How to Sell On FedMall?

How to Sell On FedMall?

FedMall is a federal e-commerce platform where thousands of federal, state and local agencies can purchase goods and services, much like other GSA shopping catalogs. Selling on FedMall is very similar in an essence as selling on eBuy or GSA Advantage. But there are also some peculiarities you need to know about.

What is FedMall

FedMall was created by the Defense Logistics Agency and IBM in 2017. The main purpose of this resource is to simplify and streamline the acquisition process for governmental agencies. The idea behind FedMall is simple: get rid of everything that makes the purchasing process cumbersome and non-intuitive and replace it with maximum straightforward online shopping, very much like what we are all already used to at Amazon and other online e-shops.

FedMall features advanced search function to make government users find products they need almost instantly. It also offers a nifty comparison system for instant comparison of products offered by multiple GSA vendors. There is also a built-in chat with vendors and the order status tracking system.

What makes FedMall different?

While FedMall is functionally similar to other government e-commerce platforms, it still has some specifics making it stand out of the crowd.

  • Modern platform. GSA FedMall was developed only recently which means it features all the best UX capabilities a modern e-shop should have: smart search, product comparison, quick view of product by hovering the mouse over it etc.
  • Exclusive access. The Department of Defense, as well as federal, local and municipal government agencies purchase through FedMall making it a premier government e-commerce platform.
  • Inherits DOD EMALL’s credibility. The predecessor of FedMall, DOD EMALL was used as a sales platform for 20 years. Millions of products have been sold through the platform.
  • Transparency. FedMall offers automatic compliance of vendors to federal regulations. Plus, there are built in tools to quickly screen contractors and buyers.
  • Smart platform. GSA FedMall fully utilizes the power of big data technologies, to both vendors and governmental agencies can make data-driven decisions, instead of wild guesses, which leads to more efficient planning and, in the end, more efficient acquisition.

How to get on FedMall

Step 1: GSA vendor registration

To start selling your products and/or services on FedMall you must be a registered legal business. Which means you should start with registering at and be approved as a GSA vendor. Then you also need your CAGE code. Finally, as a GSA vendor you also need a digital certificate (CAC card, PIV card or a software certificate) to receive DLA contracts and communicate with federal buyers.

Most importantly, you need to have a long-term government contract already in possession. Examples of such contracts are Term Agreement (LTA), Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), a GSA schedule or a DLA contract.

Step 2: Prepare to sell on FedMall

After all prerequisites are met you can register at FedMall supplier portal.

  1. Enter the FedMall supplier portal
  2. Click the “Enter portal” button
  3. Specify your certificate in the corresponding field
  4. Register by clicking the “Register” button, if you have no account on the website
  5. Then, you will need to specify your CAGE code as listed on SAM
  6. FedMall checks for your SAM registration and allows you to proceed
  7. Provide your contact information
  8. Specify your long-term government contract, or participate as a supplier of office supplies under NAICS 453210.

If you want to use some order management system to process your FedMall orders via EDI or XML, you will need to specify the data for it too.

Finally, before you can start selling on FedMall, you need to prepare and upload your product catalog using the FedMall supplier portal template. Important: make sure to save the Excel file with your product catalog as a CSV. The format of the file is strictly formalized, so it is crucial to fill it properly with the data, otherwise you catalog will not be read and buyers will not be able to see your products.

Step 3: Sell on FedMall

FedMall opens a whole lot of new opportunities for businesses that already hold GSA contracts. And it is perfectly available for AbilityOne businesses too. FedMall is straightforward and intuitive, the catalog isn’t restricted in price changing too as long as your long-term contract allows that. Simply upload an update catalog and FedMall will list your updated prices shortly.

And if you are not sure how to work with FedMall, or simply don’t want to process sales through this GSA mall manually, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Price Reporter is always ready to help.

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