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Aside from products and supplies, government agencies also need a workforce. The entire spectrum of solutions related to Human Resources or Human Capital is covered by a Large Category called the GSA Human Capital Services Category. Before MAS Consolidation 2020, all GSA human capital solutions were encompassed under GSA Schedule 736 and Schedule 738x.

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    What is the GSA Human Capital Category?

    The GSA Human Capital Category is one of 12 new Large Categories in the Consolidated Multiple Award Schedule. A Human Capital contract allows vendors to sell to the government various services related to hiring, administration, management of workforce and personnel, and also includes consulting, assistance, agency, training, education, and many other supplemental HR activities.

    Historically, the Human Capital Schedules were among the most profitable ones for vendors. In 2019, over $500 million in sales were reported for two legacy Schedules 736 and 738X. Note that unlike other Large Categories, the number of contractors is not that big for now in the Human Capital category. This is due to the fact that many vendors failed to maintain their contracts after MAS Consolidation, so the already limited number of contractors has become even thinner. In some subcategories there are now just a few contractors!

    The competition is really low, and this means there’s more than $1 million in annual sales per contractor on average. It goes without saying that joining the club of vendors who offer Human Capital services to the GSA is a big goal that you definitely want to accomplish.

    Finally, a GSA Human Capital Contract is an IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity) contract, which means a constant flow of sales and does not involve particular Purchase Orders attached to the award.

    These legacy Schedules are covered by the Human Capital Category

    After GSA MAS Consolidation, the Human Capital Services Category merges two legacy Schedules:

    • GSA Schedule 738x – Human Resources & EEO Services
    • GSA Schedule 735 – Temporary Administrative & Professional Staffing

    The SIN system was rearranged and tied to NAICS codes. Specifically, there are four subcategories under the Human Capital category encompassing 16 SINs altogether. The SINs and subcategories are listed below.

    Background Investigations

    561611 HR Support: Pre Employment Background Investigations. This subcategory includes services of background investigations (i.e. screening) provided for persons seeking Federal Government employment, where high security checks are required. Some examples are criminal record and previous salary checks, fingerprinting etc.

    Compensations and Benefits

    541214HR Compensation and Benefits. This subcategory of the Human Capital GSA category provides for basic financial services including but not limited to Payroll, Benefits Management, Workers Compensation, Unemployment Insurance Claims; and Executive Services.

    Human Resources

    524292 Separation and Retirement. A subcategory that includes conducting efficient and accurate Human Capital processing actions in support of employee separation or retirement work, includes but is not limited to: conducting efficient and accurate HC processing actions in support of employee separation or retirement, handling the appropriate notifications and determining the terms of the separation. Ensuring knowledge transfer occurs between the separating employee and remaining employees. Separating employees are offered transition counseling and support.
    54161 Agency Human Capital Evaluation. This function assesses results achieved across all Human Capital Management systems and activities in support of mission goals to identify and implement improvements.
    541611W Workforce Analytics and Employee Records. This subcategory encompasses processes of reviewing workforce and performance data, metrics, and results, to anticipate and plan for future strategic and operational requirements, and to make holistically informed Human Capital Management decisions.
    541612EPM Employee Performance Management is a category that includes services of assessing employee performance in a number of ways, using comprehensive performance assessment and management methods.
    541612ER Employee Relations. This subcategory involves the design, development and implementation of programs, maintaining an effective employer-employee relationship.
    541612HC Agency Human Capital Strategy, Policy and Operations. Encompasses development of effective human capital management strategies and enhanced policy, including workforce planning, organizational design, employee engagement and other functions.
    541612LOB Human Resources Line of Business (HRLOB). Technology Solutions in support of other SINS in the Human Capital Category. Including, but not limited to: Software, technology, systems and related solutions.
    541612LR Labor Relations. This function involves the managing of the relationship between the agency and its management associations, unions and bargaining units. This includes negotiating and administering labor contracts and collective bargaining agreements; managing negotiated grievances; and participating in negotiated third party proceedings.
    541612OPM Private Shared Service Center for Core HR Services. This SIN includes Personnel Action Processing and Benefits Management as well as optional Payroll Services.
    541612PSSC Private Shared Service Center for HR Services. These services comprise HR Strategy, Organization and Position Management, Staff Acquisition, Performance Management, Compensation Management, Human Resource Development, Employee Relations, Labor Relations, Separation Management, Personnel Action Processing, Benefits Management, and Payroll Services.
    56131 Talent Acquisition. Services under this category include developing a staffing strategy and plan; establishing applicants’ evaluation approach; announcing a vacancy, sourcing and evaluating candidates against competency requirements for a position; initiating pre-employment activities; and hiring employees.
    561EEO EEO Services. EEO Services may include but are not limited to providing investigation of Discrimination Complaints and Preparation of Reports of Investigation.
    611430TD Talent Development. Professional services under this subcategory include the implementation and maintenance of comprehensive employee skills development, training and personal attributes via engagement programs to meet current and future talent demands of the agency, and to develop and retain quality, high performing, and diverse talent.

    How to get onto a Human Capital GSA Schedule contract?

    Winning a GSA contract is not an easy task, especially if you are doing this for the first time. However, for a professional agent working in the government contracting system for years, the whole process is pretty much standard. Yes, there are hundreds of details and nuances a vendor needs to consider in order to successfully get onto a GSA Human Capital contract. But where a typical business owner needs to spend days and weeks to get into the nuts and bolts of the GSA acquisition, an agency like Price Reporter can do the same in a few hours, thanks to its vast experience.

    Overall, the process of obtaining a governmental contract consists of several major steps:

    1. Preparation. Before you can pursue a government contract, you need to be ready for a long road. The preparation step includes not only obligatory GSA training, but also compiling a number of required documents, registering at, filling all the necessary application forms, and so on.
    2. Submission. After you submit documents and forms to GSA, a procurement officer is assigned to your application. She will review your submission and will possibly get in touch with you, when certain clarifications are required. For instance, the procurement officer may find your price proposal not justified enough, or the GSA may require some additional documents you haven’t initially included.
    3. Price and terms negotiation. The government always negotiates the best prices compared to the commercial market. This is what every vendor should take into account when pursuing a government Human Capital contract. Also, the contracting specialist will negotiate technical specifications of services, delivery terms and other things before the contract is awarded.
    4. Award. The GSA awards a contract, and the vendor is now eligible to place bids, respond to RFQs and compete with other vendors on government acquisition platforms, such as eBuy and GSA Advantage! Note, that the award does not mean you can now lean back in the chair and take your foot off the pedal. In fact, the main work only begins now and includes marketing, research, promotion, communication with procurement specialists, preparing offers, maintaining compliance, and more.

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