Release Notes – October 2021

It’s been a while since our previous changelog, but finally here we go. New modules and features for your consideration – please let us know if you have any questions.

New modules & integrations:

  1. Ingram Micro API fulfillment module
  2. B&H EDI fulfillment module
  3. MSC EDI fulfillment module – going live this month! 
  4. QuickBooks Online integration 

New features to improve usability:

  1. 1st column elements (SO #, Invoice #, PO #, Bill #, etc.) are now hyperlinks for eased navigation
  2. “Show” menu dropdown lists all related entities including package lists
  3. “Show” menu with links to related entities also added for single SO page
  4. “Process payment” button added for Sales Order page
  5. “Edit” button for SO line items to change displayed product names
  6. All available order notes are populated to SO Memo and highlighted
  7. Expanded view for Memo and Vendor Result Message
  8. Memo icon also available for Sales Orders grid view – click to view SO Memo
  9. “Open” SO status and “Open” fulfillment status for SO filtering
  10. “Not Fulfilled” status for PO filtering
  11. Search by SO number for Bills filtering– useful when checking reports
  12. “Add” button for Package List line items – when you need to breakdown a line item into several lines to ship with individual tracking number per case + new qty shipped checks for reliability
  13. RFQ for selected line items only

New features to improve automation:

  1. Batch Payment: Partial Invoicing & Capture for Partially Shipped orders
  2. Sales Price Start / Sales Price End automation
  3. Vendor Rebate Costs automation
  4. Mappable MOQ field for vendor catalogs to prevent rejected POs
  5. Credit Card double-charge prevention logic
  6. Convenience Fee as line item – new category Special Items
  7. Manually entered Vendor SKUs and costs are now stored separately and not lost after running Supplier Modules
  8. “Sync with PO” button for SO page to restore item-level links and statuses

New features to improve emails & notifications:

  1. Send PL to customers instead of just tracking number (new template and notification rule) 
  2. Embed hyperlink to UPS/FedEx when sending tracking info / tracking email
  3. Daily Order Export to FTP or Email
  4. Notification emails for canceled orders stored in Emails Center
  5. Bulk resend of failed emails
  6. Auto-resend failed emails (new service to cope with occasional sending errors) 
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