Who is a GSA Consultant?

Penetrating the federal market is a risky affair, especially if you are all new to government contracting. Surely, you can assign one of your employees to do all the federal contracting work in your firm, or even do it yourself, but we recommend considering hiring an expert in GSA contracting. Here is why.

Check if you Qualify to be a GSA Contractor

What does GSA stand for?

GSA stands for General Services Administration. It is an independent government office that manages and supports the acquisition process for other federal agencies as well as for state and municipal organizations. The GSA also provides transportation and office space to federal employees.

What is GSA contracting?

As we said, the GSA supplies products and services to federal agencies. It does this through the special contracting vehicle called the GSA Schedule. Technically, a GSA Schedule is a just contract between the government and private business. However, the nuances of GSA contracting are very different from those on the commercial market. That is why many company owners that are looking forward to winning a GSA contract rely on assistance from GSA contract consultants. 

Are GSA contracts worth it?

Yes and no. Yes, because the overall budget of GSA contracts fulfilled in 2021 was $39 billion. The top-funded industries within the GSA Multiple Award Schedule were Information Technology ($20 billion), Professional Services (over $9 billion) and Industrial Products and Services ($2.3 billion). As you see, there is plenty of money on the market as well as growing demand for virtually any products and services.

On the other hand, GSA contracting can be complicated, and your company simply may not be ready for it. You really should assess all known factors and get as much knowledge about GSA contracting as possible, before applying for the Schedule. Of course, you should not rely on your own skills and understanding alone. You can, and generally should, should ask a GSA Schedule consultant any questions about this venture.

Overall, a GSA contract allows you to win more business opportunities and can really skyrocket the profits of your business.

What is a GSA consultant?

So, who or what is a GSA contract consultant? This is either an individual or a company that helps businesses to get on GSA Schedule. How? By managing all processes involved in the approval process of obtaining a GSA contract. For instance, a GSA proposal consultant can help you with the following:

  • Initial assessment of the company and providing options to fix found issues (if any)
  • Preparation all the required documents to apply for a Schedule
  • Management of the GSA schedule application process
  • Communication with GSA contracting officers
  • Negotiation of  better pricing
  • Management of your GSA contract during its entire lifetime
  • Solution to the various legal and administrative issues on your behalf
  • …and many other activities

As we mentioned above, you can delegate the entire GSA contracting duties to someone within your company. But a GSA solicitation consultant with proven expertise in government contracting can do the same duties faster and more professionally. Which means you save time   and money, avoid mistakes, and achieve the goal easier.

What are GSA consultant rates?

There are no fixed rates in this kind of consulting. It all depends on the industry, the type of product or service, location, and so on. We recommend making an initial request to a consultant on GSA Schedule consultation rates. 

Should you hire a GSA Schedule consultant?

From what you have already learned from this article you should see that hiring a GSA consultant is generally a good idea. Indeed, you avoid many pitfalls, and save your time and the time of your employees for what your business is really about.
Also, an unprofessional approach may cost you a lot in the end. For example, errors in GSA contracting documents or an incomplete set of documents, may lead to months and months of your work lost for nothing. And failure to fulfill TAA compliance requirements may lead to penalties and cancellation of your GSA contract. You can also get GSA Schedule help in tax payment; a GSA tax consultant can optimize your spending.

Price Reporter is your trusted GSA consultant

Need help getting onto a GSA Schedule? Faced some legal issues while working for the government under a GSA contract? Our GSA specialists are ready to provide a consultation.

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