more valuable work for your company.
  • We are going to improve product matching process further on to be sure 100% of vendor costs are aggregated under your GSA catalog products – please stay tuned.

We’ve deployed several updates to our reports section:

  • AR / AP Aging reports: Added aging method selector (Current date or Report date), so that you can see aging for a specific date in past / future.
  • AR Aging report: Added filter for Invoice payment status, so that you can see aging for CC Problem orders or exclude Refunded orders / invoices from common aging report.
  • TDR report: Added filter by Order closing date, updated mapping & character / length validation as per latest requirements.
  • TDR report: Now includes info on returns for tax adjustments! Lines with UOM = “RTN” are populated in the end of the report and should be submitted with a separate spreadsheet in corresponding portal section. Note: when creating refunds in QuickSales, it’s advised to select products & quantities that are refunded and use “Calculate Refund Amount” button – this will ensure that respective lines will show up in TDR as returns.
  • We are this close to deploy Order profit monitor that will provide you with estimated / current / final profit & margin for each order so that you can make better decisions – and also automated Profit / Loss report that will use the same logic and provide you with aggregated info for filtered orders at any point of time.

Last but not least:

  • We’ve added Partially Shipped status for Purchase Orders and shipped qty column for each line inside PO! Now you can easily see what’s shipped and what’s not – hope this comes in handy during busy season.
  • For those using QuickBooks Desktop sync, QuickSales can now maintain item-level links on QuickBooks side, so that invoice serves as item receipt for sales order and sales orders get paid when invoice gets paid, same for POs and bills.
  • We’ve deployed QuickSales OpenAPI that allows other systems to receive orders from QuickSales, put invoices & package lists that would be sent to GSA, etc. Please let us know what are your hypothetical use cases and let’s discuss.

Also please have a look at the list of all currently available integrations in QuickSales – recently we integrated with Intramalls, Varis and Scansource – and are working on several new other integrations that should be completed soon.

Stay tuned for more updates!

PriceReporter team

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