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Industrial Products & Services Category

What is the GSA Industrial Schedule?

If you are a supplier of industrial products and services, the U.S. Government has a demand for them. With your help, governmental departments can procure everything they need to maintain, repair, and manage their offices and buildings, and supply the various vital services like fire safety, rescue, and environmental protection. Companies like yours can take advantage of government opportunities by applying for the GSA Industrial Products and Services Schedule. This is one of the GSA Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) Large Categories, and was previously known as legacy Schedule 51V Hardware SuperStore prior to October 2019.

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What can you sell with a GSA Industrial Products and Services Contract?

GSA industrial contractors can sell a huge variety of products, services and solutions that belong to one of 9 Schedule subcategories:

·           Cleaning Supplies

·           Fire/Rescue/Safety/Environmental Protection Equipment

·           Fuel Management

·           Hardware and Tools

·           Industrial Products

·           Industrial Products & Services Maintenance and Repair

·           Machinery Components

·           Packaging

·           Test and Measurement Supplies

Why should you use the GSA Industrial Schedule to supply the federal government?

If you know anything about GSA Schedules, you should realize the profitable opportunities they can open up. The initial GSA MAS contract is awarded for 5 years and can be extended up to 3 times, giving you a total of 20 years of stable and rewarding business in the government marketplace. In FY 2020, contractors under the Industrial Products and Services Schedule generated $1,148bn worth of sales,  making this the fourth-largest GSA Schedule Contract category. With just 1,250 companies providing industrial solutions, this averages out at nearly $1m in sales for each contractor!

GSA’s top 5 government customers are the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of the Army, Federal Acquisition Service, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, and Department of the Air Force. By joining GSA as an industrial contractor, you will be responsible for serving some of America’s most important organizations.

How can I apply for a GSA Industrial Products and Services Schedule?

Supplying GSA products and services is a big responsibility, and competition is high. Getting and maintaining a GSA Industrial contract involves the following steps:

1.       Application

As part of the GSA Industrial Schedule application process, you’ll need to complete approximately 30 sections of paperwork. This includes financial statements, pricelists, technical specifications, PPE reports, compliance documents, application forms and others. You can check the exact list in the Industrial Schedule solicitation. Once you’ve submitted your application, the GSA contracting officer assigned to you will be in touch if they need any extra documents or clarifications.

2.       Negotiation

After all your documents are successfully submitted, negotiations begin to set the prices and T&Cs of your contract. GSA will try to get the best deal, so if you aren’t familiar with the ins-and-outs of the government contracting system then you might end up with lower prices than you had wished for. When negotiations are complete, you’ll be a proud owner of a GSA Industrial Schedule.

3.       Post-award process

The real work begins now! You can market your business on GSA e-commerce platforms and respond to government bids. At the same time, you must ensure that you keep up with GSA’s high standards; fulfilling minimum sales requirements, maintaining compliance with regulations, updating your catalog, and more. This will ensure success in the GSA marketplace and help extend your contract after the first 5 year option period is up.

How can Price Reporter help you obtain a GSA Industrial Contract?

Some vendors choose to go through it alone, but unless you have significant experience working in  government contracting, you are at risk of losing time and money. We would recommend contacting government contract services like Price Reporter. We understand the subtleties of the application procedure and can help you avoid common pitfalls, secure the best contract T&Cs and prices, and ensure that everything runs smoothly in the post-award stage. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our GSA experts. 

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