All About the GSA Office Management Schedule

GSA Office Management Schedule

Where would the U.S. Government be without its offices? Behind the scenes of every branch of the government is an endless supply chain of office products and services, without which, the bureaucracy of the country could not function. From books, pens and toner cartridges to administrative support, legal services and document production, everything related to the government office is provided through the Office Management Large Category – one of the GSA Schedule’s 12 Large Categories. 

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What is the GSA Office Management Contract?

The Office Management Large Category replaces four legacy GSA Schedules:

GSA Schedule 75 – Office Products/Supplies and Services
GSA Schedule 36 – Solicitation of Office, Imaging and Document Solutions
GSA Schedule 76 – Publication Media
GSA Schedule 58I – Professional Audio/Video Telemetry and Tracking

What can you sell under the Office Management federal contract?

Office Management Schedule contractors sell thousands of products, services and solutions, that federal agencies require to keep their workplaces functional, simplify everyday office tasks, and reduce operational costs. The Office Management Schedule includes 9 subcategories, so there’s a niche for any company in the industry. 

These subcategories are:

  1. Audio Visual Products and Audio-Visual Services
  2. Document Services
  3. Mail Management
  4. Publication Media Products & Services
  5. Office Supplies
  6. Office Services
  7. Office Management Maintenance and Repair
  8. Printing and Photographic Equipment
  9. Records Management

Why become an Office Management contractor?

Becoming an MAS contractor under the Office Management category can be very lucrative. The statistics show it all: there are just 500 or so contractors supplying Office Management services and products, and overall sales in the 2020 financial year had exceeded $1.175bn. This averages out at more than $2m in sales per each Office Management contractor!

Winning an Office Management Schedule means that your business will be supplying some of the most essential institutions in the country. Among the major purchasers under this category are Veteran Affairs, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Army, and the U.S. Department of Treasury.

How do I apply for my GSA Office Management Schedule?

As with applying for any GSA Schedule, the process requires serious preparation and attention to detail. The application for a GSA Office Management Schedule involves the following stages:

  1. Prepare the necessary documents: 

You’ll need to submit approximately 30 documents to GSA (including financial statements, price lists, technical specifications, compliance and past performance reports). Download the Office Management Contract solicitation to find out exactly what documents are required.

  1. GSA review: 

A GSA contracting officer will be assigned to review your application. They may contact you to either clarify certain aspects of your submission, or to request any information that your application is missing.

  1. Price and conditions negotiation: 

After your application has been reviewed and approved, the GSA procurement officer will contact you to negotiate your terms and conditions, prices, and special discounts. Creating a winning, yet still profitable price proposal is an art: sell yourself short, and you’ll end up with an unfavorable contract; set your prices too high, and you could scare off potential government customers.

  1. Get your GSA Schedule: 

Once everything is settled, your GSA Schedule contract will be awarded! You will be able to access GSA e-commerce platforms including GSA Advantage!, GSA eLibrary and GSA eBuy, respond to government bids, and receive business opportunities. 

  1. Post-award: 

Needless to say, the work is not over yet. Your long-term success in the federal market is determined by your ability to maintain your contract, update your catalog, successfully market your products and professional services, communicate with GSA procurement officers, and remain compliant with GSA’s numerous regulations.

How can Price Reporter help with your GSA Office Management Schedule?

The process of obtaining and maintaining your GSA MAS contract is not a simple one. The majority of applications are declined due to mistakes or discrepancies in forms and documents, or because the vendor failed to meet the GSA contract requirements. What’s more, any failure in the post-award period can jeopardize your chances of contract extension, and losing out on a potential 15 more years in business is a big loss indeed. So, we’d recommend getting assistance from GSA experts, like Price Reporter

Price Reporter’s consultants offer a whole range of services from proposal preparation to post-award consultations. We can assess your chances of success in the government marketplace, help you apply for a GSA Schedule, negotiate with GSA to get the best possible contract conditions for your organization, and guide you through the post-award process. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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