The GSA’s Past Performance Requirements for Your GSA Schedule Proposal

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Moving away from Past Performance Evaluation (PPE)

In the last few years, the process of securing a GSA Schedule Contract with the federal government has undergone notable changes, particularly in relation to the Past Performance Evaluation (PPE) requirement. Traditionally, companies were mandated to acquire a Dun & Bradstreet Open Ratings PPE Report, which played a crucial role in the GSA evaluation process.

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However, as of an update in October 2019 on Dun & Bradstreet’s website, it was announced that the company is no longer accepting orders for Open Ratings PPE Reports. This shift posed a challenge for companies pursuing a GSA Schedule, as the Open Ratings PPE Report was a common component of their proposal submissions.

Moving to CPARS & Past Performance Questionnaires (PPQs)

To address this change, the General Services Administration (GSA) swiftly adapted its approach. In the revised GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Solicitation, released in October 2019, two options were provided to fulfill the Past Performance requirement:

  1. CPARS Requirement: Companies could submit at least three contractor performance assessment reports in the federal Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS). These reports needed to represent contracts or orders completed within three years of the proposal submission date, involve at least three distinct contracts or orders, and align with the scope of the products/services in the solicitation.
  2. Past Performance Questionnaires: If CPARS isn’t applicable or possible, potential GSA contractors, must submit at least three Past Performance Questionnaires (PPQs).  Additionally, services contractors must provide Past Project Narratives include customer details, work performed, your company’s role, methodologies, compliance, the dollar value of the project and experience. Compliance with specific SIN requirements is vital to avoid rejection.
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Important information to know

It’s important to note that although Dun & Bradstreet’s Supplier Analysis Report is still available for purchase, the GSA will not accept this type of report as a substitute for the Open Ratings PPE Report or CPARS or Past Performance Questionnaires. Companies aiming to meet the Past Performance requirements must now navigate the alternative options to ensure compliance with GSA regulations. Additionally, GSA plans to issue a refresh of the MAS Solicitation to officially acknowledge the cessation of new orders for Open Ratings PPE Reports. 

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