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GSA Industrial Products & Services Category

Industrial Products & Services is a Large Category of the GSA Multiple Award Schedule that includes elements from the legacy GSA Schedule 51V. The Schedule includes a variety of hardware and manufacturing products, equipment, tools, materials, components, packaging and supplies.

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    The GSA’s Industrial Products & Services Category provides a way for government agencies to procure everything they may need to maintain, repair, and manage flawless operation of units, offices and buildings.

    Previously known as legacy Schedule 51V Hardware Superstore, the Industrial Products & Services is now a Large Category within the GSA Consolidated MAS. Consolidation of the MAS Schedule restructured the existing Schedules into 12 categories. Now, all SINs from the legacy Schedule 51v are a part of the GSA Industrial Schedule.

    How profitable is this niche? Well, let’s see. Since many agencies need tools, equipment, materials, supplies of all kinds, the amount of sales is large and shows no signs of reducing over the years. In FY 2019, GSA Schedule 51v sales exceeded $819 million. This number puts the legacy Schedule on the 5th place among all GSA Schedules.

    And what about competition? With over 300 current contractors, the Industrial Products and Services category is rather competitive; however the stakes are also higher than in many other categories. On average, each contractor does more than $2 million in sales with this Schedule. Surely, that’s what your business needs, too.

    What SINs are included into an Industrial Products & Services Schedule?

    The entire Industrial Products & Services category is divided into 9 subcategories:

    • Cleaning Supplies
    • Fire/Rescue/Safety/Environmental Protection Equipment
    • Fuel Management
    • Hardware and Tools
    • Industrial Products
    • Industrial Products & Services Maintenance and Repair
    • Machinery Components
    • Packaging
    • Test and Measurement Supplies

    There are 43 SINs within these subcategories. Here they are:

    Cleaning supplies

    325611Cleaning Products. The subcategory includes cleaning products such as laundry cleaner, floor/carpet cleaners, sorbents, biodegradable cleanser/degreasers, and other related cleaning chemicals, dispensing equipment and systems.
    325612Disinfectants, Sterilants and Deodorizers.

    Protection equipment

    326220Hoses, Valves, Fittings, Nozzles, Couplings and Related Accessories.
    339999SSafety Zone Products. Includes all safety zone products, such as barricades, guardrails, safety barrels and drums, channelizers, safety fences, etc.

    Fuel management

    333914Fuel Management Systems. This subcategory encompasses all elements necessary for fuel management systems, such as components for managing/monitoring pressure and tank level, leak detection, and lubrication equipment. Includes additional options, parts, and accessories.

    Hardware and tools

    332510The Hardware Manufacturing subcategory includes all commercially available services typically performed in a Hardware Store.
    332510CHardware Store, Home Improvement Center, Industrial or General Supply Store, or Industrial Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) – Catalog. Products and equipment including but not limited to: flooring, fencing, hardware, building materials, tools, appliances, electric, paint, plumbing, lawn and garden, motors, shop, machining, welding, material handling; carts, trucks and dock; HVAC, cleaning and irrigation, equipment
    332510SHardware Store, Home Improvement Center, Industrial or General Supply Store, or Industrial Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) Distributor – Store Front – Products within the scope of a hardware, general merchandise store, specialty supply store, or industrial supply store/distributor to maintain, operate, and repair facilities equipment.
    333112Lawn and Garden Equipment, Machinery, Implements, Tools, Products and Accessories. This subcategory includes, but not limited to: Mowers (all types) not to exceed 30 hp; gas and diesel tractors dedicated to lawn and garden without implements; mowing implements; flail mowing units; boom mowers; sickle mowers; rotary mowing units and such.
    333TOOLTools (Powered and Non-Powered), Tool Kits, Tool Boxes and Accessories. This subcategory encompasses tools powered and non-powered, tool kits, tool boxes and accessories.
    532310Rental and Leasing of Hardware Store Products.

