Release Notes – July 2020

New split “Save and send” button with dropdown options

1) Main mode (automatic detection of sending method)

When you now click this button at the Purchase order page, QuickSales automatically detects if there is an active EDI module configured for the selected vendor:

  • If there is EDI configured, the order will be sent via EDI.
  • If there is no EDI configured, the order will be sent via email.

2) Dropdown options (manual selection of sending method)

If you want to choose the sending method manually, you can click the dropdown menu and select the preferred sending method to override the default method.

The dropdown options will always be there in case you want to force sending by email, so you are still in control when you need it. But for most orders you can use the main mode of the button and let the system take care of sending methods.

For your information, we used this approach to Bath PO’s “Save and send” button as well. Now you can batch process orders for “via EDI”-vendors and “via email”-vendors simultaneously. If your system is configured for using Batch PO, just click “Save and send” and QS will submit all POs using correct sending methods. This is the 1st step of reinventing the Batch PO feature, we’ll keep you informed.

Bcc address for all emails which are sent from QuickSales

QuickSales can now do this. You can configure the address in Settings => General:

Populating TCN number to Purchase order’s printed form

If “TCN number” field at the Sales order page is not empty – it will now be automatically populated to the shipping address block of the PO’s PDF:

For your information, we also added selectable TCN number column to “Sales Report > By Customer: Item Level”.

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