Open Ratings Past Performance Evaluation (PPE)

open ratings past performance evaluation report

The Past Performance Evaluation report is done for Open Ratings, Inc. The purpose of the report is to measure overall performance of companies pursuing GSA Schedule contracts, in comparison to other organizations in that industry.

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The Past Performance Evaluation (PPE) report is a synthetic rating based on surveys completed by company’s customers. The rating consists of the numeric score between 0 and 100, where 100 is the best, and an overall breakdown of the surveys to positive, negative and neutral ones.

So, why is Open Ratings Past Performance Evaluation vital?

Whenever a company wants to offer its product or services to Government Services Administration (GSA), GSA requires the company to submit its Open Ratings Past Performance Evaluation report. 

Open Ratings by Dun and Bradstreet is a system that evaluates how well a company performs on the market by asking customers of that company to provide their opinion and calculates the resulting score based on the answers. This way GSA can reward companies that have positive or neutral reputation on the market and the good score overall, and hence ensure the best quality goods and services delivered to federal and local agencies.

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What is a good score in the Open Rating report?

Scores above 90 are considered good. However, your overall performance rating is composed of detailed performance ratings such as reliability, cost, delivery times and customer service.

How to apply for GSA Past Performance Evaluation?

Your positive rank in PPE is extremely important if you are serious about winning a GSA Schedule. That is why you should carefully prepare before submitting your order for PPE at Dun and Bradstreet.

Step 1: Gather your customers data

Inspect your customer database for the most loyal and long-term clients you have, the ones you have fruitful win-win cooperation. Collect at least 15-20 contacts. Those contacts are your basis for receiving the final good score in the Open Ratings report for GSA.

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Step 2: Contact your customers

Now, you need to inform your clients that your company aims for a GSA Schedule and you need to pass the Past Performance Evaluation. Let your customers know that you value them very high, and their help is priceless for you in achieving this goal. You need to let every client know that they are going to receive an automatic solicitation email from D&B, from Underscore that answering the Open Ratings survey questions is important for successful processing of your GSA application, and this is not a typical “service quality enhancement” survey that one may ignore.

It is also wise to warn your clients that they should configure their white-lists to guarantee the e-mail from that address won’t go to spam. Make sure to contact your most valuable customers beforehand, so that you had a time span for a plan B.

Step 3: Order PPE report

Login to and order the Past Performance Evaluation report. Then, provide 6 to 20 customer references and complete the order. The fulfillment of the report takes about 2-3 weeks on average, depending on how promptly your customers respond. Note that GSA requires at least 6 completed surveys, that is why it is important to contact as many customers as you can, so you could reliably receive the required minimum. If within 13 days D&B failed to receive 6 completed surveys, the Open Ratings Past Performance Evaluation report is abandoned.

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  • Hello. Thank you for the article! Where can I see the full list of sections of the survey that customers will be asked?

  • How long after clients fill in the surveys does it take to confirm their performance ratings?

  • It’s really important. A company’s reputation is always enhanced if you have loyal customers who are willing to confirm your value to them. However, it is important to build such a loyalty policy so that customers are really satisfied with you.

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