I want to receive GSA Global Supply OMS Vendor Portal orders via EDI in QuickSales

Processing GSA Global Supply OMS Vendor Portal orders via EDI is available for those vendors who have at least 100 OMS orders per month:

Source: https://www.gsa.gov/buy-through-us/purchasing-programs/requisition-programs/gsa-global-supply/vendor-resources/electronic-data-interchange

You are supposed to use OMS Vendor Portal for receiving OMS POs and updating their statuses there.
Here’s the guide: https://www.gsa.gov/buy-through-us/purchasing-programs/requisition-programs/gsa-global-supply/vendor-resources/vendor-portal

Once you order flow is high enough, you can contact GSAEDI@gsa.gov and let them know that you’d like to start the EDI onboarding process. If your request gets approved, you will receive an email with GSA OMS Vendor EDI Survey. That’s when you should let support@pricereporter.com know about this – we’ll fill in the details and after short testing you’ll be able to receive OMS orders via our GSA OMS EDI module.

Note: If you are working on a BPA contract and are going to prepare a dedicated GSA Global Supply catalog (not just a copy of your GSA Advantage catalog) – please let GSA OMS team know that you are expecting high volume of orders after catalog is published. You can also mention that Price Reporter would be your technical contact and that we are 100% ready for EDI with GSA OMS – so that onboarding & testing should not take long – we are more than familiar with the process.

But even then, GSA OMS team would most likely check your OMS Vendor Portal statistics regarding order status updates to see if you are compliant, so you’d better check OMS Vendor Portal for new POs each other day & timely update all order statuses there. In case you miss an order or two, OMS portal will send you an email in scope of their No Order Left Behind Initiative with a kindly reminder to acknowledge new POs online.

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