GSA Forms

Number Title Revision
SF1199A Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form (SF1199A-20.pdf [PDF – 780 KB]) 02/2020
OF1164 Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business (OF1164-17b.pdf [PDF – 853 KB]) 11/2017
SF91 Motor Vehicle Accident (Crash) (Report SF91-20.pdf [PDF – 943 KB]) 09/2020
SF1094 United States Tax Exemption Form (SF1094-15c.pdf [PDF – 1 MB]) 04/2015
SF702 Security Container Check Sheet (SF702-20.pdf [PDF – 739 KB]) 01/2020
SF50 Notification of Personnel Action (sf50.pdf [PDF – 335 KB]) 07/1991
SF330 Architect-Engineer Qualifications (SF330-21.pdf [PDF – 1 MB]) 07/2021
SF1174 Claim for Unpaid Compensation of Deceased Member of the Uniformed Services (SF1174-92.pdf [PDF – 1 MB]) 09/1992
SF312 Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement (SF312-13.pdf [PDF – 563 KB]) 07/2013
SF95 Claim for Damage, Injury, or Death (SF95-07a.pdf [PDF – 577 KB]) 02/2007

The following views and forms can be obtained from the GSA Forms library:

GSA Forms (GSA): All GSA forms are listed here; these are the ones that GSA employees, contractors, and customers use regularly.

Standard Forms (SF): These are the common government forms, starting with letters “SF” 

Optional Forms (OF): These are optional government forms, starting with letters “OF”

Other Forms: The GSA employees normally use these; the list contains forms by the GSA, as well as other government agencies.

State Tax Exempt Forms: to obtain tax exemption forms, as well as see direct links to state websites, go to: 

What is GSA’s role in governing the Federal government-wide Standard and Optional Forms program?

The Office of Management and Budget is the agency that defines the GSA’s role, which is recorded in FMR (41 CFR) 102-194, Standard and Optional Forms Management Program. The aim of this program is to increase economic efficiency by developing, executing, maintaining the use of well established forms.

This program also helps promote complete transfer from paper forms to electronic filing, thereby simplifying the process, and making it easier for the public to complete and transmit information.  

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What are GSA forms?

    GSA Forms (GSA):
    All GSA forms are listed here; these are the ones that GSA employees, contractors, and customers use regularly.
    Standard Forms (SF): These are common government forms, starting with letters “SF”
    All Government Forms: Various federal application forms can be found by the name of their respective agency on

    Where can I find sf forms?

    Most of these forms can be found online, by visiting the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Federal Supply System website. The purpose of these forms is to regulate government security classification programs.

    What is the SF-50 government form?

    The SF-50 is Notification of Personnel Action Form.
    This is a record of personnel management, which directly impacts one’s salary and position. It is a crucial document, so make sure to keep it handily available; various aspects of employment, such as pay and qualifications analysis can be made, based on this form.

    What is an OF 306 form?

    In order to establish eligibility for federal and contract employment options, as well confirm one’s active government life insurance police. Take caution filling out this form.

    How do I create, change, or cancel a Standard or Optional form?

    The purpose of A.SF (Standard Forms) and OF (Optional Forms) is to increase economic efficiency by developing, executing, and maintaining the use of well established forms.

    The list of current SF and OF forms should be looked at, in order to decide whether there is a need for such. Make sure there isn’t already a form or a system currently in place that already serves the same purpose.

    Quote a relevant ruling, to legitimize the initiation, alteration, or rescission of the SF.
    Unlike SF, OF does not require such justification.

    Check what agencies and other likely users utilize this form, and contact them to understand what their requirements are.

    The relevant law to adhere to is the Privacy Act, Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA), while being mindful of various other rulings.
    Institute a system of records notice, acquire an OMB Control Number, etc.

    File Standard Form 152, obtain authorization for your agency.