    Industrial products

    314120Lodging and Hospitality Supplies and Services – air cleaners and purifiers, houseware items for furnishing guest rooms or living quarters, mattresses, safety and security components, amenities, outdoor furniture and equipment, etc.
    321920Pallets, Plastic and Wood.
    324191Commercial Coatings, Removers, Adhesives, Sealants and Lubricants, Petroleum and Waxes.
    325320Pest and Animal Control Products & Services. This subcategory involves all kinds of products to control or fight pests and animals: mosquito deterrent, cattle guards, salts, sprays, etc. Services in this category include but are not limited to planning. development, management, operations, and maintenance for pest control and removal.
    325998Chemical Additives.
    325998WWater Treatment Solutions.
    327910Abrasives and Blasters.
    331315AAluminum Sheets.
    332913Plumbing Products and Bathroom Fixture Solutions. This subcategory includes all plumbing products and bathroom fixture solutions, such as lavatories, bathtubs, water closets, etc
    332999BMSBuilding Materials and Services.
    332999PSpill Containment Units, Containment Pallets, Non-Wooden Pallets.
    333120Street Repair and Cleaning Equipment and Attachments.
    3331SBSAClearing Equipment (SBSA) – Forestry, Mulching, Brush Cutting, Land Clearing and Vehicle Mounted Snow Clearing.
    333414Water Heaters. Industrial and commercial electric, boiled water, and gas water heaters are a part of this SIN.
    333415HVACHeating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC). Encompasses air conditioners, ceiling fans, commercial air cleaning units/systems, humidifiers etc.
    333912Air Compressors and Pressure.
    333922Warehouse Equipment Supplies – Includes all warehouse equipment supplies, such as storage systems, storage racks, conveyors and conveyor systems, conveyor belts, etc.
    333923SScaffolding, Work, and Service Platforms.
    33512Energy-Efficient Lighting and Sustainable Energy Solutions.
    335220DDomestic Appliances. This subcategory includes commercially available household, office, and residential appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, laundry machines, air purifiers, etc.
    335220EExport Appliances. Includes commercially available household, office, and residential appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, laundry machines, air purifiers, etc.
    335911Batteries. The category includes not only batteries, but also chargers, monitoring systems, battery spill containment systems, and all options, parts, and accessories related to these products.
    335999Power Distribution Equipment such as portable light towers, uninterruptible power supplies, metering, transformers, electric motors (excludes automotive motors), motor controllers/motor control centers, etc. Includes all options and accessories related to these products.

    Industrial Products and Services Maintenance and Repair

    811310Maintenance and Repair Shop Equipment. Includes all maintenance and repair shop equipment, such as recycling services, refrigerant recycling, antifreeze coolant recycling, filter crushers, tire cutters, etc

    Machinery Components

    333921Vehicle Material Handling Equipment. The subcategory includes all vehicle material handling equipment, and equipment for maintenance and repair of automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and aircraft.
    333923Vehicular Cranes and Attachments.
    333924Utility Trucks and Tractors.


    322220Performance-Oriented Packaging (POP), plastic over pack, and hazardous material packaging.
    3PACKPackaging Materials. This subcategory embraces various kinds of packaging materials: bags, bottles, boxes, cartons, bubble protective wrap, steel or plastic strapping, stretch wrap, glassine paper and so on.

    Test and Measurement Supplies

    333997Scales and Balances. Includes laboratory, vehicular and industrial scales and balances.


    Getting on the GSA Industrial Schedule can result in a very profitable contract award. However, without knowing the ins-and-outs of the government contracting system, you are at risk of losing time and money, when you first apply for a GSA contract. The Industrial Products & Services (previously Schedule 51V Hardware Superstore) is no different. In fact, due to significant competition, stronger efforts should be made, to successfully secure a contract. 

    While the application procedure is rather standard (see below), there are multiple subtle aspects not really known to the majority of vendors, willing to sell on the government market. Surely, you can learn everything yourself, but that will cost you months and months of trial and error. An alternative is to hire an agency that will masterfully guide you through the entire process of getting onto the GSA Industrial Schedule.


