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We’ve been helping businesses win government contracts for 14 years

Small and medium-size businesses facing government contracting for the first time often feel puzzled: a number of complex regulatory compliances and harsh requirements to many aspects of business cooperation with the government make it seem all Greek to them. And it’s not only about understanding the terms and conditions and accepting the game rules; businesses also seek financial optimization and profit growth.

Hire a seasoned contracting consultant to help you navigate through the deep sea of compliance regulations, auditory requirements, rules and standards normally associated with the government contracting process.

Our government procurement consultants ensure minimized government contract compliance risks, the most profitable contracted prices possible in given circumstances, and effortless management of the federal schedule through its entire life cycle. And while our consultants and procurement specialists take care of every single aspect of your government contracting, you can focus on what is accustomed and vital to you: managing your products and clients.

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    Here is how Price Reporter can help

    Helping you win government contract

    Government contracting industry, while potentially profitable, requires a lot more preparations and even precautions than the commercial market. Price Reporter takes the burden of preparing your government proposal from you.

    We have been supporting government contractors for decades and know the ins and outs of federal contracting. So, we can help you bypass all the difficulties and non-evident nuances that could easily ruin your potential business with the federal government. From initial registration and filing of documents to procurement officer communication, to helping with the bidding and addressing any issues that arise, and finally to the government contract award. Yes, the process isn’t easy, but the long road starts with just one step. And with our assistance you can make this long path much more straight and easy.

    Minimizing compliance issues

    Federal contracting can turn out really rewarding for your business, but only if your government contract is strictly compliant with the rules. And there are many rules to follow.

    An expert contractor consulting service will guide you through bottle-necks of government compliance starting with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) to regulations of specific agencies (DFAR or NMCARS), and specific compliance regulations for defense contracts (DCAA, DCMA). Price Reporter helps government contracting companies to avoid possible TAA compliance issues, as well as incompliance resulting from a conflict of interests or the wrong pricing policy.

    Dealing with contract claims, litigation and disputes

    Even when you are sure your contract is 100% compliant to government regulations, you may still receive contract claims and disputes that require prompt and proper action from your side. In this case, you may need to hire a consulting agency to conduct an investigation, and possibly a forensic analysis, to quickly and reliably address these claims pre-court or else, litigate them.

    Examples of claims that were successfully resolved by government procurement consultants here, at Price Reporter, include FCA violations, FCPA violations, alleged GSA non-compliance, price disputes and negotiations, as well as claims regarding warranty, work schedule, lost profits, and many others.

    Audit support and assistance

    Many federal agencies (i.e. GSA) perform an in-depth audit of government contractors before awarding them. The purpose of such audits is either to make sure the contractor is reliable and trustworthy, or to initiate additional checks to make sure a contractor is still in compliance with certain regulations, for instance DCAA, DCMA, and so on.

    Price Reporter has been consulting contractors and managing audits for 16 years. We help you prepare your business for an upcoming audit, correctly address audit findings, if any, and also provide overall audit management. Through our experience, we can tell those contractors who hired consulting services rarely face any issues during or after an audit. Price Reporter’s guidance allows for effortless completion of GAO, GSA (OIG and CAV), HHS, DOL, IG audits.

    Guiding you through the entire life-cycle of the contract

    The default life cycle of your federal government contract is 5 years with up to three possible renewals. And this means you need assistance for the entire term of validity of your contract.
    As government proposal consultants, Price Reporter procurement specialists will guide you through the process of the initial proposal preparation, help you assign pricing rates for RFP and FRPR, and mediate your communications with the government contracting officer for maximum efficiency of price and schedule negotiations. Also, we can help small businesses effectively utilize the benefits of various SBA set-aside programs: 8a, WOSB, HUBZone, SDVOB, and others.


    Cooperation with a government contractor consultant is largely beneficial to you, for the following considerations:
    • You don’t need to research all the complexity of federal contracting yourself
    • You save time and money
    • And while we manage your government contract, you can be doing what you really need to: take care of your business.

    Hire government contractor consulting services now! We are ready to help.

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      Price Reporter team has been efficient is managing our GSA contract catalogs for the past 5 years. They keep our catalogs well maintained and compliant, saving our resources and letting us focusing on making sales.

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