    Step 1: Learn the basics. Even if you are to hire an agent that will do everything for you, you still are required to pass the obligatory GSA training courses, to learn the basics of the government contracting. We strongly recommend you to build your knowledge as much as you can. This will help you make more informed decisions in the future, successfully communicate with contracting officers, understand competition, bid knowingly, and win better prices and so on.

    Step 2: Preparation. In order to submit your application for a GSA Schedule you need to compile and prepare a set of documents, several dozen of them. These are such documents as financial statements, pricelists, technical specifications, PPE reports, compliance documents, application forms, and others. Typically, you can find the list of required documents in the solicitation of the Schedule you apply for. Importantly, the assigned contracting officer may (and often will) get back to you to clarify specifications, request missing documents, ask questions she may have, and so on.

    Step 3: Negotiation and award. After the entire document package is ready and submitted, but before the actual contract is awarded, the contracting officer will initiate price and terms negotiation. The process has many nuances that may wreck the nearly awarded contract. That is why Price Reporter is ready to assist you in this part of the GSA contracting process. Shortly after negotiations your company is awarded with the Industrial Products & Services contract.

    Step 4: After award. Even though you have your GSA contract now, you still have to do a lot of work to fulfill the minimum sales requirement, maintain compliance of your products and services, market your offer on the federal sales platforms and on the Web and so on. And again, Price Reporter is ready to help you with your GSA Industrial Schedule contract, at any stage.


    Founded in 2006, Price Reporter is comprised of a team of experts with many years of experience, doing business with GSA.

    Price Reporter's mission is to serve client's unique needs to effectively establish, grow and maximize their GSA business.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is GSA Schedule 51V?

      GSA Schedule 51V, often referred to as the Hardware Superstore Schedule, is a contracting vehicle offered by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) that provides federal agencies with access to a wide range of hardware products and related services.

      What types of hardware products and services are available under GSA Schedule 51V?

      GSA Schedule 51V includes a comprehensive selection of hardware items, such as tools, fasteners, building materials, paint, electrical supplies, plumbing fixtures, and more. It also covers related services, including installation, repair, and maintenance.

      Who can use GSA Schedule 51V?

      GSA Schedule 51V is primarily intended for use by federal government agencies, including civilian, defense, and intelligence agencies. State and local governments can also access the schedule through the GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing Program.

      How can I access and use GSA Schedule 51V?

      To access GSA Schedule 51V, government agencies can visit the GSA’s eBuy platform or contact GSA-approved contractors directly. They can issue Requests for Quotes (RFQs) to obtain pricing and proposals from contractors. The GSA website provides detailed guidance on the procurement process.

      How do I find contractors under GSA Schedule 51V?

      You can search for contractors on the GSA eLibrary website ( Use keywords or filters to narrow down your options and find contractors who offer the hardware products or services you need.

      What are the main benefits of GSA Schedule 51V?

      Benefits of using GSA Schedule 51V include simplified procurement processes, pre-negotiated pricing, access to a wide range of hardware products and services, reduced administrative burden, and compliance with federal procurement regulations. It can save time and resources for government agencies.

      Can small businesses participate in GSA Schedule 51V?

      Yes, GSA Schedule 51V encourages the participation of small businesses. The GSA has initiatives such as the Small Business Set-Aside Program and subcontracting plans to promote small business involvement in federal contracting.

      Are there socioeconomic set-aside opportunities within GSA Schedule 51V?

      Yes, GSA Schedule 51V includes socio-economic set-asides, including programs for small businesses, women-owned small businesses, service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses, and more. These set-asides promote diversity and inclusion in federal contracting.

      How often is GSA Schedule 51V updated and refreshed?

      GSA Schedule 51V is periodically refreshed through the Mass Modification process to ensure it reflects current market conditions, regulations, and industry standards. Contractors may propose updates to their terms and prices during these refresh cycles.

      Where can I get more information about GSA Schedule 51V?

      You can find comprehensive information about GSA Schedule 51V on the official GSA website ( Additionally, you can contact GSA representatives or attend GSA training sessions and webinars for further assistance.